Y&R Recap For November 14: Ashley, Phyllis, & Nikki Get Leverage Against Diane

They know something big, so they make a plan.

Y&R recap for Monday, November 14, 2022

The Y&R recap for Monday, November 14, 2022, brings plotting, frustration, friendship, and the end of two relationships.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) let Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) know a bit more about her time in Los Angeles. Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lanier) and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) vowed to have Kyle’s back, while Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) vowed to take down Diane…again. Speaking of vows, Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) got some advice from Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) that helped him make a decision about the ones he made to Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) while Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) vowed Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) must know how he felt about Abby and Abby talked about her marriage woes to Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes). Now let’s take a deep dive into what happened.

Young and the Restless: Enough is Enough

Diane had something to tell Kyle, and she was less than thrilled by his tone of voice. She couldn’t stand that she’d lost ground with him due to her latest revelations. Kyle reminded Diane that she earned his suspicions. However, Diane said she didn’t have the strength to continue fighting against all of it — perhaps it was time for her to leave. She complained about everybody trying to bring her down.

She complained bitterly about Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley — Diane was ready to throw in the towel. Kyle wondered what made his mom want to give up since she’s not a quitter. Diane told Kyle about Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) getting released from prison, and she worried Tucker would tell her enemies about her connection to Jeremy. Diane worried that Jeremy would try to find her because he believed she helped imprison him.

Kyle and Diane at Jabot Y&R Recap

Kyle asked if she had done that, and Diane said she had. She worried that Jeremy was waiting for revenge, and Kyle told her not to run away in fear. He promised to protect his mother. Kyle wondered if Jack knew Diane helped put Jeremy away. She admitted he didn’t, and then she told Kyle he couldn’t tell Summer because she was worried Phyllis would know. Kyle didn’t like it.

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At Society, Jack and Summer shared a meal, and they talked about how over Diane they both were. Obviously, foremost in both their minds were Kyle and Harrison. Jack wondered if Summer took on too much of the burden to keep Kyle safe, and he revealed that Kyle’s eyes were wide open and he could take care of himself. Summer wasn’t so sure, though. Diane’s return meant the world to Kyle, and it made him feel whole. Summer’s concern was that Kyle’s feelings would blind him, and Jack declared they’d have his back.

Ashley updated Nikki and Phyllis about Jeremy and his connection to Diane and Tucker. Nikki wanted to call Talia Morgan (Natalie Morales) with the latest details, but the others weren’t quite sure they should do that yet. Nikki couldn’t believe that all their digging didn’t bring up the information about Jeremy. After all, there should’ve been some type of trail leading to the whole thing.

Ashley, Nikki, and Phyllis at the Abbott mansion

Nikki suggested that Tucker was lying, but Ashley didn’t buy it. Even so, Nikki warned Ashley not to soften toward Tucker, and Phyllis wanted them to confront Diane head-on. Ashley said it was interesting that Jeremy went to prison and Diane didn’t go, and she wondered if he suspected that Diane helped put him in prison. The women agreed to use the information as leverage against Diane to get her to leave.

At Jabot, Summer and Jack walked in on Diane, begging Kyle to keep her secret, and they looked perplexed. She left without a word and received a text from Ashley to meet at her house — alone.

Y&R Recap: It’s Not Me, It’s You

Mariah showed up to see Dominic and Abby with a gift, and she announced her and Tessa Porter’s (Cait Fairbanks) adoption plans. She could tell something was up with Abby, but Abby didn’t want to say what was going on. Mariah insisted, and Abby finally admitted that Chance hadn’t come home the night before due to a stakeout. Mariah pointed out that she and Tessa always saw Chance at Crimson Lights loading up on coffee, but she had hoped Chance’s job would slow down, and Abby agreed.

Abby and Mariah and Chancellor Mansion Y&R Recap

Mariah tried to talk to Abby about the situation, and she expressed how tough it was for Tessa to be on tour for months on end. She admitted Tessa’s canceled tour actually had a silver lining. Abby talked about how much she loved Chance but how difficult it was after he returned from Spain. However, Abby couldn’t understand how Chance prioritized his work so much over her and Dominic. She wondered if she expected too much of Chance.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon brought Chance some coffee. She sat down with him, and she talked about how she used to get jealous of Rey Rosales’s (Jordi Vilasuso) job at the Genoa City Police Department. Chance admitted that Abby felt the same way. She suggested that his job was causing issues with Abby.

Sharon and Chance at Crimson Lights

Chance admitted that Abby had an unrealistic expectation of who he really was, and he complained that Abby always felt betrayed by him. Chance said his work made him a better person, and he wondered if it’d make Abby happier if he gave up his career. Sharon suggested a compromise, but Chance didn’t have much faith in that. Sharon didn’t offer solutions, but she told Chance that staying in a situation to try to change somebody just didn’t work out. Chance thanked Sharon for her candor.

Chance showed up at home, and Mariah left. Abby told her husband she was glad he was home, and she admitted that she’d expected too much of him since his return from Spain. She asked Chance to put aside what happened with her and Devon. Abby wanted to work things out.

However, Chance declared that it was too late. Abby cried and begged him to reconsider. Chance declared that he knew in his heart that Abby belonged with Devon and that he’d never be the guy she needed. “It’s over, Abby,” he said.

Y&R Recap: It’s Over

Amanda was at Devon’s penthouse packing, and he came home. He wanted to talk, but she said she’d had some time away for clarity. Amanda also informed him that she planned to resign from Chancellor-Winters. Ultimately, Amanda believed that Devon didn’t know what happened. However, her biggest issue is that they didn’t stop after the first kiss. To her, that said something about Devon’s feelings for Abby. She suggested that he had true feelings for Abby — a bigger connection than he had with her.

Amand and Devon Y&R Recap

Devon tried to play it off as he and Abby were just friends, but Amanda wouldn’t be put off like that. She told Devon that she deserved more than that and he needed to examine himself. Amanda also admitted that she was blindsided by the whole thing initially, but it makes sense, given Abby and Devon’s history. She said she couldn’t compete with Abby and Devon sharing a child.

Devon said it wasn’t a competition, but Amanda said part of the problem was he just didn’t see it. She said that Dominic connected Devon and Abby, and Amanda would never be that for him. Devon promised Amanda was enough, but Amanda said he wasn’t enough for her.

Amanda insisted she was leaving. Devon said he never meant to hurt her, and he loved her. She reiterated that it wasn’t enough, and Devon left so Amanda could finish getting her things together.

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