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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: The Real Reason Daniel’s Family Isn’t Home for Christmas

It’s the mother of all dangers!

Y&R Spoilers Sheila Carter and Daniel Romalotti

Is anyone buying Daniel Romalotti’s story that the reason he’s in Genoa City for Christmas, and his lady and daughter aren’t, is because Heather Williams has business in Portugal, and stepdaughter, Lucy Romalotti, just tagged along because…Europe? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Sure, Y&R spoilers revealed that he gave a flimsy explanation about his downward spiral today, which may be true…but is that the whole story? Here’s what we suspect is really going on.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: No Easy Answers

Relationship Problems: Well, duh. You don’t spend Christmas away from your love if everything is hunky-dory. And these have got to be problems big enough that Lucy is siding with Heather over her own dad. He admitted as much, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The bigger question is: What’s causing these problems?

Young & Restless: The Outlaws

Maybe the fight Heather and Daniel had that led to them spending Christmas apart is that Heather didn’t want to spend any more time than she had to with Daniel’s mother, Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford). Do you blame Heather? Imagine an entire week of listening to the woman shrieking about herself and how nobody understands, loves, or appreciates her. You’d head for another continent, too.

Y&R Spoilers: Work Stuff

Heather is a lawyer. She’s worked with some pretty bad people in the past. What if she’s in even bigger trouble than Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters)? What if her life is also in danger? What if she and Lucy are in hiding? And Daniel has to pretend like everything is fine to keep the bad guys off their trail?

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Y&R: Worst Of All

But what if the trouble is much closer to home? As we’ve said, Lucy is not Heather’s daughter. Her biological mother was a woman named Daisy. And her biological grandmother was a woman named Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). Yeah, that Sheila Carter. You may have heard of her. She wreaked havoc through Genoa City. Then Los Angeles. Then Genoa City. Then…you get the point.

We know that Sheila is alive and back in L.A. What if Daniel knows, too? And he wants his daughter as far away from that psycho as possible? That’s why Lucy and Heather are in Portugal. And Daniel is in America. Keeping tabs on the wicked witch.

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