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Y&R Spoilers Recap For October 14: Adam Crashes & Burns Trying To Win Sally Back

Things went well until Adam mentioned his brother Nick.

Y&R spoilers recap for Friday, October 14, 2022

The Y&R spoilers recap for Friday, October 14, 2022, brings Adam Newman making progress in winning back Sally Spectra until he ruins it all by bringing up Nick Newman.

Y&R Spoilers Recap Highlights

Sally (Courtney Hope) freaked out at Adam (Mark Grossman) for being so manipulative to get her to The Grand Phoenix rooftop. Sally tried to leave, but the door was locked. He insisted he wasn’t forcing her to stay, but Sally disagreed. She threatened to call the cops.

Courtney Hope, Mark Grossman "The Young and the Restless" Y&R Spoilers recap

Adam begged her to stay, and Sally continued to insist that Adam was manipulating her. He said he’d swallowed his pride, and all he wanted was a conversation, but Sally wondered why he’d put together a fancy meal with all the bells and whistles. Adam asked for one last chance to plead his case. She reluctantly agreed to stay and eat with Adam.

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Sally complimented the setup, but then she wanted to get right to it because she wasn’t sure if she could ever let Adam back into her life. Adam reminded Sally about how she saw him and knew him more than anybody, and she admitted that she had loved him at one point, but he expressed his disbelief that she could’ve truly moved on so quickly.

Sally denied that she was attached to anybody. She pointed out that Adam was the reason she feels the way she does. She said that he’d made her feel used, manipulated, and lied to. She thought they had something special, but Sally told Adam if they were going to have an honest conversation, he had to accept that there might not be a way to get back together after what happened.

Courtney Hope, Mark Grossman "The Young and the Restless"

They had a pleasant meal together, and it seemed enjoyable. Adam pointed out that Sally was one of his only friends, and he explained that he was filled with an overwhelming desire to protect her once he realized he loved her. That’s why Adam chased Sally away, and he regretted it deeply. He expressed his true sorrow at what he did, and he said he would’ve given up everything they had together if it would’ve meant he’d never caused her pain. Sally thanked him for saying that, but she expressed that despite the pain, she didn’t regret a moment they spent together.

They toasted to conversations, honesty, and an amazing future. Adam told Sally that Nick (Joshua Morrow) was just a way to help her forget what they had. Then, Sally got offended that the whole thing had been about Nick, and that changed the tone of things. She felt Adam was making a power move to best Nick and win her back like a prize. She couldn’t believe she’d almost fallen for Adam’s ruse. He insisted that he wasn’t trying to hurt her, and she said Adam couldn’t stand the fact that she was with someone else, especially his brother.

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Joshua Morrow "The Young and the Restless" Y&R Spoilers Recap

At Newman Media, Nick informed Chloe Mitchell Fisher (Elizabeth Hendrickson) that he hadn’t invited Sally to dinner. Then, Chloe got concerned, while Nick felt it would all get figured out. However, Chloe felt certain that Adam is the only one who would’ve invited Sally to dinner since Nick didn’t. Chloe urged Nick to go interrupt Adam and Sally’s meal, but he put the brakes on that. Nick said he’d hoped it was what Adam and Sally needed for closure or to reconnect. Nick told Chloe that while he didn’t want Sally to get back with Adam, it was her choice, ultimately.

Nick expressed that Sally needed the space to figure out what she felt about Adam. Chloe said that Sally should not be with Adam, and she pointed out that Adam fights hard for what he wants, and Sally had a difficult time getting over him. Nick thought that Chloe wasn’t giving Sally enough credit and that she was giving Adam too much credit.

Young and the Restless: Family Ties

As Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) waited on Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) at Society, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) sat down and joined her. She expressed her belief that Tucker had something to do with Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters), and he ascertained that Ashley was hoping to use Tucker’s contrition to get more information.

He insisted on Ashley sharing what she found out about Diane, so she let him know that Diane had been seen in Los Angeles with somebody who seemed an awful lot like Tucker. However, Jack said Diane was gone a long time and could’ve been with anybody she wanted. Ashley wondered how far under her brother’s skin Diane had gotten already. Jack denied it, and he didn’t like that Ashley and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) were trying to ruin Diane. He pointed out that Ashley’s actions could end up hurting his son. Ashley said she’d never hurt Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor).

Tucker was at his hotel room, though, with an angry Devon Hamilton (Bryton James), who insisted that Tucker make time for him. Devon wanted a simple yes or no from his dad about whether or not he’d returned to Genoa City to mess with Chancellor-Winters. Tucker did a lot of deflecting, asking questions of his own about why he’d do such a thing. Devon wasn’t easily put off, though, and he demanded Tucker give him a simple answer.

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Trevor St. John, Bryton James "The Young and the Restless"

Tucker said he wasn’t the person getting insider information on Chancellor-Winters. He wondered what was happening at the company, but Devon played it off as their merger. Tucker probed for more details in the guise of protecting his son, but Devon was wary. He said thanks but no thanks. Tucker suggested they plug the leak, and Devon said it had been plugged. Tucker promised to be right there for Devon.

Devon told his dad that all of Tucker’s questions about business made him feel uncomfortable. He told his dad that he wanted to keep their personal relationship apart from business. Devon and Tucker hugged, and then he said he wanted to meet Dominic next time. Devon said he wanted Tucker’s word as a father and grandfather that he wasn’t doing anything underhanded. Tucker gave him his word that he wouldn’t make a business move that would harm Devon.

Tucker arrived at Society late to find Ashley and Jack together. He tried to sit down for dinner, but Ashley said Tucker’s lateness was a favor for both of them. She left, and Jack pointed out that Ashley was out of Tucker’s league, and he asked Tucker to stay.

Y&R Spoilers Recap: No Future

At his penthouse, Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) asked Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) for another chance, but she said there wasn’t anything left. Elena reminded Nate that she didn’t ask him to do anything for her or their relationship. She pointed out that she wanted Nate to stop his plan because it was the right thing to do — not for her.

Elena said that Nate didn’t think what he’d done was wrong, and he admitted that it wasn’t. She said she no longer recognized Nate, and she’d admired Dr. Hastings, but the man he is now isn’t him. Nate accused Elena of trying to force him to change, but he was mad that she wasn’t willing to change her plans for a new job. He pointed out that her showing up at Chancellor-Winters was forcing his hand even though he chose to confess on his own, which he thought he’d done for both of them. He accused her of leaving for a new job just for herself.

She expressed again that Nate wasn’t the man she thought he was. However, Nate said he felt they could fix it, but Elena couldn’t see how. He cried and told Elena that she was all he had, and he asked her to please stay. Elena told Nate that everything that had happened to him was a direct result of his choices, and he didn’t seem to get that. She pointed out that she’d joined the podcast at Chancellor-Winters to work with him again, and he said he wanted them to be a team. Elena said they hadn’t been a team in a long time, and she couldn’t see a future with Nate.

Despite their discussion, Elena said she had made up her mind — she was going to Baltimore. Even if she didn’t get the job, it was the best thing for her to be alone for a while. Then, she made arrangements to get her stuff while he was at work when she got back into town. Nate pointed out he wouldn’t be at work because he was fired, and Elena reiterated that he didn’t get fired because of her. After Elena left, Nate called Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) to arrange a meeting.

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Y&R Spoilers: Monday, October 17, 2022

Jack interrogates Tucker about his past with Diane.
Sally makes a decision about Adam.
Sharon gives Nick unsolicited advice.

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