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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Nate Returns To Chancellor-Winters

Will Lily and Devon welcome him back to their Y&R family business?

two photos of nate hastings in a business suit with a y&r spoilers speculation banner across the bottom.Nate Hastings needs a job.

Y&R spoilers have an update: Nate is out at Newman Enterprises. Victor’s brilliant plan, which none of us understood, worked brilliantly — as all of Victor’s brilliant plans brilliantly do. Victor proved that Nate was the one out to betray him.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

Did he care that Nate (Sean Dominic) did it out of loyalty to Victoria (Amelia Heinle)? Surely, Victor (Eric Braeden) values loyalty, especially to his beloved daughter. Victor could have seen it as a test that proved that Nate was finally the man worthy of Victor’s heir, the man worthy of being Mr. Victoria Newman. But, nope. Victor fired Nate. So, what will the doctor-turned-mogul do now? Why go back to his family, of course!

Hail Mary Play

Sure, Nate could wait a few days, give Victoria a chance to talk to Daddy, and convince Victor to hire Nate back. But you know how Victor is. Once he makes up his mind, nothing will change. Not love, not loyalty, and certainly not reason.

Door Number Two

For most people in Genoa City, if you’re not working for Newman, you’re working for Jabot (or maybe Marchetti, which is under Jabot). If Tucker’s (Trevor St. John) brilliant plan ever comes to fruition and he takes over Jabot, Nate could send his resume over to Audra (Zuleyka Silver). They had…something…going. And Audra tends to appreciate loyalty in a way Victor doesn’t, if it’s not to him. He’s been a doctor. He’s done whatever it is he does at Newman. Why not make cosmetics and perfume? It’s just like medicine. Right?


Then again, why fight for scraps at someone else’s family company, when Nate can suddenly develop that family instinct Mamie (Veronica Redd) was telling him about? He can inform Lily (Christel Khalil) and Devon (Bryton James) that he’s finally ready to make amends and join them at Chancellor-Winters. They won’t believe him, of course. But Nate can charm them. He’s good at winning people over. Look at what a great job he did with the Newmans!

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