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Ah Romance — But Which Y&R Couple Is Your Current Favorite?

The Young and the Restless February 15The Young and the Restless

Soaps are all about couples and romance, and The Young and the Restless (YR) is no exception! In fact, the top-rated drama has given viewers some of the genre’s most memorable duos including Victor and Nikki, Michael and Lauren, and Chris and Paul!

Soap Hub presented three Y&R couples to fans and asked them to vote on which one was most likable. Read on for the results!

Nick And Sharon
Not surprisingly, Nick and Sharon received the most support with 40% of your votes. The couple has been a fan favorite ever since their relationship started back in 1994. It was the classic “rich boy/poor girl” story.

The couple was able to conquer every obstacle (Nikki, imprisonment, other lovers) until the loss of their daughter, Cassie. Nick turned to Phyllis, and later Sharon took up with Jack, Adam, and even Victor. Nick and Sharon may never be able to reunite, but fans still love them.

Sharon And Scott
Surprisingly, Sharon and Scott, a newer romance, came in second with a little over 33% of your vote. One reason this couple is successful is that Sharon and Scott have no baggage.

She’s been through a lot since being diagnosed as bipolar, and Scott represents a new beginning. Bonus: Lauren really doesn’t like Sharon for her son, so we get some fun moments between the two women. Alas, Scott is often caught in the middle!

Dear Abby
We’ve seen a lot of couples share great banter on Y&R, but few compare to the lovable snark that exists whenever Scott and Abby let the remarks fly. He’ll bring up her time as the “Naked Heiress” (which never gets old) and she’ll chastise him over pretty much anything.

Still, this couple only received just under 27% of your vote. Time will tell if Scott and Abby emerge as a lasting couple on Y&R. Stay tuned…

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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