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Summer Gives Diane Jenkins A Warning She Won’t Soon Forget

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, January 31, 2023, brings a big warning for Diane from her daughter-in-law, Summer.

young and the restless recap has summer newman abbott completely determinedSummer Newman Abbott is not happy.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday brings Summer Newman Abbott giving Diane Jenkins a big warning about her momma bear tendencies.

Y&R Recap Highlights

In addition to Summer (Allison Lanier) warning her mother-in-law, she got news from Phyllis that she’d rather not know. Meanwhile, Kyle warned Jack that his relationship with Diane could blow up their family. Victor worried about what Nick wasn’t telling him about Sally while Victoria tried to distract him with news of Tucker’s business debts spiraling out of control. Adam overheard Sally and Chloe talking, and his senses went into overdrive after Nick tipped him off to Victor’s big plan. Finally, Lily worried about Chancellor-Winters, and Daniel tried to let her off the hook, but she wouldn’t hear of it. Let’s take a deeper dive into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Not Like This

At Jabot, Kyle (Michael Mealor) warned Jack (Peter Bergman) that his relationship with Diane (Susan Walters) might be the thing that blows up their family. Jack tried to calm his son, but Kyle said he was worried about everything. He reminded Jack that Diane doesn’t play by the rules, but Jack took the blame for their latest shenanigans.

jack reassuring kyle at jabot y&r spoilers photos
Jack reassures Kyle about his romantic relationship with Diane.

Jack ensured Kyle that they were both older and wiser this time around — he and Diane both had their eyes wide open. Kyle warned his dad that he wouldn’t be able to come back from Diane hurting Jack or Jack hurting Diane. Kyle worried that it could end badly, and Jack assured his son that he and Diane were happy, but it was early days yet.

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At the Abbott mansion, Diane wanted a moment of Summer’s time. Summer was busy, but she agreed, and Diane noted that it seemed like Summer wasn’t thrilled at her relationship with Jack. Summer told Diane she didn’t like them together because she was certain Jack would be hurt when things went wrong.

Diane admitted they might not work out, but she said that she was doing whatever she could to make things work. However, Diane warned that Phyllis might cause a major snag in her relationship with Jack, but Summer didn’t think her mom was a big issue. Summer called her naive or steeped in hatred, just the same as Phyllis. She warned her mother-in-law that she shared the same momma bear qualities that her mom, Phyllis, has.

jack and diane kissing at jabot y&r photo spoilers
Diane and Jack kiss at Jabot.

Diane showed up at Jack’s office. They both relayed the conversations they’d had with Kyle and Summer. Diane wondered if they should slow down, but Jack said they’d known each other for decades and hadn’t rushed a thing, and they kissed.

Young and the Restless: Suspicions

Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) complained to Sally (Courtney Hope) about Jill canceling on them as they enjoyed a meal at Society. They couldn’t understand why Jill would do something like that. Chloe thought it was odd when she learned the powerful businesswoman admired Sally.

sally and chloe at a table in society y&r spoilers photos
Sally and Chloe talk about what’s next at Society.

Chloe reminded Sally that Nick had offered them money, and Sally wouldn’t hear of it. She reminded Chloe that things could change between her and Nick.

“The Adam possibility,” Chloe signed.

“What is the Adam possibility?” the man himself wondered, having walked in just in time to hear that.

Chloe put the blame on Adam for eavesdropping, but he said she should consider talking more quietly. They played it off by saying Chloe had been speculating on Adam winning Sally back, which he found implausible. He tried to get Sally to give him more details, and Sally got a text from Nick wanting to meet. Sally let Adam know that nothing between them has changed.

Adam (Mark Grossman) left them to their lunch, and Sally whispered about how she was going to have to deal with Adam’s questions for the next several months as she started showing.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor (Eric Braeden) tried to play off Jill canceling on Sally. Nick straight out asked, and Victor admitted he’d given Jill an assessment of Sally’s skills, and he maintained that it was Sally’s own doing — not his. Nick demanded to know why his father was trying to destroy Sally.

