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Phyllis Summers Fights For Her Life…And Wins

The Y&R recap for Monday, April 17, 2023, brings a shocking turn of events for Phyllis Summers.

phyllis summers came out on top on young and the restless recap for april 17, 2023.Phyllis Summers made a choice.

The Young and the Restless recap brings a shocking fight for Phyllis Summers, and she ends up victorious, but at a cost.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Summer (Allison Lanier) finds Chance, and she wants to reenact her mother’s death. Kyle finds Summer with Chance, and he threatens the detective. Jack pleads with Christine to reveal details of the case against Diane. Adam tells Victor that he’s going to be a daddy again, and Sally lets Nick know she invited Adam to her big ultrasound. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Phyllis Summers Kills

In the motel room, Jeremy (James Hyde) threatened to kill Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) because he wasn’t going to let her expose his part in faking her death. Phyllis said she would take all the blame and keep Jeremy’s name out of the whole thing, but he didn’t buy it. Jeremy insisted they would move forward with their plan, but Phyllis let him know he didn’t scare her in any way. She threatened to go mamma bear on Jeremy.

Phyllis said she was wrong to fake her death because it’d caused her children so much harm. She could not continue to put them through it. Jeremy told her to deal with it, but she said she had no idea her children would suffer so much. He reminded her that she got to see Diane escorted away in handcuffs. Phyllis regretted her impulsive decision, and she wasn’t going to be like Diane and let her children suffer.

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Jeremy asked Phyllis to think about how her kids would feel when they realized she’d put them through so much hell. He also pointed out that Phyllis would face charges, and Diane would end up winning. Jeremy told Phyllis she’d made her bed, and she had to live with it. Phyllis agreed and said she would accept that she had to start a new life. To Phyllis’s surprise, he painted a picture of her new life, which included him.

jeremy grabs phyllis summers when she tries to change her mind.
Jeremy grabs Phyllis Summers.

Phyllis tried to talk him out of it, but Jeremy insisted he had to be there to ensure she didn’t run home. Jeremy got a text and told Phyllis he was sending half her money to his offshore accounts. However, Phyllis pointed out why that was a bad idea, so he agreed to stay until Diane was convicted, and he’d join her when it was safe…after all, they made a great team.

Jeremy tried to hug Phyllis, but she thought it’d be too complicated. However, Jeremy insisted that she belonged to him since they were husband and wife now. Phyllis tried to run out when he tried to kiss her, but Jeremy stopped her.

Phyllis couldn’t believe Jeremy would keep her there, but he knew she’d been faking her change of heart. Jeremy grabbed some scissors, and Phyllis begged him not to, but he ran after her. Later, a bloodied Phyllis had Jeremy’s body wrapped in a shower curtain, and she put the bloody scissors in a bag. She checked that the coast was clear and dragged his body out of the hotel room.

Young and the Restless: Last Hope

Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Jack (Peter Bergman) talked about what a nightmare it was for Diane to spend the night in jail. Jack worried Christine would ask the judge not to grant bail given Diane’s history. He also warned Kyle that they didn’t have support, and Kyle worried about his marriage to Summer. After all, Summer believed Diane killed her mother.

jack and kyle talk in the abbott living room.
Jack Abbott tried to ease his son’s worries.

Jack told his son that Summer just wanted answers, but she was mistaken. He warned Kyle to be sensitive to Summer’s grief. Ultimately, though, Jack predicted the truth would come out, and Summer would see that Diane was innocent. Kyle was relieved.

They both believed that Jeremy had framed Diane. Jack said it was his fault because they’d framed Jeremy, so this was payback. Kyle told his dad it wasn’t his fault, but Jack insisted that it was. He even felt responsible for Phyllis paying with her life. Jack said that he deserved the guilt, and he warned Kyle that they couldn’t make any more mistakes when it came to Jeremy.

Jack said he would increase security, and Kyle said he wanted to go to the jail to check on Diane. He told his son to let Diane know he was going to find her the right lawyer.

