Y&R Recap: Jack And Diane Scheme To Stop Ashley

Is Jack Abbott making a huge mistake?

the young and the restless recap for july 25, 2023, has ashley, diane, and jack.Jack Abbott and Diane have a plan to stop Ashley.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, July 25, 2023, brings a plan for Diane and Jack as they work to stop Ashley from destroying Jabot.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Victor makes Sally (Courtney Hope) an offer, and Nick wonders what his dad’s motives are. Adam makes Phyllis an offer, but she turns him down. Chance worries that Adam isn’t on the up and up with Sharon. Leanna Love drops a bombshell story about Phyllis’s return from the dead and the Abbott family drama. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: A New Direction

Sally was all smiles upon returning from visiting family. She felt at peace, and Nick (Joshua Morrow) appreciated having his girlfriend back in Genoa City. Eventually, he updated Sally on everything that happened at work while she was gone. He admitted he was excited about the opportunities he had at Adustus.

Best of all, Nick looked forward to working with Sharon again, and he thought they could keep Adam under control. Sally said she was happy as long as Nick was.

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At the GCAC, Victor (Eric Braeden) told Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) how good she looked for a dead woman. However, he took her to task for torturing Summer. Phyllis tried to defend herself, but Victor warned her that she would pay for what she’d done to his granddaughter.

Victor invited Sally and Nick to his table and offered her his deepest condolences. Ultimately, he made Sally an offer — a new design division for Newman Enterprises with no monetary limits. She let him know she needed time, and Victor told Sally to take all the time she needed.

Sally went upstairs, remembering a moment when she told Adam she wouldn’t have a Newman sign her paychecks again, and Nick stayed to say goodnight to Victor. Nick wondered what was behind his dad’s offer, but Victor denied ulterior motives. He didn’t like that Nick always questioned his intentions.

Adam knocked on Sally’s door, but she didn’t answer. Nick walked up, and Adam said he wasn’t doing anything there. Nick and Sally ordered room service and spent some time enjoying each other.

Young and the Restless Recap: Trust

Adam (Mark Grossman) interrupted Chance (Conner Floyd) and Sharon’s (Sharon Case) date. He wondered if something new happened between Chance and Sharon, but Chance insisted they were just friends. Still, Chance pointed out that Sharon partnering with Adam was a mistake, especially given the meaning of the name Adustus.

After Adam left, Chance promised Sharon to give Adam the benefit of the doubt, and he wanted to focus on themselves and not him. Sharon agreed.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Chance said he still didn’t trust Adam, but he did trust her. Sharon thanked Chance for trusting her to be in control of her life. They danced as a song played on the jukebox.

Y&R Recap: It’s War

At the jazz club, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) told Tucker (Trevor St. John) that she wasn’t happy that her brother tried to end their argument by splitting up the company. Phyllis walked in and confronted Ashley about Tucker trying to force her to do his bidding. Ashley thought it was karmic justice.

Later, Adam joined Phyllis at the jazz club bar. He had an offer for Phyllis, but she wasn’t interested. Even so, Adam pitched her the possibility of building and running an IT department at Adustus, and he lured her with the fact that Nick was his partner. Even so, Phyllis claimed she wasn’t interested. He wished her luck.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane (Susan Walters) insisted that she wasn’t going to let Jack (Peter Bergman) give away part of Jabot, but he said it was his decision. Even so, Diane refused to let Jack walk away from the fight.

Leanna Love (Barbara Crampton) went live with a big exposé about what happened with Phyllis faking her death and blaming it on Diane. Jack remembered times with Leanna, and he wasn’t surprised she pulled such a stunt since they always used each other.

Diane suggested that Billy take the lead and get his hands dirty in taking care of Jabot, but Jack worried it would hurt Billy. Ultimately, though, Diane wanted Billy to become their Trojan Horse. Tucker and Ashley walked in, and Tucker asked for paperwork in giving Ashley her part of Jabot, but Jack admitted he’d changed his mind.

Jack suggested that he and Ashley have a sibling divorce, and Ashley couldn’t believe that Jack would put Diane ahead of everybody else in their family. Instead of reaching a conclusion, Jack and Ashley started an Abbott family war. Ashley and Tucker walked out, and Jack called Billy to meet to hear his and Diane’s plan.

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