Victor declared he didn’t give a damn about Sally, but he knew what kind of woman she was — the type of woman who ruined Adam, and she’d ruin Nick too. Victor complained about Adam wasting away at Jabot, but Nick reminded his dad that Adam had been given everything over and over, and he continued to blow it all up again and again.

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Nick realized that Victor had plans to bring Adam back into the family, and he let his father know it wouldn’t work. Nick declared he was angry with Victor, and he made some comments about Sally that raised Victor’s spidey senses. He wondered what Nick wasn’t telling him.

victoria newman wearing red and holding a file in her office at newman enterprises y&r spoilers photos
Victoria Newman realizes her dad and brother are talking about Sally Spectra.

The door opened, and Victoria walked in. “Let me guess. This is about Nick and Sally,” she declared.

Victoria and Victor talked about Sally and Nick after he left. Victor let his daughter know that something was going on that they didn’t know about. Victoria encouraged her dad to stop focusing on Sally, and she begged him not to risk driving Nick away again. Victoria gave her dad an update about Tucker, and she relayed that the businessman had been late on recent payments, meaning he has a debt problem, which gave them an opportunity to buy up his debt.

At Society, Nick showed up all smiles and greeted Chloe and Sally. Chloe left them to it, and Sally groused about Jill refusing to meet them. Nick reminded Sally that Jill wasn’t the only game in town, and he wondered if she’d pitch Newman, but Sally laughed at that idea. Nick urged Sally not to get herself stressed out about the whole thing. As they talked, Adam listened.

Sally had to step away to take a call. Nick took that time to warn Adam that their dad was trying to lure him back to Newman. Adam wasn’t surprised, and Nick relayed Victor’s plan to sabotage him at Jabot. Adam wanted to know why he’d tip him off to this, and Nick said that he was better off with Jack as a mentor. Adam was suspicious, though.

Sally finished her call with Dr. Chandler, and she looked up to see Adam and Nick looking at her.

Y&R Recap: Off The Hook

At The Grand Phoenix, Tucker (Trevor St. John) walked in, and he snarked at Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) about her packed bags. Phyllis made her plans to go to Portugal, and Tucker overheard, noting that it’s where Daniel’s partner and daughter are living. Tucker tried to get details about Daniel’s future plans, but Phyllis wouldn’t give him any info. She warned Tucker to leave her son alone, but Tucker pointed out that Daniel had the hottest project in town.

phyllis and tucker at the grand phoenix lobby y&r recap
Tucker laughingly tells Phyllis to have a good trip to Portugal.

Phyllis gave Tucker a hard time about what somebody as powerful as he was doing in Genoa City going after a gaming platform — he clearly hadn’t had a win in a while. Tucker laughingly told her to have a nice trip.

Lily (Christel Khalil) was talking on the phone to Jill when Daniel (Michael Graziadei) walked up to her on the patio at Crimson Lights. He asked how things with Devon were going, and she admitted they weren’t good. Lily thought that Daniel really wanted to know if Chancellor-Winters could move forward with his project.

Daniel admitted he was worried about Omega Sphere, but he also wanted to ensure that Lily was okay. She admitted she was overwhelmed with everything. Lily said she felt like she was entering a hurricane by herself since she’d lost so many of her high-level executives at Chancellor-Winters recently.

Daniel encouraged his ex to focus on the big, profitable divisions at Chancellor-Winters. Lily wondered if Daniel was backing out of the deal, but he said he was letting her off the hook. However, she said she wanted Omega Sphere, and she urged Daniel to trust her and give her the full week that they’d agreed on.

Phyllis showed up at the Abbotts to say goodbye to Summer. She told her daughter she was going to Portugal to talk to Heather, and Summer thought it was an awful idea since Daniel didn’t know. Phyllis asked Summer to lie to Daniel about where she was, and she also told Summer not to let Daniel sell any part of his project to Tucker. Summer reluctantly wished her mother luck as Phyllis left.

Daniel walked into The Grand Phoenix, and Tucker saw him. He offered to buy Daniel a drink to talk him into going with McCall Unlimited. Back at Crimson Lights, Lily looked upset as she considered calling Devon.

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