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Nikki Newman Surprises Victor By Figuring Out Who Owns Tucker

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, February 28, 2023, brings a big surprise when Nikki Newman gives Victor some insight.

young and the restless recap for february 28, 2023 has nikki newman realizing something bigNikki Newman makes an astute observation.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, February 28, 2023, brings a surprising realization from Nikki Newman about who bought Tucker’s debt that surprises Victor.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Adam demands to know his father’s plans while Ashley demands Tucker do what she says. Devon surprises his dad by agreeing to meet with him. Sally (Courtney Hope) also agrees to meet with Adam, which concerns Nick. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap: Nikki Newman Solves A Puzzle

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor (Eric Braeden) caught up about work at the ranch. Victor was preoccupied with Adam, though, and Nikki was exasperated. Victor admitted he’d hoped Adam would return to Newman Enterprises and they could mend fences.

He told Nikki that Adam wanted Victor to give him Victoria’s job. Victor let Nikki in on his plan to buy McCall Unlimited and give it to Adam to head up, but somebody else did it already. Nikki wondered if it was somebody they knew, and Victor relayed he had Michael looking into it.

Nikki had an idea, though — Ashley. Victor seemed surprised, but Nikki explained why it all made sense. Victor thought Ashley was too smart to fall for Tucker’s BS, but Nikki insisted love had nothing to do with being smart.

Young and the Restless: Double Checking

At Sally’s hotel room, she wondered what Nick (Joshua Morrow) was smiling at — her. Their life was so easy with just the two of them with nothing else to intrude…oh, and the sex was good too.

adam newman knocks on sally spectra's hotel room door on the young and the restless recap
Adam Newman knocks on Sally’s hotel room door.

They kissed, and Adam (Mark Grossman) knocked on the door. Adam wanted to talk. Sally threw on a robe, and she didn’t invite Adam in. He guessed Nick was inside. Sally pointed out that Adam was drunk, but he insisted he was fine and needed to say some things. Adam wanted to meet with Sally downstairs, and he asked Nick if it was okay. Nick said Sally could do whatever she wanted.

Sally apologized to Nick but felt she owed Adam some of her time. She went downstairs, and she thought Adam was having another drink. However, it was soda and lime. Sally sat down, and he admitted he’d already told Chelsea. She wasn’t upset since the baby would affect Chelsea and Connor’s lives too.

Ultimately, Sally wondered if Adam could adapt to the whole situation. He tried to ease her fears and said she had nothing to worry about from him because he was on board and excited about the baby. Adam also revealed that he heard Sally that the baby had changed nothing. His goal was to be the best possible father to their child.

Sally thought it was a good start, but she wondered why Adam had banged on her door to tell her all that since it wasn’t urgent. Adam said he wanted to address her concerns quickly so she could rest easy. He wanted to say it out loud as a vow, and Sally marveled that Adam was so mature. They laughed together, and Nick exited the elevator and saw the cozy scene.

nick newman and sally spectra kiss at the grand phoenix
Nick Newman and Sally Spectra kiss.

Nick told Sally that he had to go home to Christian after a call from the nanny, and she updated him that Adam was being reasonable. Sally told Adam goodnight, and he said he’d keep his vow even in the cold light of day. He wanted her to have the happiness that she deserved, and Sally thanked Adam before going back upstairs to bed.

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Back in her room, Sally got a video call from Nick, and he told her Christian was fine. He wanted to know how she left things with Adam, and Sally said they parted on good terms. Nick invited Sally to his place for the night, but she said she was exhausted. She wondered why he’d video-chatted her, and Nick said it was to see her smile.

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Adam showed up at the ranch, and Nikki went upstairs to give him and Victor some time to talk. He wanted to know Victor’s plan…right then. Victor needed more time, though. Adam didn’t seem to buy it. Ultimately, Victor assured his son things would work out, but Adam wasn’t really filled with that type of positivity.

After some back and forth, Victor said he planned to acquire McCall Unlimited, and it wouldn’t be folded into Newman. Victor wanted Adam to run it. Adam thought it’d be a big job, but he wondered what the holdup was. Victor didn’t want to talk about it, and he let Adam know there was a roadblock, but Victor declared when he found out who was causing it, he’d make his next move.

Y&R Recap: Who Owns You?

Ashley (Eileen Davidson) appealed to Tucker’s (Trevor St. John) sense of family. She claimed to care because of their mutual grandson. However, Ashley attempted to entice Tucker by pointing out he’d likely lose Hamilton Winters, so Devon could have his biological father’s company instead. Tucker thought Ashley was toying with him, though.

ashley abbott tells tucker mccall again that she owns him.
Ashley Abbott tells Tucker her demands.

He felt blindsided by Ashley buying his debt. She owned him now. Ashley insisted that she was his patron, but he thought she was going to plunge a dagger into his chest at any time. However, she said it was business only, and she demanded he sell to Devon.

Tucker said he owed Ashley his deepest thanks because she was looking out for him and Devon. Ashley said his epiphany was nice, but it wasn’t enough — Tucker had to take it from there. She clearly told him failure wasn’t an option.

She let Tucker know that if he made things work with Devon, it’d go a long way in convincing her that he really wanted to be a better man.

Devon (Bryton James) and Abby (Melissa Ordway) finished up a meal at Society. They both felt a lot better and agreed the other made them feel calmer. Abby wanted dessert, so they got it to go so they could see Dom before bedtime.

At Devon’s, he and Abby talked about Dominic outgrowing his crib. Devon answered a call from Tucker, and he wasn’t thrilled that he answered. Tucker wondered if they could meet, and Devon declined. However, Tucker told his son he had an interesting proposition, but Devon hung up.

Abby wondered if Devon was curious about what his dad had to say, but Devon was unmoved. Devon wished he had Abby’s optimism, and she offered to give him some of hers. She urged Devon to hear Tucker out, but Devon said his dad always lies. Abby advised Devon to shut it down if he felt Tucker was scamming him.

abby newman and devon hamilton kiss on the young and the restless recap
Abby Newman and Devon Hamilton kiss.

Devon teared up as he admitted that he needed help sometimes — a father. He said that Tucker knew that and used it to take advantage of him. Abby was sorry, and Devon declared that Neil was his real father. Devon told Abby she made him feel better, and they kissed and took things further…again.

After, Devon went downstairs for a drink, and he picked up his phone to make a coffee date with Tucker. He gave his dad 30 minutes. Tucker received the text, and he let Ashley know that Devon had changed his mind. He thanked Ashley, and she said she was thrilled for him. However, Ashley warned him not to screw it up because it might be his last chance.

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