The Young and The Restless Spoilers

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Ashley Will Not Marry Tucker

Will this be a Y&R love match, or a revenge plot?

y&r spoilers speculation about whether ashley will marry tucker.Will these two Y&R folks get married?

It’s so sad, Y&R spoilers have made it clear that Ashley has fallen prey to the same illness which has already stuck down other women in town. Diane’s return to Genoa City has prompted Ashley to completely lose her mind.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

Ashley (Eileen Davidson) is so obsessed with getting that woman out of her brother Jack’s (Peter Bergman) life – and their father’s company – that she not only reunited with her ex-husband, Tucker (Trevor St. John), she’s agreed to marry him again. What is Ashley thinking? And, should she go through with it? Y&R viewers weighed in with a prediction.

Young and the Restless: Who Knows?

We have no idea what’s going on, 21% of the audience is forced to admit. Does Ashley really love Tucker? Is she using him? Is he using her? Does she know it? Does she not care? Is this all an act? For who? Tucker? Jack? Diane (Susan Walters)? We’re afraid we can’t answer the question about Ashley and Tucker until we get answers to some of our own first.

Y&R Spoilers: Together We Stand

This is a match made in revenge, 29% cheer. You speculate that Ashley will absolutely marry Tucker. Then, they should join corporate forces and drive Jack out of Jabot. He’ll see what a bad idea marrying Diane is, and how it’s going to absolutely ruin his life. Sure, his life was actually ruined by his sister. But, he’ll understand that it’s still all Diane’s fault. Eventually.

Useful Things For Ashley Abbott

Ashley is just using Tucker, 50% dismiss. She doesn’t intend to actually marry him, you predict. She’s just out to get everything she needs. Let Tucker feel what it’s like to be lied to, for a change. Ashley is too smart to let him snow her. And, she’s definitely too smart to let him wed her. Ashley isn’t crazy. She’s just acting that way. It’s all part of her clever, clever plot.

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