Sally Spectra Struggles To Say Goodbye To Her Baby Girl

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, June 20, 2023, brings some gut-wrenching moments for Sally and the men who love her.

sally spectra grieved the loss of her baby on the young and the restless recap for june 20, 2023.Sally Spectra broke down.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, June 20, 2023, brings an intense struggle for Sally Spectra as she says goodbye to her daughter.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Elena gives Sally and Adam mementos of their daughter. Adam (Mark Grossman) tells Nick and later, Victor what happened at the hospital. Faith feels unsettled. Sharon tells Nick that she finally feels alive for the first time since Rey’s death. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Sally Spectra Feels Devastated

At the hospital, Sally (Courtney Hope) asked Adam how he could do what he did, and he said he had to save Sally. She reminded him that she wasn’t his, and she cried that she just wanted their daughter. Sally blamed Adam for destroying their daughter’s life.

sally spectra blames adam for choosing her over their baby on young and the restless.
Sally Spectra blames Adam on Young and the Restless.

Eventually, Adam said he was worried about Sally, and she said he should’ve been worried about the baby. He wondered if Sally wanted to talk to somebody, but she only wanted their daughter. Again, she blamed Adam for her being dead. Sally said it should’ve been her. She wished she’d died along with the baby.

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Sally asked Adam if he loved the baby, and he said he loved her with all his heart. She pointed out that Adam would’ve spoiled their daughter, and he agreed. Sally blamed herself for letting go, and she asked Adam to leave. Elena (Brytni Sarpy) came in to see if Sally was in pain, and she said she was. Elena asked Adam to leave, so he went out to the hall.

elena asks adam to leave sally's room on young and the restless.
Elena asks Adam to leave Sally’s room.

Nick walked in, and Adam explained how everything went down. He wondered why Nick hadn’t called, and Nick revealed he’d been in a life-or-death situation. Adam broke the news that his and Sally’s baby had died, and Nick didn’t know what to say.

Elena walked out and gave Nick permission to go inside and see Sally. The doctor reminded Adam he’d lost a baby too, and she urged him to go easy on himself. Elena gave him a bag with mementos inside.

In Sally’s room, Nick hugged Sally, and he apologized for not being there for her. Sally sobbed that it should’ve been her, which confused Nick. She explained that Adam had to choose between saving her or the baby. Nick insisted that his brother made the right choice, but Sally said she would’ve made a different one.

nick hugs sally spectra on young and the restless.
Nick comforts Sally Spectra on Young and the Restless.

Sally cried that she’d failed her daughter, and Nick reassured her that she had plenty of people who loved her to help her get through this. Adam watched through the door as Nick comforted Sally. When Nick walked out, he told Elena that Sally needed something to help her sleep.

Adam said, “You look like hell!” Nick said the other guy looked worse, and he wondered if Adam needed a drink, and they agreed to meet at Society.

In Sally’s room, Elena told Sally that if she was ready to talk, she could talk any time. Sally said she just wanted to sleep, and Elena assured her she’d get some medication soon. The doctor let Sally know that if she wanted to see the baby, she could press the button any time, and she gave Sally the box of mementos.

Sally opened the box, and she cried when she saw the hat, mittens, and card for Ava Spectra, daughter of Sally Spectra and Adam Newman. She talked to her daughter, explaining that she didn’t want to disappoint her. Sally admitted that she may not have deserved to have Ava for a lifetime. Ultimately, Sally told Ava that even though her life was brief, she’d changed her, causing her to smile at silly things because she was a mom.

Sally promised never to forget Ava and noted that she’d always be the baby’s mom. She pressed the call button and said she wanted to see her baby.

Young and the Restless Recap: Adam Mourns His Daughter

Adam went to Society, and Nick had a drink waiting for him. They talked about what happened, and Nick said Adam made the right choice. He was grateful Adam was there for Sally, but Adam admitted Sally hated him now. Adam didn’t know how he could go on without the baby, and Nick didn’t have much advice. As he left, to go back to check on Sharon and Faith, Nick gave Adam a big hug.

After Nick left, Adam looked at the bag Elena had given him. It had a hat, mittens, and a card for their daughter Ava Hope Spectra just like the one Sally received. Victor (Eric Braeden) walked in, and he gave Adam his condolences.

Adam blamed himself for what happened to the baby. Victor insisted that wasn’t true, but Adam felt that there was something in his genes that ruins things. Adam let his dad know that they’d named the baby Ava, which Victor thought was beautiful. He wished he’d been able to meet his granddaughter, and he explained to Adam that he’d suffered similar losses. Adam wondered what his father did to get through it.

Victor admitted that he’d turned away from everyone, which was a mistake. He urged his son to rely on the people who loved him when Adam said he didn’t have anybody to turn to. Adam worried that people would be happy his daughter had died, holding it over his head. Victor gave his word to be there for Adam, Sally, and Connor.

Adam just wanted Sally’s forgiveness, but Victor noted it would take time. He told his dad that nothing mattered anymore, and left.

Y&R Recap: Sharon Admits A Surprising Truth

Earlier at Sharon’s (Sharon Case), she and Nick worried about Faith (Reylynn Caster) getting the sewer smell off her and getting some sleep. Ultimately, Sharon encouraged Nick to go check on Sally, so he left.

Faith walked in, startling her mother. She noticed Cameron’s duffle bag and asked Sharon to put it outside until the cops could pick it up, so she did.

When Nick returned, he told Faith and Sharon that the baby was stillborn, and they were upset. Nick and Sharon worried about how Adam would handle losing a child. Of course, Nick also worried about Sharon since she’d killed a man. After all, he knew how that felt. Nick warned Sharon that the whole thing would haunt her if she didn’t face it. She wondered where he’d gotten that advice.

However, Sharon admitted that she felt activated for the first time since Rey died. She’d merely been going through the motions serving coffee and giving people advice. Now she felt alive.

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