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Y&R Hypocrisy: Why Summer Newman Shouldn’t Throw Stones

It is never OK to sleep with another woman’s husband on Y&R.

summer newman shouldn't throw stones on young and the restless.Summer is a hypocrite in this.

Every time Summer thinks about how her husband, Kyle, slept with his new boss on The Young and the Restless, she tears up. This is all so unfair. She is such, such, such a good person. She loves her mother. She loves her stepson. She loves her husband.

Summer Newman Tear Tour

And, here, for no reason whatsoever, Kyle (Michael Mealor) betrayed her in the worst way possible. What did she possibly do to deserve this? Here are two possible clues Summer (Allison Lanier) might want to consider buying.

Young and the Restless: The Mommy Wars

Summer helped her mother, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), frame Kyle’s mother, Diane (Susan Walters) for her own murder. She did it because her mother bullied her into it. We do feel sorry for Summer there. Phyllis’s actions went beyond selfish into abusive.

But Summer is also an adult. She should be able to break the spell and think for herself eventually. And she has yet to admit that Phyllis did anything wrong, much less that she did. Was she surprised that Kyle would ask her for a separation after all her lies came out? And a separation is a break. They were on a break. You can sleep with other people on a break.

Summer Newman: What Goes Around Comes Around

But that’s the least of Summer’s hypocrisy. The bigger issue is her shock — shock! — that Kyle would sleep with Audra (Zuleyka Silver) while they are still “technically married.” What kind of man would do such a thing? Moreover, what kind of woman? Whatever happened to sisterhood? Girl power? Feminism? There is no excuse for what Audra did. None.

Because what Audra did, sleeping with Kyle while he was still married to Audra, is nothing — nothing! — like what Summer did when she slept with Kyle while he was still married to Lola (Sasha Calle).

Kyle and Lola were over. Kyle said so. And what Kyle says goes. Sure, Lola didn’t want it. Sure, Lola was brokenhearted. But Kyle and Summer were meant to be. They were destiny. Kismet. Which means Summer’s sins don’t count.

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