Y&R Recap For November 4: Phyllis Insists She’s Not The Villain

Phyllis is tired of being treated like the bad guy where Diane is concerned.

Y&R recap for Friday, November 4, 2022

The Y&R recap for Friday, November 4, 2022, brings multiple confrontations, a person wanting reassurance, big choices, and a potential reunion of exes. You don’t want to miss a moment of this episode.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) confronted Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) while Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) wanted nothing to do with Phyllis Summers’s (Michelle Stafford) gloating. Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lanier) got the lowdown on Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) relationship with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope), and she later admitted to her mom that she wasn’t Team Diane anymore. Finally, Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) used her feminine wiles on a wary but eager Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John). Now let’s take a deeper dive.

Young and the Restless: Who’s The Villain?

Allison Lanier, Joshua Morrow "The Young and the Restless"

Summer met her dad at Glam Club. She updated Nick on all things regarding her honeymoon trip, but he wanted to know why she seemed glum. Summer reluctantly admitted that she and Kyle had experienced more drama with Diane, but she said she didn’t need Nick’s help, so he offered her luck.

Summer took her dad to task over Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope). He tried to tell his daughter he was the parent, but Summer kept pushing. Nick finally gave in and told Summer that Sally had been let go and he and Sally were on a break. Summer was thrilled.

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At Jabot, Diane told Kyle she wanted to talk, and he suggested they go to the house because it couldn’t wait. At the Abbott mansion, Kyle confronted Diane. He railed at his mother about how he gave her a second chance. He was terribly upset that he was questioning himself now. Diane reminded Kyle that she chose to tell the truth, but Kyle wasn’t easily persuaded since Diane only confessed because somebody like Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) or Phyllis might expose her.

Susan Walters, Michael Mealor Y&R Recap

Diane insisted that Nikki and Phyllis’s deep dive into her past wasn’t the reason she confessed the truth. Even so, Kyle reminded his mother that she looked him in the eyes and promised him that she wouldn’t lie again. Diane tearfully blamed the whole thing on Tucker’s hold on her, but Kyle still didn’t buy it that easily. Diane said she was afraid to tell Kyle the truth because she couldn’t stand for him to think less of her. She didn’t want to destroy the beautiful relationship that they’d created. The most important things to her are Kyle and Harrison.

Susan Walters, Michael Mealor "The Young and the Restless"

Kyle said that his and Harrison’s relationship with Diane meant just as much to him as it did to her. She wanted to know where they stood, but Kyle let Diane know that he needed time to decide how he felt about her continued lying. Kyle just didn’t know how he could believe her anymore.

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Phyllis argued about Diane. She wanted to say “I told you so,” but Jack wasn’t having it. Jack let his ex-wife know that he wasn’t going to change his mind. Instead of focusing on Diane, Jack took Phyllis to task for digging up dirt on Diane, and she couldn’t believe that he was making her out to be the bad guy. Jack said everyone would be better off if Phyllis hadn’t uncovered anything, and she felt she’d stepped through the looking glass.

Jack accused Phyllis of being petty and gloating, and he said she wasn’t a hero. He pointed out that Diane leaving would leave a huge hole in Kyle and Harrison’s (Kellen Enriquez) lives. Jack said it was all up to Kyle to decide what to do about his mom. Summer walked in, and interrupted them. Jack left, and Summer stayed.

Michelle Stafford, Peter Bergman Y&R Recap

Phyllis let her daughter know that Jack gave as good as he got, and she complained that Jack never gave her the benefit of the doubt in the same way he is giving Diane the benefit of the doubt. Phyllis wondered how Summer felt about Diane’s lies, and her daughter tried to say it was Kyle’s decision. However, Phyllis wanted her daughter to admit how she felt, and Summer said she’d been so patient with Kyle’s mother. However, learning about more secrets, Summer revealed that she agreed with her mom — Diane needs to go.

Phyllis showed up at Glam Club, and she ran into Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). Phyllis noted that she didn’t expect to see him there in the middle of a workday, and he pointed out that he could say the same to her. Neither was in an office mood, and Phyllis asked her ex if she could run something by him.

Michelle Stafford, Joshua Morrow "The Young and the Restless"

Phyllis asked Nick for his unbiased opinion about whether or not she was destructive, vindictive, and an innately bad person. Nick didn’t say much, and Phyllis thought she had her answer, but he said he was joking. He wondered if it had to do with Diane, and he let Phyllis know he’d run into Summer and got a bit of an update on what was going on. Nick hoped that Phyllis and Summer were okay, and Phyllis said she wasn’t sure. However, she declared that she wasn’t the villain, and she was sick and tired of being blamed.

Jack returned home, and he was surprised to see Diane there. She noted that Kyle had asked her to come. Jack picked up some paperwork that he needed for work and tried to leave, but Diane wondered where they stood. Jack said he wasn’t sure, and didn’t want to discuss it right then, so he left. Diane was sitting in a chair at the Abbott mansion, and Harrison came down to say he didn’t feel good. Diane felt him and announced that Harrison had a fever.

At the Jabot and Marchetti offices, Summer brought Kyle some coffee, and she relayed that she’d walked in on the end of a rough fight between Jack and Phyllis. Summer admitted that Phyllis didn’t even know about Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) yet, and she said there wasn’t any way Phyllis would let up on her digging. Kyle lamented that they lost their island vibe so quickly, and he relayed the details of his confrontation with Diane. Summer wondered what her husband wanted to do about his mom.

Kyle told Summer how things went with Diane and he explained his feelings of betrayal. However, away from the situation, Kyle said Diane hadn’t done anything all that terrible and he got it. Summer seemed surprised that Kyle was so ready to easily overlook everything Diane lied about. She advised Kyle to be careful trusting Diane again.

Y&R Recap: About-Face

At Society, Ashley sat and remembered her recent conversation with Tucker. Then, he walked in, and she admitted she’d been thinking about him, which he smugly appreciated. Ashley admitted she’d thought about what Tucker had told her about himself and Diane in Los Angeles. She said she didn’t know for sure whether she could believe him.

Eileen Davidson, Trevor St. John Y&R Recap

Ashley reminded Tucker that he and Diane hated each other before her “death,” which made their alliance seem shady. Tucker explained that it was an unlikely alliance, but he had a goal, so Ashley said she accepted it. She surprised Tucker by admitting that her efforts to ignore him haven’t been successful — he was taking up space in her brain.

Tucker didn’t quite buy it, though. He pointed out that it was too soon for such an about-face from Ashley. He wondered if Ashley’s sudden change of pace had something to do with his connection to Diane. Tucker said he felt Ashley might be using his feelings for her to uncover some dirt, but Ashley said that if he had nothing to hide, then why would he even care? Tucker ascertained that it was a test on Ashley’s part, and he accepted the challenge.

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