At the jazz club, Summer ran into Chance (Conner Floyd). They both wanted answers about what happened to Phyllis. Chance suggested it wasn’t the place for Summer to be. Summer said that going to the jazz club was part of her penance, but Chance said she didn’t owe any penance. She insisted she did, though, for not believing Phyllis. Summer also admitted that going to the jazz club brought her comfort.

Chance let Summer know he was there taking notes, and Summer wondered if it would help him if she reenacted Phyllis’s collapse. She could remember every single moment, and it was all she thought about. Chance offered to call somebody for Summer, but she didn’t want him to call her brother, Kyle, or her dad. The only thing that would make Summer feel better was knowing that her mom’s killer would be punished.

Summer didn’t want Chance to get distracted by looking for evidence against Jeremy, and she insisted Diane was the reason her mom was dead. Chance warned Summer that he couldn’t talk about the investigation, and he warned her not to pull any more stunts. Summer cried that she couldn’t think of anything other than her mother collapsing.

summer isn't happy about kyle interupting her talk with chance.
Summer isn’t happy Kyle interrupted her talk with Chance Chancellor.

Chance offered to drive her home, but Kyle walked in and told the detective he’d already done enough. He suggested that Kyle get Summer home, and Kyle said he’d just seen Diane in jail, and he blamed Chance for arresting the wrong person. Kyle warned Chance not to fill Summer’s head with crazy theories because the evidence was planted. Summer insisted that they go home, and Kyle wanted Chance to stay away from his wife.

Jack found Christine (Lauralee Bell) at Society, and she warily let him sit down. He asked her to recommend a good lawyer for Diane since the people in town didn’t want to represent her, given her past. Christine couldn’t give him details of the case, but she did wish him luck in finding an attorney. He leaned on their friendship and asked Christine to tell him anything at all, but she couldn’t. Jack called Michael and told him he was Diane and his family’s last chance.

Y&R Recap: Life Purpose

At Crimson Lights, Adam (Mark Grossman) talked to Sally (Courtney Hope) about finding out the sex of their baby the next day. He wondered if she was going to design special baby clothes, and while she hadn’t considered it, Sally agreed that their child couldn’t wear clothes off the rack. Both Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) walked in and saw Adam and Sally laughing happily.

sally and adam laugh at crimson lights as victor and nick look at them.
Victor and Nick catch Sally Spectra and Adam flirting.

Nick walked over to Sally, and Adam noted how it was a Newman family reunion. Of course, Nick said he wasn’t there to see Adam, and Victor noted he was surprised to see Adam with “that lady.” Sally said they’d run into each other, and Adam agreed that he’d insinuated himself into Sally’s tea time.

Sally had to go, and Nick offered to take her to the Athletic Club. Victor took Adam to task for him and Nick fawning over “that woman.” Adam tried to leave, but Victor wouldn’t let him. They sat down, and Victor told Adam he was making a terrible mistake with Sally. He wanted his son to come to terms with Sally and Nick’s relationship and move on.

Victor said that McCall Unlimited was still waiting for him, but Adam said he and Sally were bonded for life. Adam let his dad in on the news that she was pregnant with his baby. Oh, and he was still in love with Sally. Victor was surprised, and he wondered if Sally was lying. However, Adam assured his dad Sally’s pregnancy was legitimate.

Victor wanted to know why Sally hadn’t told Nick, but Adam revealed that Nick knew too. Victor wondered what the hell his sons were doing. The whole thing pissed off The Mustache. He wanted Adam to have purpose and direction instead of spending his time pining away over a woman who loved his brother. Adam insisted that his son and his unborn baby were his purposes.

At the Athletic Club, Sally told Nick all about meeting Aria and how miraculous the baby was. Nick wasn’t as excited, given the circumstances. He told Sally he’d had a brutal day, and she hugged him, apologizing for going on and on after such a difficult day. Nick also worried about Victoria and the trouble she was courting. Sally offered to look after Nick, but he wanted to look after her instead.

Nick wanted to talk about Sally’s doctor’s appointment, and he was so excited to be there when they found out the baby’s gender. She had some news Nick might not like — she’d invited Adam along too.

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