Y&R Recap For December 14: Phyllis Drops A Truth Bomb

She finally tells the truth about what she did, but it backfires.

Y&R recap for Wednesday, December 14, 2022 Phyllis Summers tells the truth

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, December 14, 2022, brings a surprising truth, big gestures, worries voiced, and so much more.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) dropped a truth bomb first on Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) and then on Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lanier). Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) continued to try to win over Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson). Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) and Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) talked Lily’s woes with Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) while he shared a contentious conversation with Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei). Let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless: The Truth

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis met with Jeremy. She expressed her surprise that he was still there. Jeremy invited Phyllis to sit down and have some coffee. He wanted information on Taylor Jensen, er Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters). Phyllis denied making the call to Jeremy, and he wondered why else she’d want to meet him if not for calling him. Phyllis wanted to know one thing — why was Jeremy there, and what were his plans.

Jeremy insisted that he showed up in Genoa City to connect with an old friend. He said Diane was special and also had something that belonged to him. Jeremy wanted to know where Phyllis got the information that Diane had turned him in to the FBI. Phyllis, again, denied making the call.

Phyllis and Jeremy on Crimson Lights patio Y&R recap

Jeremy pointed out that if Diane had ratted him out, then he’d have every reason to be angry with her. Phyllis wondered if Jeremy would make Diane pay if he found her, and he said he didn’t think Phyllis would have a problem if he did. Jeremy told Phyllis that he wanted revenge on Diane for turning him over, and Phyllis admitted she called him. She admitted that she had no proof that Diane had gone to the feds, though. All Phyllis wanted was for Jeremy to scare Diane out of town.

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Phyllis thanked Jeremy on behalf of the whole city for doing just that. She also apologized for inconveniencing him, and she invited him to return to wherever he came from. He tried, once again to get information about where Diane was, and Phyllis said she couldn’t find out those details. Phyllis declared that Diane was certainly scared, and Jeremy couldn’t imagine why.

Y&R Recap: A Lie Confessed

Summer and Harrison arrived home, and he showed Jack a picture he drew for Didi. The little boy wanted to know when Didi was coming back. Jack reassured his grandson that Didi would return soon, and Summer arranged for Harrison to call Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor).

Jack told Summer that nobody else could know where Diane was, but Summer noted that Diane couldn’t stay at the cabin forever. Jack reassured Summer that he and Kyle would devise a plan for neutralizing Jeremy. They also discussed how innocent Harrison was. Summer wondered why Jack couldn’t have forgiven her mom as easily as he’d forgiven Diane. Sure, Summer was furious at Phyllis, but Diane continued lying to them.

Jack excused all of Diane’s lies by justifying that she was worried about undoing all her progress. He said Diane had been playing defense since her return to Genoa City, and Jack said Diane was truly working to reinvent herself. Summer listened in shock as Jack explained that his connection with Phyllis was gone after the things she’d done to Diane.

Summer thanked Jack for explaining it to her. He declared that Summer had to support her mom, despite her anger. Summer also admitted that she’d always hoped her mom and Jack would work things out and how she felt sad for Phyllis because she can’t get out of her own way.

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Jack Summer and Phyllis in his office at Jabot Y&R

At Jabot, Jack and Summer talked work. Phyllis walked in, and Jack tried to split. However, she got his attention by admitting that she’d met Jeremy. Phyllis said she admitted the truth to Jeremy that she’d called him. She admitted that she suggested that Jeremy go back to California. Summer wasn’t happy at all, and Jack wondered if Phyllis had expected a thank you. They both lambasted Phyllis for putting everything in motion.

Phyllis said that Jeremy planned to stay and that he said he needed to meet with Diane to get back what the woman had of his. Jack declared himself done with Phyllis both personally and professionally. He dragged her for lying and never changing. She wondered if Jack was firing her, and he deferred to Summer and Kyle, but he admitted he’d fire her right then.

Y&R Recap: Party People

Ashley and Tucker showed up at Jabot. They talked about Diane leaving town, and Tucker asked Ashley to go on a drive. She wondered where they’d go, and he said it was a surprise. Somehow, she agreed to go.

Tucker surprised Ashley with a fancy catered picnic complete with an outdoor heater. She wondered how Tucker had chosen the location, and he said it was to get her away from all the reasons she hated him. Ashley protested that she didn’t hate Tucker — she just didn’t trust him.

Tucker and Ashley on a picnic Y&R

Ashley was quite impressed by Tucker’s attention to detail. He went on about how his crash in Monte Carlo really changed him, causing him to reevaluate his life. Ashley didn’t quite buy it, especially when Tucker said he’d missed out on love. Tucker seemed hopeful about creating a bond with and working with Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) and his and Ashley’s grandson, Dominic. Ashley ascertained that Tucker might want a piece of Chancellor-Winters to work with Devon, and she connected it to the information she knew about Tucker wanting Jabot, too. She straight out asked Tucker if he was going after Chancellor-Winters and Jabot.

Tucker was offended that everyone thought so poorly of him. However, Ashley said he’d earned his reputation. Even so, Tucker did admit that he’d love to work side by side with her because of her brilliance. Ashley reminded Tucker that he wouldn’t be welcome at Jabot. He wondered what Ashley would say if he had her quit her family business and let him help her build her own empire.

Y&R Recap: Partners

Traci saw Lily at Society, and Lily said she was spaced out thinking about Billy, but she quickly apologized. Traci noted she’d realized Billy and Lily seemed like things were off on Thanksgiving, and Lily admitted Traci was right. Lily also admitted that things were more than just a little bumpy with her and Billy — Traci said she was sorry.

Traci and Lily at Society Y&R recap

Traci worried her nephew was gambling again, but Lily reassured her that he just needed to find a new purpose. Lily apologized for dumping the whole thing on Traci, and the older woman suggested an objective third party — not herself — might be able to help. Traci meant a couple’s counselor, and Lily liked the idea. Traci encouraged Lily not to give up on Billy.

Billy and Daniel saw each other at Glam Club. Billy asked about Daniel’s new project with Chancellor-Winters, but he couldn’t reveal much. Daniel noted it was a shame Billy had left because he thought he’d be interested in the new thing. Billy restated he was moving on, and Daniel wondered just exactly what that would entail.

Daniel at Glam Club Y&R Recap

Billy was taken aback by Daniel’s questions since they weren’t all that close. Daniel pointed out how Billy had a varied resumé and that he was open to new opportunities, and he was lucky to have a supportive partner in Lily. Daniel advised Billy to be the same type of partner for Lily, and Daniel pointed out how Billy had essentially abandoned Lily when the going got tough at Chancellor-Winters. As Billy tried to leave, Daniel said his new project was a platform to help people find their purpose.

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