Y&R Recap: Billy Asks Diane To Resign From Jabot To Protect Jack

Billy makes a big ask of Diane Jenkins for his brother’s sake.

the young and the restless recap for july 13, 2023, has billy talking with diane.Billy Abbott made a shocking request of Diane.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, July 13, 2023, brings Billy asking Diane to make a sacrifice to protect Jack.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Summer (Allison Lanier) and Abby catch up as Jack tries to feel out Nikki regarding the upcoming war. Tucker wants Ashley to admit she loves him. Mariah lets Kyle know that she’s not an Abbott. Now, let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Family Company

Diane (Susan Walters) and Billy (Jason Thompson) talked at Jabot. He poured them drinks as they discussed the situation with Ashley and Jack and the looming war. Billy warned that nobody will get away with messing with his dad’s company.

diane and billy talk on the young and the restless recap.
Billy Abbott had a suggestion for Diane.

She worried about Tucker’s unscrupulous methods, and Billy didn’t like that it felt like Diane wanted him to stoop to the same level. He didn’t feel they needed to use unscrupulous methods to come out on top, especially since he suspected Ashley and Tucker’s company would fizzle. Ultimately, Billy asked Diane to resign to protect his brother, but Diane wasn’t having it.

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At the jazz club, Jack (Peter Bergman) talked with Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), and he offended her by assuming she was on a fact-finding mission and worrying Victor would go after Jabot. However, Jack apologized, and he and Nikki continued their discussion.

She hated to admit that it seemed like Jack was happy and in love. Certainly, Nikki didn’t love Diane, but she was willing to help Jack however she could. Nikki told Jack that perhaps Ashley was merely trying to save their family with her actions, but Jack didn’t think so.

Later, Jack walked in on Billy and Diane’s conversation. He warned them that they had to prepare for war with Ashley and Tucker. Billy noted that he would do what he had to in order to help Jabot.

Young and the Restless Recap: True Love?

Tucker (Trevor St. John) wanted to celebrate, so he gave Ashley (Eileen Davidson) a rose and some champagne. He said they’d use Phyllis to help them, which raised Ashley’s eyebrows. When Tucker confessed his love, Ashley didn’t respond in kind, which annoyed him.

tucker tries to win over ashley on the young and the restless recap.
Tucker McCall tries to win over Ashley.

Ashley wondered if Tucker wasn’t happy with the transactional nature of their relationship. He expressed his desire to get Simply Ashley up and running, and she reminded him that they still needed to poach employees. After all, that would make Jack realize that Diane was hurting Jabot.

Ultimately, Ashley wanted to save her dad’s company even if she couldn’t save her brother. She kissed Tucker and headed upstairs with the champagne as he sighed in her wake.

Y&R Recap: Changes

At Society, Summer expressed her surprise that Abby (Melissa Ordway) wasn’t lecturing her on moving out, but her aunt only offered support. Talk turned to the looming war between the Abbotts, and Abby said she didn’t want to take sides. However, Summer said she thought Abby should pick a side. Later, Summer read that Kyle had resigned from Marchetti due to family discord.

abby and summer talk on the young and the restless recap.
Abby and Summer Newman talk.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) let Kyle (Michael Mealor) have it for not telling her he’d quit. Instead, she had to hear it from Tessa, who’d heard it elsewhere since she’s the face of Jabot. He claimed to be happy to prove himself away from his nepotism job, but Mariah didn’t buy it. Kyle begged her to quit in solidarity with him. He was thrilled to work for Audra at Newman Media.

kyle updates mariah on his life on the young and the restless recap.
Kyle Abbott updates Mariah on his life.

Mariah couldn’t quit — both she and Tessa needed their paychecks because they weren’t Abbotts. Speaking of, Mariah still couldn’t believe that Kyle wouldn’t stay with the family company. Later, Kyle had a drink at the jazz lounge and considered calling Audra.

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