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GH Star Jon Lindstrom Pays Tribute to a Late Movie Star

Jon Lindstrom admired and met an Oscar-winning actor in Malibu.

GH Jon Lindstrom and the late Louis Gossett Jr. with the Soap Hub logo across the bottom.Jon Lindstrom found an admirer in an Oscar-winner.

Jon Lindstrom is not only admired by many but he’s also an admirer. The General Hospital actor and new book author recently paid a warm tribute to the late movie star Louis Gossett, Jr., who won an Oscar for his role in the 1982 movie An Officer and a Gentleman.

An Actor, An Officer, and a Gentleman

“I usually don’t do this, preferring to remember someone in my own way, but this man touched me in such an unexpected fashion that I think it’s okay to share it,” Lindstrom began a heartfelt Instagram post.

“Several years back I lived in Malibu. There’s a health food store there that we locals would call ‘PC Greens,’ short for Pacific Coast Greens,” the GH actor says. “Everybody went there, and I mean EVERYBODY. I go in late one afternoon to pick up some dinner and I see Louis Gossett Jr. across the room, and he’s looking at ME.

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“It’s a look that says, ‘I know you.’ Normally I would nod politely, and be too shy to follow up on it, but this was Louis effing Gossett!” Lindstrom continues. “Plus, something about the guy just seemed so friendly and approachable, and I wanted to express my admiration for the stellar and inspiring work he’d blessed us with. I went on over, stuck out my hand, and said, ‘Hi, I’m Jon.’

“He gave me that smile you see in the picture and said, ‘I know,'” the actor continued. “Now, I’ve met plenty of people in my business whom I admire greatly, and maybe you had to be there, but when Louis Gossett Jr. said, ‘I know,’ he was saying, ‘I know who you are because I’ve seen your work … and I approve.’ Now that is a memory I will hold on to. R.I.P. And thank you for the memories.”

Jon Lindstrom sharing his encounter and what it meant to him touched many, who follow his social media account — including actress Terri Garber, who played Allison on Texas and Ashton on North and South. “What a terrific memory to have,” Garber shared.

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