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Y&R Recap: Tucker Demands Audra Fix Her Big Mistake

Will this finally bring down Audra Charles?

the young and the restless recap for august 7, 2023, has audra and tucker at odds.Tucker McCall has a lot to say to Audra.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, August 7, 2023, brings demands from Tucker as he confronts Audra about making a big mistake in the statutory rape coverup.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Adam (Mark Grossman) tries to convince Sharon and Phyllis they can all work together. Audra tries to make a deal with Adam, while Tucker tries to make a deal with Phyllis. Mariah lets her mom know she’s going to join her team. Daniel tells Summer and later Heather about the plea bargain Christine offered Phyllis, so Heather confronts Christine. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless: Mistakes

Tucker (Trevor St. John) showed up at Audra’s (Zuleyka Silver) room. He started blaming her for making a mistake, but she didn’t know what he was talking about. Eventually, he explained that it had to do with the singer who was convicted of statutory rape.

Audra said she’d dealt with it, but Tucker let her know not completely. She’d left emails that went to junk mail, and the junk mail server hadn’t been wiped when he sold the company. They had big problems because Adam knew about it, and planned to use it as leverage. Tucker demanded Audra fix things.

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At Society, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Sharon (Sharon Case) snarked back and forth some more while Adam listened in. Sharon suggested that Phyllis had an opportunity to grow and learn and do better. Adam stepped in, and he said he didn’t think Phyllis would serve time, and she agreed. Sharon wondered if they knew something she didn’t. The trio talked about Restless Style a bit.

Later, Audra went to Adam’s condo. She told him it was in their interest to keep a lid on the whole thing. After all, the coverup was merely good business. Adam didn’t think she was right, though. Instead, he told Audra he wanted Newman Media.

When Sharon returned to Crimson Lights, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) let her know they’d found the perfect babysitter. Mariah also told her mom that she was leaving Jabot and joining her at the newly combined company. Tessa thought it’d be great for Mariah and Sharon to work together.

Mariah wondered about Phyllis working there, but Sharon reassured her. Talk turned to Sharon’s relationship with Chance, and Sharon admitted she enjoyed her time with the detective.

Young and the Restless Recap: Plea Deal

At Chancellor Park, Summer (Allison Lanier) found Daniel (Michael Graziadei). He told her that Christine had offered Phyllis a plea deal to keep Summer out of legal trouble. Daniel insisted it was the right thing for their mom to do, but Summer didn’t like it because it would obviously involve prison time. They argued, and Summer left after telling her brother to back off.

Tucker was in Phyllis’s room at the GCAC when she returned. He wasn’t thrilled about her blackmail. However, he offered to give Phyllis Carson if Adam got rid of all the evidence. As he left, Summer showed up. Summer wondered if Tucker was pressuring her mom, but he and Phyllis insisted he wasn’t.

After Tucker left, Summer talked to her mom about Christine’s plea bargain. Phyllis reassured Summer she wouldn’t blindly accept a deal “from the bug.” Summer said she didn’t need to be protected anyway, and she asked her mom to come clean about everything.

Daniel found Heather (Vail Bloom) at Society, and he relayed Christine’s plea deal. Heather was unhappy to learn that Christine had gone straight to Phyllis with the idea. She declared it was coercion and that she would protect Phyllis from it.

After Daniel left, Christine showed up, and Heather called her out on circumventing her to present the deal to Phyllis. Christine tried to defend herself, but Heather wouldn’t have it. She threatened to get the judge to remove Christine from the case for misconduct.

Y&R Recap: Home Again

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) returned from her trip early, and she and Nate (Sean Dominic) enjoyed some time in bed together. After, he let her know that Nikki had given him the third degree about their relationship.

They briefly discussed Ashland, and Victoria said she was in a good and stable place right now. Nate didn’t want to pressure her or rush things, and they kissed.

Later, when Victoria and Nate were at the GCAC bar, Tucker showed up. He told them that Adam planned to acquire Newman Media. However, Victoria wasn’t at all concerned. Tucker wondered if Audra was truly up to the task of heading up Newman Media. They didn’t love that Tucker tried to throw her under the bus.

Daniel walked up to Tucker and warned the man to stay away from his mom.

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