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Sally Spectra Finally Tells Nick Newman Her Bombshell Pregnancy News

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, January 20, 2023, sees Sally Spectra finally telling Nick about her pregnancy.

young and the restless recap sally spectra looking a little sick and the back of nick who faces herSally and Nick

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday brings a major baby concession from Sally Spectra, and Nick Newman has some thoughts.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Sally (Courtney Hope) finally told Nick about her pregnancy, but of course, neither mentioned the possibility of the baby being Adam’s. Victor and Kyle schemed to get Adam out at Jabot while Adam shared some snarky words with Summer. Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) had some pointed words for Jack and Diane about why Jeremy would risk robbing her, and Chance agreed. Finally, he told Sharon something shocking. Now let’s dig a bit deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: In The Clear

Summer (Allison Lanier) looked disgusted as Jack and Diane explained to her and Kyle just exactly how their scheme worked to get Jeremy (James Hyde) arrested. Even when Diane noted that they were all safe now, Summer wasn’t happy. Plus, Kyle didn’t appreciate that his mom and dad had changed up their plan without including him.

Of course, Summer asked the obvious about Jeremy having a great lawyer or an alibi (he does) for the time of the burglary. Summer just couldn’t be happy about Jack and Diane breaking more laws. Jack pointed out how dangerous Jeremy was, as if that excused everything he’d done.

nikki newman jack abbott and diane jenkins in the abbott living room
Nikki Newman, Jack Abbott, and Diane Jenkins.

The doorbell rang, and it was Nikki. She seemed surprised to see Kyle, Summer, Jack, and Diane there. Jack surprised Nikki by telling her that Jeremy was the man who’d broken into her apartment, and he suggested that Jeremy wanted to set up Diane (Susan Walters). Summer said she and Kyle had to get to work, so they left.

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Nikki wondered how Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Diane knew so much about it, and she suggested that their timing was interesting. She didn’t buy that Jeremy would steal from her, and she insinuated she had other theories about what happened. Jack tried to reassure Nikki that it was all wrapped up, but Diane got cocky. She pointed out the irony of Nikki’s misfortune saving her. Nikki pointed out that Jack knew the code to the safe that she and Victor hadn’t changed in years.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon (Sharon Case) came across a pensive Chance. He let her know that he’d been involved in a case where Nikki and Victor’s apartment was robbed in Chicago. Sharon was down to get all the details, and she thought it seemed cut and dried. However, something didn’t sit right with Chance.

Sharon empathized with Diane’s situation, and Chance also admitted that Jeremy was a criminal. However, he’d never been charged with burglary. Chance didn’t like that the man had only taken one piece of jewelry, and he couldn’t understand why he’d chosen Nikki. Chance also relayed Jeremy’s ranting about Diane and Jack framing him. Something in Jeremy’s voice caught Chance’s attention, especially considering how contrived and neat the whole situation was.

Chance was unhappy that he’d felt so wrapped up in the case, though, because it made him realize how much he put into his job at the cost of his personal life. Sharon reminded Chance (Conner Floyd) that he knows the reality of his line of work, though. She suggested that maybe Chance can’t stuff down things anymore like he used to be able to do, and she encouraged him to consider what he might do if he wasn’t in law enforcement.

Sharon brainstormed with Chance on jobs he could do instead. She came up with a dance instructor or an acrobat, but Chance drew the line at sequins. He thanked Sharon for helping him laugh and distracting him. He pointed out how easy and natural things felt with her. He got a text from the Chicago Police Department, and he had to follow up.

Chance rang the doorbell at the Abbott mansion, and Nikki thanked him for helping get her necklace back. She wondered how Jeremy was able to figure out how to bypass her security system, and Chance thought that was a good question. Things continued to fall apart somewhat for Jack and Diane as Nikki and Chance poked some holes in the too-neat story that Jeremy stole her necklace.

Nikki left, and Chance let Diane and Jack know that the judge denied bail for Jeremy. Chance pointed out that Jeremy had a lot to lose since he was on parole, and he said none of it made sense to him. He gave Jack and Diane the opportunity to tell him anything else they needed to tell him about the incident.

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diane jenkins and jack abbott kissing in the abbott living room
Diane Jenkins and Jack Abbott.

Instead of confessing, Jack reminded Chance that Jeremy had repeatedly threatened Diane. Chance still didn’t buy the whole thing, and Chance saw himself out. Despite all the questions, Diane and Jack still believed that their problems with Jeremy were over. Diane declared she felt free and like she had a future again. She credited Jack for making sure she got there. Jack called Diane strong, formidable, and amazing, and he was happy to provide her with some backup and support. They kissed, and things ended up in the bedroom, where Jack and Diane had sex.

As for Chance, he showed back up at Crimson Lights. He confessed to Sharon that he couldn’t be in law enforcement anymore.

Young and the Restless: A New Scheme

At Jabot, Victor (Eric Braeden) asked Adam where Kyle was. Adam didn’t buy Victor’s excuse of needing to discuss Harrison with the boy’s father. Adam pointed out that they’d already admitted he was the subject of their discussion. He asked Victor to just level with him for once.

adam newman glaring at victor newman near the elevator at jabot
Adam Newman and Victor Newman.

Adam snarked at Victor, but he asked his son why everything was such an argument. Kyle and Summer walked in, and Victor asked for a minute of Kyle’s time. Adam called Kyle (Michael Mealor) sad for letting Victor pull his strings. He even got a jab in at Summer, and he pointed out how her grandpa was manipulating her husband. Summer said that Adam had a history of ruining things on his own.

In Jack’s office, Victor wanted to know why Kyle didn’t return his calls. Kyle apologized, saying he was busy with other things. Victor correctly assessed that it had something to do with Jeremy, and he told his grandson-in-law that when Kyle found out about Diane’s connection to the criminal, it should’ve rang some alarm bells.

Despite that, Victor understood Kyle’s conflict since Diane is his mother. Kyle was incredulous that Victor suggested he cut ties with Diane if he truly got it. Frustrated, Kyle turned the discussion to Adam, and Victor pointed out that Adam didn’t belong there. Ultimately, Kyle admitted that even though they didn’t cross paths much, he didn’t trust the arrogant, disrespectful, drama-filled Adam. Victor said he wanted his son to realize that he made a mistake. His plan was for Adam (Mark Grossman) to take a big fall, and he’d swoop in with an attractive offer for his son. Kyle wanted something from Victor in return.

Y&R Recap: I’m Pregnant

At her hotel room, Sally struggled with morning sickness, and Chloe gave her a pep talk. She needed to get it together because of their big pitch coming up. In the middle of it, Nick knocked on the door. Chloe answered as Nick said he stopped by to wish them luck. He pointed out that Sally wasn’t looking her best.

sally wearing a purple robe talks to chloe in her hotel suite
Sally Spectra talks to Chloe Mitchell Fisher.

Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) tried to rush Nick out of the room, but Nick wanted to know her symptoms. Sally asked them both to leave so she could get ready. Nick didn’t leave. He pointed out that Sally didn’t drink with him the night before and how she looked now. He asked her if her illness was morning sickness. Sally tried to deny it, but then she admitted the truth — she’s pregnant.

Nick asked her how she felt about the pregnancy, and Sally said she was stunned. Nick wanted to know why she waited to tell him. She said she’d felt overwhelmed and that the pregnancy would further complicate the way people felt about her, given her checkered past. Sally worried that Nick would think she was manipulating him, and a baby was the opposite of taking things slow.

Sally asked Nick to be in denial with her, at least for now. He asked her not to stress, and he promised her they’d figure it all out. Everything would be fine.

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