Traci Abbott Calls A ‘No Excuses’ Family Meeting

The Y&R recap for Thursday, June 22, 2023, brings Traci begging her siblings to stop fighting…for John Abbott’s sake.

traci abbott, zelda, summer, diane, and jack on young and the restless recap for june 22, 2023.Traci Abbott wanted to heal the family rift.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Traci Abbott asking her family to stop all the fighting.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Traci realizes she needs a change when she tells her agent, Zelda, she wants to escape her household. Kyle (Michael Mealor) asks Summer for space. Ashley and Billy spar at Jabot. Jack works on Diane’s bio, and Traci calls a family meeting. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down in this special episode honoring John Abbott’s (Jerry Douglas) legacy.

Young and the Restless: Traci Abbott Wants To Escape

Traci (Beth Maitland) talked to her agent, Zelda Winston (Kym Douglas), about a potential book tour and visiting smaller towns. Zelda liked the idea. Traci thought that college towns could present opportunities to get away from her situation in Genoa City. Curious, Zelda asked Traci to tell her more, prompting Traci to laugh and tell her agent that she believed her family was falling apart.

traci abbott confesses to zelda her young and the restless family is falling apart.
Traci Abbott talks to Zelda on Young and the Restless.

Zelda was taken aback by this revelation, as she had thought Traci’s family was tightly knit, especially with her father. Zelda speculated that conflicts might arise and suggested that it could be drama between Ashley and Jack. Traci confirmed Zelda’s suspicion and said, “Bingo!”

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Zelda said she was familiar with Talia Morgan’s (Natalie Morales) articles and knew about Tucker (Trevor St. John) and Diane (Susan Walters). She wanted to know about their involvement in the situation. Traci shared that they all considered each other fools, and Ashley was allegedly orchestrating a coup at Jabot. Zelda thought it sounded like a nightmare. Curiously, Zelda wondered if Traci could write a book about it.

Traci disclosed that Jack and Ashley had similar situations with their significant others at Jabot. She needed to fix the situation for the sake of John’s legacy. Traci flashed back to a heartfelt moment when she asked John to let her stay home in Genoa City and how happy he was to have all his children together. Traci tearfully recalled their embrace, describing John as “super neat.” Zelda encouraged her to remain strong and wiped away Traci’s tears.

Young and the Restless Recap: Abbott Fighting

At the Abbott mansion, Summer (Allison Lanier) saw Kyle getting ready for work. She tried to talk to him, sharing a story about a hamster at Harrison’s camp. Kyle seemed uninterested, so she invited him to have breakfast with her. However, he said no, stating that he wasn’t hungry and needed to get to the office. Summer begged him to talk and apologized.

Kyle said his mother forgave Summer, but he didn’t know what to say. Summer admitted to being afraid and confused when her mother approached her. Kyle reminded Summer he’d given her space when she needed it and asked her for the same courtesy. She agreed to give him what he needed.

Diane (Susan Walters) walked in as Kyle left. She felt terrible about Summer and Kyle’s marriage issues. Summer worried she’d lost Kyle. However, she felt uncomfortable discussing this matter with Diane. Still, Diane reassured her daughter-in-law that she wouldn’t pass judgment. Diane empathized with Summer, sharing her own experience of being disappointed by someone she loved. She mentioned her past with Jack and assured Summer that this difficult phase would also pass for her. Diane offered to talk to Kyle. She believed the family needed more love, and Summer said she appreciated the offer and left.

jack talks with his assistant on young and the restless recap.
Jack Abbott talks with his assistant.

At Crimson Lights, Jack (Peter Bergman) talked with his assistant, Emily (Toni Robison-May), about a newsletter and a colleague’s retirement. She suggested arranging a photoshoot for Diane, and Jack agreed. She read Diane’s bio to him, and they decided to include their engagement in the write-up.

At Jabot, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) visited Billy’s (Jason Thompson) office, worrying that Diane threatened the company’s stability. Billy reassured her that they had discussed this matter and that the board had checks and balances to prevent harm.

Of course, Ashley brought up Gloria, but Billy argued that Diane wasn’t like Gloria and wouldn’t tamper with the product. Ashley believed that Diane was worse and claimed to have Abby’s support while suspecting Traci might join their cause. Billy sarcastically remarked on the formidable coalition she was building and suggested she reconsider her concerns. Ashley accused him of being a kiss-ass for Jack. 

The argument got heated, and Ashley called Billy a chauvinist. They clashed over their opinions on Tucker, and Billy declared his allegiance to Team Jack just as Jack walked in. Jack shared the sentiment that their sister had made a mistake by letting Tucker into her life.

Ashley suggested Billy take a walk, referring to his history of poor judgment calls. She reminded him of a time when he passed out drunk and almost died as a teenager, and she brought up the time he lost the company Jaboat in a poker game. Billy looked hurt, and Jack said Ashley’s judgment was clouded by her hatred, preventing her from thinking clearly.

Ashley predicted that Jack would regret invalidating her. The siblings each received a text from Traci summoning them for a family meeting with “no excuses.” Concerned, Jack worried that it might involve Harrison, and they rushed back home.

Y&R Recap: Traci Abbott Asks Her Family To Honor John

Traci and Zelda arrived at the Abbott house, and Zelda expressed her excitement to meet Diane, sensing a potential book-worthy story. Diane jokingly wished people would grow tired of her. Summer returned and met Traci’s agent. Jack arrived, followed by Billy and Ashley. Traci reassured everyone that everything was fine, and they all recognized Zelda, recalling a previous encounter in New York City.

Kyle showed up, and Zelda excused herself. Traci gathered the family, explaining that their constant conflict was tearing them apart. She remarked on their home becoming a battleground and wondered what their father would think if he were present.

traci abbott reintroduces her family to zelda on young and the restless recap.
Traci Abbott reintroduces everyone to Zelda on Young and the Restless.

Ashley believed John would be appalled by Jack’s involvement with Diane, while Jack thought he would be furious that she’d taken Tucker back. Traci reminded them that their father was fair and believed in redemption.

Jack reflected on a moment when John expressed his belief in him, even when he was uncertain about a business deal. He noted that he always had John’s voice with him. Ashley said that she couldn’t discuss their father and love as long as Diane was there. Although she appreciated Traci’s intentions to mend their issues, Diane didn’t want them to take sides. She and Summer left the house, allowing the family to converse.

After they left, Traci urged everyone to express their thoughts on moving past their anger and reuniting as a family. Kyle told his dad and aunt that he wanted them to turn down the volume, and he admitted he and Summer had their own issues that took precedence. Traci urged Kyle to forgive Summer, but he wasn’t fully there.

Kyle and Traci left. Billy told Jack and Ashley that he loved them both. All he wanted for his siblings was their happiness. Even though he was on the outside, Billy wanted to keep respecting Jack and Ashley regardless of who they married. He left, and Jack asked Ashley if they could get past it, and she wasn’t sure.

At the GCAC, Traci said goodbye to Zelda and thanked her for convincing her to try with her family. Traci looked at photos of her dad. Jack, Ashley, and Traci remembered happy moments of hugging and being with John Abbott.

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