Y&R Spoilers Recap For April 14: Ashland Asks The Impossible Of Victoria

Y&R Spoilers Recap For April 14Y&R Spoilers Recap For April 14

The Y&R spoilers recap for Thursday, April 14, 2022, brings Ashland Locke going all out when it comes to convincing Victoria Newman Locke to stick with him. Plus, the rest of the Newmans worry and scheme behind her back.

Y&R Spoilers Recap Highlights

Ashland (Robert Newman) told the Newmans to alert Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) that he’d soon have his answer, and then he went to The Grand Phoenix to await the younger Newman. Victoria (Amelia Heinle) was horrified by her brother making an unauthorized offer. After some back and forth with Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), she flounced off and went to find Ashland.

Once at the hotel, she got them a suite so that they could talk privately. Ashland told Victoria that he was tired of trying and he wanted to get out of Genoa City. Victoria angrily insisted that Ashland stay and fight, giving Adam what he deserved. However, Ashland told Victoria that if he planted evidence against Adam, he’d lose Victoria’s respect, and he was selfish enough to want her love and respect.

Ashland proclaimed that you couldn’t fight lies with more lies. Victoria, furious that Ashland refused to take down her youngest brother, accused Ashland of their entire relationship being lies. Victoria couldn’t buy that Ashland would walk away from a fight. Finally, at long last, Victoria demanded the truth from her lying liar of a husband.

She didn’t believe a word he said, but Ashland let his wife in on the truth that he didn’t buy her whole ice queen act. In fact, a love as strong as theirs can’t be forced, and if the shoe were on the other foot, he’d forgive Victoria — for the sake of their love. Ashland wanted his wife to forgive him for faking his cancer and everything else he did because their love is so strong and real. But, of course, Victoria couldn’t forgive that, but Ashland said Adam’s offer would allow them to start over. Just the two of them. With their crazy perfect love.

Young and the Restless: What’s The Price Of Freedom?

Victor burst in on Adam and Sally making out at Newman Media. He took his youngest son to task for going rogue with his offer to Ashland. For his part, Adam was completely unrepentant, and Victor wasn’t having it. He said, “Your lack of sympathy for your sister is appalling.” Everybody knows that the Newman family doesn’t do that…(except those few times when it does).

Victor attempted to blame Sally for giving Adam the idea to make the rogue offer. Adam owned up to the idea being his and his alone, but Sally expressed her approval. Victor yelled and screamed and yelled some more. Finally, Victor insisted that Adam proclaim his loyalty to the family. Adam said he would, but he noted too that he was thinking outside the box and made the offer in the moment. Victor, again, didn’t appreciate that his impulsive son didn’t run such an enormous amount past him, especially since Victoria’s plan is a damn good plan. You got that?

Adam wanted to know what the price of freedom from Ashland was worth. In his estimation, half a billion was rock bottom pricing. Okay, Victor said he’d front Adam the money, so go make the deal.

Y&R Spoilers Recap: Worries

Meanwhile, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) once again leaned on Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case), telling her the latest on his family drama.

Nikki worried about her daughter, so she went to find Nick at Crimson Lights. Nick knew something was up, and it had something to do with Adam since Sharon had tipped him off about Adam and Ashland’s meeting. Nikki expressed concern that the longer Victoria spent with Ashland, the bigger the chances he’d charm his way back into her good graces.

It didn’t escape Nick’s (nor Nikki’s) notice that Adam’s offer of $500 million worked out to be the precise amount of money that he and Victoria and Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) won in the lawsuit against Victor. Nikki wasn’t sure that Adam had it in him to be a team player. Nikki and Nick worried Ashland would make an enormous sacrifice out of “love” and reel her back.

After his talk with Nikki, Nick let Sharon know he planned to go talk with Ashland himself. However, Sharon didn’t think he should. She pointed out that Nick running off like that would show Victoria that he doesn’t trust her. In fact, Nick should just sit the whole thing out — all Nick should do is love and support Victoria right now.

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