Y&R Recap: Phyllis’s ‘New Leaf’ Wilts As She Lurks Outside Danny And Christine’s Dinner

Will Phyllis Summers turn to the dark side soon?

the young and the restless recap for november 10, 2023, episode 12744, has phyllis watching chris and danny through a window.His Phyllis Summers sliding backwards?

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, November 10, 2023, brings Phyllis really trying to convince everybody she’s a new version of herself.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Christine and Danny grew closer over dinner. Nina begged Chance to reconsider his profession. Summer daydreamed that she told Sharon she planned to go after Chance. Finally, Lily and Daniel shared some candlelit romance. Now let’s take a deeper look at what happened.

A New Hope

At the hospital, Chance (Conner Floyd) said hello to Summer (Allison Lanier) as Sharon (Sharon Case) looked on from the door. Nina (Tricia Cast) ran in, and she berated her son for putting her through all the worry. She said Chance’s job was too dangerous for her, but he reassured her he was fine.

Sharon asked what happened, so Chance explained he was shot after a jewelry store robbery. Summer said she had to go, and everybody thanked her for stopping by.

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Elena (Brytni Sarpy) walked in, and she asked Nina and Sharon to leave so Chance could rest. Sharon kissed Chance, and Nina asked for five more minutes. Outside, Sharon saw Summer crying and asked if the younger woman was okay. They talked. Ultimately, Summer said she didn’t want Sharon to think it was weird that she stopped by, and Sharon graciously said she knew they were friends.

Back in Chance’s room, Nina and her son discussed him changing his life. Chance surprised his mom by admitting he was reconsidering some things. Of course, he couldn’t make any life-changing decisions while he was on pain medication. Elena returned and had Nina leave.

Old Rivalries And New Ones

At Crimson Lights, Danny (Michael Damian) told Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) that they had to change their dinner plans. Christine (Lauralee Bell) walked in, and she and Phyllis shared a frosty hello.

Christine updated Danny on Chance’s condition, and Phyllis was stunned to find out what happened. Phyllis worried about Summer and tried to get in touch with her daughter. Danny and Christine left for dinner, and Danny promised to do dinner as a family with Phyllis soon.

Phyllis flashed back to good times with Danny in the past, and Summer showed up and updated her mom on Chance. An emotional Summer lashed out at Phyllis because she didn’t want her mother involved in the situation. She accused her mom of interfering with Daniel and Heather, but Phyllis firmly denied it.

As they talked, Phyllis wondered if there was more going on with Chance, and Summer said he was dating Sharon. Phyllis expressed her desire for Summer to find true love, and she said nothing would happen between Chance and Sharon because Sharon would always go after Nick.

Summer admitted she was proud of her mom for co-existing peacefully with Sharon. Summer reiterated that she didn’t want to come between Chance and Sharon, but she did have feelings for the chief of police. Phyllis showed off her new and improved version of herself by telling Summer she was proud of her restraint in not going after Chance while he was with Sharon.

At Society, Danny stuck his foot in his mouth over how scary it must be to worry if somebody would die in the line of duty. He changed the subject, and Christine gossiped that Nina wasn’t thrilled Chance was dating Sharon. Later, Christine admitted she missed Danny’s famous pasta sauce, and he promised to make it for her soon. Outside, Phyllis looked at them through the window.

As Summer left Crimson Lights, Sharon returned. Summer greeted her, and Summer zoned out imagining herself telling Sharon she wasn’t going to back away from Chance.

Ah, Romance

Over dinner at the GCAC, Daniel (Michael Graziadei) explained to Lily (Christel Khalil) why Lucy and Heather were at his place. He expressed his concern that Lily might not like that Heather moved back to Genoa City.

Lily reassured Daniel things were fine, but she admitted she was sad that she missed being there with Sally to decorate his apartment. They got back to his place, finding the electricity didn’t work. Daniel found candles and lit them. The romance of the candlelight overtook them, and they began making out.

They looked over Sally’s designs, and Lily wondered if they should go to her place where there was power. However, they decided they didn’t miss electricity, but Lily firmly said no to getting busy on the floor. At her place, Lily and Daniel basked in the afterglow on her couch.

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