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Nate Hastings Digs A Deep Hole By Lying To Elena

The Y&R recap for Thursday, April 27, 2023, brings Nate Hastings telling Elena a shocking lie.

nate hastings is lying to girlfriend elena in the young and the restless recap for april 27, 2023.Nate Hastings is lying to Elena on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, April 27, 2023, brings a big lie from Nate Hastings when Elena asks about his business trip.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Victoria tells Nick to butt out when he expresses concern over her travel plans with Nate. Phyllis tries to convince Summer (Allison Lanier) that she has a choice between her and Diane. Jack tries to convince Diane to rely on him as Michael continues to work on her defense. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Nate Hastings Plans A Trip

At Society, Nate (Sean Dominic) alerted Audra (Zuleyka Silver) about his upcoming business trip to Los Angeles. She was pleased to be left in charge, but she wanted to go with him. However, Nate said he needed her there, but Audra felt sure Victoria (Amelia Heinle) would approve of her learning experience, and Nate said he and Victoria were going together.

audra isn't buying what nate hastings is selling on young and the restless.
Audra is onto Nate Hastings on The Young and the Restless.

Audra suggested Nate invite Elena, but he said his business trips are too filled with work to bring along his girlfriend. Later, Nate met Elena (Brytni Sarpy) at Crimson Lights to let her know he was going to L.A., and he invited her to go on a trip when he returned.

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Young and the Restless Recap: Nate Hatings Lies To Elena

Elena didn’t seem too excited, and she wondered who he was going to L.A. with. Nate lied and said he was going on his own, and Elena thought it sounded boring. After Nate left, Elena got a call from Audra, and she said things between her and Nate had gotten better. Elena invited Audra for coffee the next day.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) walked into Victoria’s office, eager to tell her about their father’s latest move. However, she already knew about Victor buying McCall Unlimited, but Nick informed her that Victor wanted him to take a leave of absence to work with Adam at McCall.

Nick reassured his sister that he turned down their father. Victoria wanted to know what else Victor shared, and Nick said their father thought Adam would need support to right the ship at McCall. Talk turned to Sally’s baby, and Victoria reminded her brother that Sally and Adam only had a say when it came to the baby.

nick tries to warn victoria about nate hastings young and the restless.
Nick Newman tries to warn his sister about Nate Hastings on The Young and the Restless.

Victoria told her brother to be in charge while she was gone to L.A., and Nick wondered why she didn’t ask Nikki to take over. Nick wasn’t pleased that Victoria was going with Nate, but she didn’t care what her brother thought and told him to stay out of it. He let Victoria know that she tended to throw caution to the wind when she mixed business with pleasure. Victoria threw Nick’s relationship with Sally when she was an employee in his face.

Despite his sister’s attitude, Nick begged Victoria to consider what she was doing. However, she asked him to respect her privacy, but Nick felt Victoria was about to blow up everything. She didn’t see it that way, and Nick left.

Young and the Restless: Summer Has A Choice To Make

Summer asked Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) if she was real, and Phyllis said she was, apologizing. Of course, Summer wanted an explanation. Phyllis told Summer that they couldn’t tell Daniel that she was alive. She insisted that Summer was the only one who could know what happened.

Summer said whatever Phyllis had done wouldn’t matter to her or to Daniel because all that mattered was she was alive. She wanted her mom to go home with her, and Phyllis said she couldn’t come home because she’d made mistakes. Phyllis explained that Jeremy manipulated her, convincing her to marry him, and take down Diane.

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Summer wondered why her mom hadn’t come to them for help, and Phyllis said she thought they all hated her. She promised Phyllis that she and Daniel were on her side no matter what. Phyllis told Summer what had happened, and her daughter was surprised to learn that none of it was real, and she realized Diane was innocent.

phyllis tries to explain things to summer on young and the restless.
Phyllis Summers tells Summer the truth.

However, Phyllis declared that Diane wasn’t innocent. Again, Phyllis pounded home how Diane had let her son believe she was dead for years and years. Summer reminded Phyllis she’d done the same thing, but Phyllis said she hadn’t let them believe she’d died for years. Again, Summer insisted that Phyllis come home with her and make things right, but Phyllis said she couldn’t.

Summer told Phyllis that Jeremy was dead, so Phyllis didn’t have to worry anymore. However, Phyllis let her daughter know she’d killed Jeremy. Summer was stunned, and Phyllis explained that she tried to pull out of their plan because Summer and Daniel were in so much pain. Phyllis relayed how Jeremy attacked her with scissors, so she killed him instead, even though she didn’t remember what really happened.

“I killed him to protect myself. I didn’t want to die,” Phyllis declared.

She told Summer that after cleaning up the motel room, she made it look like some criminal had killed Jeremy to get back at him. Summer tried to talk her mom into going to the police, but Phyllis insisted that wouldn’t happen. She asked Summer to vow never to tell a soul. Phyllis warned she would pay for killing Jeremy if Summer told anybody she was alive.

Summer cried that she was scared that she’d never see her mom again, but Phyllis assured her that wouldn’t happen. Phyllis framed it as a choice between saving her or saving Diane. However, Phyllis let Summer know that no matter what she decided to do, she loved her.

Y&R Recap: Jack Proposes…Again

Michael (Christian Le Blanc) updated Jack (Peter Bergman) about Jeremy’s death. He had sources that said the death appeared to be a homicide. Jack was stunned, and Michael didn’t have many other details.

michael and jack talk about diane's defense on young and the restless.
Michael Baldwin and Jack discuss Diane’s defense.

Michael warned Jack that Jeremy’s death was a double-edged sword in terms of Diane’s defense, but he didn’t agree. Michael pointed out that Jeremy couldn’t exonerate Diane. Even so, Jack thought Jeremy’s death proved that Diane didn’t kill Phyllis. He pointed out that Jeremy was an international criminal, which could mean somebody else targeted him and his new wife. Michael didn’t buy it, though, and he reiterated that there was a mountain of evidence pointing to Diane.

Jack went to the jail to see Diane, and she wasn’t pleased. She didn’t want to see Jack, but he had some news. Diane insisted that Jack leave. Jack told Diane he was offering her a way out of going it on her own because he wanted to be the man she could depend on. He refused to stay away because he needed her. Again, Jack asked Diane to marry him before the trial.

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