The Young and The Restless Spoilers

Y&R Spoilers: Lauren Helps Phyllis With Her Wicked, Wicked Ways

How far will this Y&R bad girl go to help her friend?

y&r spoilers speculation about phyllis summers and lauren fenmore baldwin.Will Phyllis Summers scheme with Lauren?

Y&R spoilers are nudging viewers in the direction of Lauren joining forces with Phyllis to continue gaslighting most of Genoa City. Summer is basically a zombie at this point. Daniel is reluctantly going along with his mom’s mania.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

Billy (Jason Thompson) is open to giving Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) the benefit of the doubt. Michael (Christian Le Blanc) was going to defend her, before mysteriously leaving town, and Heather (Vail Bloom) has picked up the baton. Now it looks like Lauren (Tracy Bregman) is falling under Phyllis’s spell. How long before Michael needs to hurry back to Genoa City – to defend her?

To the Y&R Edge – and Back Again

Lauren will lie for Phyllis. She will scheme for Phyllis. But she won’t break the law for Phyllis. Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do for Phyllis now that doesn’t break the law. Lying is basically perjury, at this point. Scheming is a criminal conspiracy. Lauren may think she can help her gal pal without crossing any boundaries her husband would disapprove of. Lauren is wrong.

Y&R Spoilers: Risk-Free

Of course, it’s not like Lauren is a stranger to machinations. Just ask Traci (Beth Maitland). Some of Lauren’s teen-age pranks could easily have crossed the line into crimes. Which means she gets how Phyllis could have accidentally gone too far. And she might be willing to go just as far to make the rest of the world see things their way.

Young and Restless: Ride or Die

Like Summer (Allison Lanier), Lauren honestly believes that Phyllis did nothing wrong. She thinks she’s on the side of right. And, in that case, anything she does to prove it is not just justified, it’s necessary. Lauren will absolutely throw her support behind Phyllis. Whatever that means. Lauren is ready to reconnect with her tragically lost bad girl. In fact, we suspect she’s just been waiting for the opportunity. And the excuse.

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