Y&R Recap: Sharon Sides With Adam Over Nick About SNA Media

Will Nick Newman be the odd man out in this threesome?

the young and the restless recap for august 22, 2023 has nick, sharon, and adam.Nick Newman may find himself the odd man out.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, August 22, 2023, brings a surprising moment of agreement between Adam and Sharon over SNA Media.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Nick and Adam team up to confront Victor. Victoria questions Kyle about Audra, and later, Nate tries to make things right with his boss/lover. Esther tries to reassure Chloe, and Sally tells her former business partner to take a job with Chelsea. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless: Meddling

At the ranch, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor (Eric Braeden) discussed the situation with Adam (Mark Grossman). She reminded her husband that Sharon and Nick would not put up with Adam’s nonsense.

At Adam’s, he and Nick (Joshua Morrow) argued about business. Adam revealed he’d dealt with Connor’s recent issues, and Nick was sorry but still wanted his brother to focus on SNA Media details. Adam wondered why he and Nick kept putting up with Victor’s demands, given how he’d cut Sally off at the knees recently.

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Both Adam and Nick visited Victor at the ranch. They confronted him about pulling the offer out from under Sally. Victor said it was just business, and he yelled at Adam, telling him he was lucky to still have a job. He also demanded that Nick and Adam announce the launch of SNA Media next week. After they left, Victor told Nikki he thought it was good that his sons had teamed up.

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Adam updated Sharon (Sharon Case) about Victor’s actions regarding Sally and Victor’s demands to launch SNA Media. Adam suggested that Victor might take over SNA Media himself. Adam wanted to act preemptively, and Nick wasn’t sure they should, but Sharon sided with Adam.

Nick left, and Adam confided his worries about Connor to Sharon. She tried to reassure him, but Adam wasn’t easily calmed.

Young and the Restless Recap: Trust

Nate (Sean Dominic) and Audra (Zuleyka Silver) talked at the bar at the GCAC. Nate wasn’t pleased with the way she’d handled the blackmail situation by telling Victor. She didn’t see a problem, but Nate felt he was under more scrutiny from the Newmans because of it. Ultimately, he told Audra to find somebody else the next time she needed a favor.

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) welcomed Kyle (Michael Mealor) to her office. She wanted to discuss his position at Newman Media. It didn’t take long before she asked him about Audra. Kyle told Victoria it felt like she was testing him, wanting to learn more about Audra. She told Kyle about Audra’s coverup at McCall, and Kyle didn’t know what it was.

Victoria asked Kyle what he thought about merging Newman Media with SNA Media, and he didn’t think it was a good idea. When they finished, Victoria said she was happy to have an ally, and Kyle felt the same.

Later, Kyle met Audra at the GCAC for a meal. He let her know that Victoria was fishing for information on her. Audra thanked Kyle for supporting her. Kyle revealed Victoria gave him the details about Audra’s coverup, and he said it was perfect since he was surprised. He warned Audra that Victoria didn’t completely trust her. Audra let Kyle know they’d lost Nate as an ally. She wondered if Kyle would only look out for himself too, but he promised to have her back.

Nate walked into Victoria’s office with a single rose and apologized for creating tension between them. Victoria admitted she didn’t know if she could trust Nate now. He said he didn’t tell her immediately because he still felt like an outsider, but she said that meant she lost trust in him. He suggested they go away for the weekend, and Victoria agreed.

Nate and Victoria started making out in the office, but he got a call from Victor. Victor summoned Nate to the ranch, and Victoria didn’t like it. She worried Victor planned to replace Adam with Nate.

Y&R Recap: A New Job

Esther (Kate Linder) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) talked at Chancellor Park. Chloe complained about the kids wanting a dog, but Esther knew something else was bothering her daughter. Chloe admitted that she was upset about pulling out of her partnership with Sally.

Esther talked up Chloe’s partnership with Sally (Courtney Hope), who then showed up. She let Chloe and her mom know Victor withdrew his offer, which meant Chloe was right. Chloe got a call from Chelsea, so Sally and Esther talked. Chloe returned, revealing that Chelsea had offered her a job as her second in command at Marchetti. Chloe wasn’t overjoyed, but Sally said Chloe should take the job.

Later, Sally met Nick at Society, and he updated her about confronting Victor. Sally wasn’t happy he’d done that, but Nick was more concerned about what would happen when everything hit the fan with his dad and Adam.

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