Y&R Recap For November 3: Devon And Lily Reminisce About Neil Winters

Neil Winters is very much on the minds of his grown children.

Y&R recap for Thursday, November 3, 2022

The Y&R recap for Thursday, November 3, 2022, brings a potential new beginning for somebody who desperately needs it, big concern from a child, siblings remembering a great man, and more.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) and Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) reflected on the impact Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) had on their lives. Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) got Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) settled at her facility. Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) worried about his mom, and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) worked to reassure the little boy even though he had no idea what had happened. Elena Dawson (Brytni Sarpy) returned, and she called out Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic) over his new job. Let’s take a deeper dive into this episode.

Young and the Restless: New Hope

Sharon and Billy helped a despondent Chelsea check into a facility. Sharon asked that the staff allow Chelsea to move at her own pace. Chelsea seemed to be in a trance, but when she finally realized what was going on, she freaked out. Chelsea didn’t want to be in a place like this. Billy let her know that she was in a place that could help make the pain stop, and he promised to be there for Chelsea to lean on.

Chelsea and Billy Y&R Recap

Chelsea went on about how embarrassed she felt over what she’d done. She worried about who else knew, and Billy let her know that nobody else knew. Sharon reassured Chelsea that everything was confidential and Chelsea didn’t have to tell anything she didn’t want to.

After Sharon and Billy left, she warned him that they had to figure out how to maintain Chelsea’s privacy while also helping Connor, and she admitted it’d involve Adam. Billy said that Adam made everything worse, but Sharon said he still had to be involved.

Chelsea started answering intake questions about her health history, and she seemed to trust the therapist. During the questions, Chelsea revealed she’d been hospitalized for trying to hurt Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso). She also said that she was in the facility because she’d felt suicidal. Chelsea admitted that she needed help because she didn’t want to hurt anymore, and she wanted to get better. Unfortunately, Chelsea wasn’t sure that was possible.

At Crimson Lights, Connor wondered where his mom was, and Adam had been surprised his son had a day off from school. The little boy wanted to know why he wasn’t spending the day with his mom. Adam reluctantly told his son that he couldn’t get in touch with Chelsea.

Connor and Adam The Young and the Restless

Connor wanted to go see her because he said he wanted to tell her that he and Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind) had a big talk about learning the truth about Johnny’s parentage. Both boys agreed that it didn’t really make that much difference in their lives to know the truth, and Connor wanted to tell his mom. Adam told him something must be going on with Chelsea, but Connor wondered if Chelsea was avoiding him.

Adam let his son know that he didn’t need to make up anything to Chelsea, and he told Connor that he was allowed to have feelings. He reminded the little boy that his mother loved him deeply.

Billy showed up at Crimson Lights, and Sharon updated him on how things were going with Chelsea at the facility. She wasn’t sure how or what to tell Adam and Connor just yet. As they talked, Adam looked at them with concern. Billy left, and Adam went to ask a nervous Sharon what she and Billy were hiding.

Y&R Recap: Remembering

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon walked into Lily’s office and sighed. She instantly realized something was wrong. Devon alerted Lily that Nate took a new job running Newman Media for Victoria. Lily was gobsmacked, and she instantly concluded that Victoria was the Chief Executive Officer with whom Nate had colluded. Devon admitted that Nate wouldn’t admit it, but Lily still thought it was Victoria.

Lily and Devon Y&R Recap

She asked her brother if things were better with Nate, and Devon said they weren’t. He insisted that Nate’s accusation about Devon not allowing anybody to partner with him because of Neil Winters’s (Kristoff St. John) death was just an excuse. However, Lily pointed out that it might actually be true. They remembered Neil and talked about how he seemed like a superhero to them.

They flashed back to moments of Lily being a rebellious teen and Neil working to break down her defenses. Lily regretted her actions, but Devon reminded her she’d been a teenager, and then Devon remembered how difficult it was to let Neil in when he was a teen. Devon said everything he is and has is because of Neil’s belief in him, especially with the business they started together. Lily and Devon realized that they missed their dad so much, and Devon didn’t want to let go of Neil’s memory.

Neil and Devon The Young and the Restless

Billy walked in, and he wondered if everything was okay with Devon and Lily. He offered to return later, but Devon wondered why Billy was leaving at such a crucial time because he didn’t think it was right for the company. Devon left, and Lily asked Billy how Chelsea was doing. He explained a bit about what happened to her, but he wouldn’t give Lily many details. Lily insinuated that Billy had done his part, but he admitted that his part wasn’t done and he’d help Chelsea every step of the way. Lily was seriously frustrated by Billy’s need to save every woman in his life. Billy said he couldn’t turn his back on Chelsea right now, which didn’t sit well.

Elena showed up at the penthouse, and Nate was surprised to see her. She announced that she didn’t take the job in Baltimore. She wanted to talk things out with Nate to see if they could make things work. He told Elena what had happened since she left, and he revealed that he hadn’t been able to make any progress in patching things up with Devon. Nate admitted that he’d never forgiven Devon for the punch.

Nate and Elena Y&R Recap

Nate let Elena know that he could see things more clearly and told her she’d been right all along. Elena wanted to know if things were healing with his family, but Nate said that they wouldn’t forgive him unless he gave up Victoria. Elena suggested he should, but Nate said he didn’t think it was necessary since he was the one who owed them. Elena urged him to continue trying to mend fences with his family.

Elena was stunned to hear that Nate took over Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) job at Newman Media. She wasn’t impressed that Victoria had rewarded Nate for nearly selling out his family. Nate took offense to Elena thinking Victoria’s job was a negative thing. Elena pointed out that Victoria was using him, but Nate felt that Victoria just wanted to give him a chance. Nate wondered when what he’d done would be enough for Elena.

Devon ended up at Society, and he texted Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan). He asked the bartender about Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway), and he learned Abby hadn’t come in yet that day.

A frustrated Lily texted Billy to meet at Society for lunch, but he was sitting at Chelsea’s bedside. At that moment, Chelsea opened her eyes, grabbed his hand, and thanked him for what he’d done.

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