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Y&R Spoilers Wild Speculation: Danny Brings Down Phyllis

Will Phyllis’s first Y&R victim also be her last?

y&r spoilers wild speculation banner over phyllis and danny.Will Danny Romalotti stop Phyllis's dirty tricks?

Y&R spoilers have made it clear that Danny’s true reason for stopping by Genoa City is a non-starter. He wanted to “check in” with Christine. Except she’s in Portugal with Paul, trying to give her marriage yet another shot. So what’s left for Danny to do?

Y&R Spoilers Wild Speculation

Sure, Danny (Michael Damian) could spend some time with his son, with his granddaughter. He could visit with an old friend like Traci (Beth Maitland). Or he could take a good look at the mother of his son. And decide he needs to put an end to Phyllis’s (Michelle Stafford) crazy, once and for all.

Phyllis Summers: First Victim

Before she hurt practically everybody else in town, Phyllis hurt Danny. She drugged him, lied that they’d slept together, and claimed that he was the father of her son. Daniel’s existence broke up Danny and Christine’s (Lauralee Bell) marriage. As we can all clearly see, he still isn’t over that.

Y&R Spoilers: Forgive Me Not

Danny was willing to give Phyllis a pass for all she’d done to him, for Daniel’s sake. But her last stunt hurt Daniel. And Danny won’t stand by and let that happen. With Christine out of town, Danny has some free time on his hands. And a terrific reason to bring down Phyllis.

Y&R: Up Close and Personal

Phyllis has very few friends left. Danny can pretend to be her friend. He can act like he genuinely sympathizes with her plight. Why is she being treated like the town pariah simply for faking her death, framing an innocent woman for murder, breaking her kids’ hearts, and then making them accessories to a crime?

And now, all she’s done is embezzle some money and frame her ex for it, and everybody is acting like she did something wrong. Yes, Phyllis, Danny can say. I understand, Phyllis. And then, once she spills all, he can take what he knows to Christine. He’ll tell himself he’s doing it for his son. But if Christine would like to get together for dinner to discuss the case, well, he’s available. Think this wild speculation can really happen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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