The Young and the Restless Recap, Tuesday, July 9: Christine Dropped A Bomb

The Young and the Restless Recap TuesdayThe Young and the Restless Recap Tuesday

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, July 9 features a day full of rivalries, jealousy, and life-altering news. Christine made a shocking call, Victor got his way, and Chelsea left town.

Watch Your Back
Summer (Hunter King) woke up to Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) in the house and did not take the intrusion lightly. She warned her dad to keep his distance. This woman is bad news and he should stay far away. Of course, he did not take it. In fact, Nick (Joshua Morrow) headed out to NE to take the Newman jet to help Chelsea.

Once alone, Summer had a few choice words for her former almost-step-mom. Break Nick’s heart and she will break her. Summer is not playing and warned Chelsea to keep her distance!

Meanwhile, Nick struck a deal with Victoria (the jet for some intel to take down Dark Horse), had the pilot prep the plane, and took off with Chelsea. They’re on their way to Connor but it seemed like the little boy was not the only reason Chelsea was ready to run. She could not wait to get away.

Something Is Not Right
It may be a good thing, too. Paul (Doug Davidson) decided to open a full-scale investigation into Calvin’s death and the autopsy results are in. The call from the coroner did not sit well with the chief.

Christine Retired!
Paul had other matters to worry about, though. This was a big day for Christine full of failures and life-altering decisions. The district attorney’s office decided to settle with Victor (Eric Braeden) and forced Christine to admit defeat. She even had to hold a press conference admitting to going too far.

That was not all, though. While at the mic, Christine made a major announcement. She was riding out her term and then giving up her position.

Victor could not be happier. The settlement was great but hearing Christine is stepping down was the icing on the cake. He needed good news, too. He had a rough morning when he realized his memory is starting to slip.

A Noticeable Change
Unfortunately, Jack (Peter Bergman) was right there when Victor had the slip and he realized something is off with The Mustache. He prodded Billy for Intel but his lips were sealed. Victor’s health is no one’s business.

Summer The Sensation?
Thankfully, Summer distracted Jack with a new business proposal. She asked for his blessing to become Jabot’s next influencer. Summer would be perfect, sure, but Jack worried about where the idea came from and why.

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