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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Jack And Diane Get Busted

Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins think they successfully framed Jeremy Stark — think again.

diane jenkins and jack abbott succumb to their passionDiane and Jack

It all went perfectly according to plan for Jack and Diane, but Y&R spoilers hint that there’s more to the story than neatly putting Jeremy Stark away for a crime he didn’t commit. However, we predict that it isn’t as simple as these two seem to believe.

Y&R Spoilers Speculations

They think they got away with it — Jack and Diane — but it was all a bit too neat. These two celebrated happily after Chance (Conner Floyd) arrested their foe, Jeremy. Of course, it seemed a bit too easy, but for some reason, neither Jack (Peter Bergman) nor Diane seemed to think that. More than once, they declared that it was all over. It’s almost like they were asking to be busted.

We suspect that’s exactly what will happen. After all, Diane (Susan Walters) has no idea that Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) saw her with Jeremy at Glam Club at the same time Jack was in Chicago stealing Nikki’s necklace.

Then, there’s the pesky fact that Nikki doesn’t buy that Jeremy would choose to steal from her either. Given her animosity toward Diane and the fact that the returned-from-the-dead woman gloated about Nikki’s misfortune saving her, we don’t think she’ll be satisfied with the police pinning the crime on Jeremy.

Despite the rumblings of disbelief, Jack and Diane were so sure they would get away with framing Jeremy that they even (re)consummated their relationship by sleeping together. That’s a sure sign that their bliss won’t last too long.

Ultimately, the truth will come out, but will Diane be the one who pays? Or, will Jack try to take the fall for her? If they thought Jeremy was a menace before, just imagine how he’ll be after all this. No matter how it plays out, there’s no way Diane and Jack won’t get busted for this bizarre crime. What do you want to see happen to them? Let us know in the comments below.

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