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Lauren Fenmore Calls Out Phyllis On Her Abrupt ‘Change of Heart’

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, March 14, 2023, brings the fact Phyllis can’t fool everyone.

the young and the restless recap for march 14, 2023, has lauren fenmore knowing the truthPhyllis Summers doesn't fool Lauren.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday has Lauren Fenmore calling out Phyllis Summers when she pretends to have a change of heart where Jack and Diane are concerned.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Kyle and Summer worry over his parents’ engagement. Nick notices something is up between Victoria and Nate, and Victoria makes an indecent proposal to the Newman Media Chief Executive Officer. Finally, Sally dreams of Adam and works it out of her system with Nick. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Impulsive Decisions

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Summer (Allison Lanier) try to pick their chins up off the ground after hearing Jack (Peter Bergman) and Diane’s (Susan Walters) big engagement news. Kyle wasn’t happy, and he wondered if his parents got engaged because of the threat Jeremy (James Hyde) posed.

Jack denied it, and he said the situation with Jeremy put things in perspective. He explained how his heart had changed as Diane has been back in town, and he said she had nothing left to prove. “I love her,” said Jack. He admitted he hadn’t been this happy in a long time. Theirs is a years-long love story.

“We are better together than we are apart,” Diane chimed in, but neither Summer nor Kyle seemed fully convinced.

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Jack reminded Kyle how much a part of the family Diane already is, and he insisted that marriage was the natural next step. Even so, Kyle worried about how others would react, but Jack said he wouldn’t let anybody else dictate their moves. Kyle asked for some time to process the news, and Diane hoped Kyle would give them his blessing. Jack let Summer and Kyle know they wanted to keep the news quiet for now. Diane and Jack left to go to Society, and Summer wondered, “what the hell was that?”

kyle abbott and summer worry about jack and diane's unexpected engagement on the young and the restless recap.
Kyle Abbott and Summer worry about Jack and Diane’s engagement.

Young and the Restless: Lauren Fenmore Calls Out Phyllis

Outside Society, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) talked on the phone to Jeremy. She reminded him not to hurt her family, and she explained that their plan would take some time. He threatened her, and Phyllis told him very firmly to stop.

Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) walked up and greeted Phyllis. She asked Phyllis about her phone call, and Phyllis lied about it and tried to change the subject to the bicentennial party — but Lauren wouldn’t let her friend do that. She wondered why Phyllis seemed so happy compared with the last time she saw her.

Phyllis said she’d taken Lauren’s advice to stop self-sabotaging. She also apologized, leaving Lauren shocked. In fact, Lauren didn’t believe Phyllis’s change of heart. She suggested that Phyllis join her on a girls’ trip to Las Vegas, but Phyllis said she couldn’t get away at the moment. Lauren didn’t buy that excuse, considering Phyllis’s jobless situation.

Just then, Jack and Diane walked in. Phyllis complimented the couple, but Diane said it nearly seemed sincere. She even admitted to playing games with Jack and Diane, which caused her nothing but misery. All Phyllis wanted was what Jack and Diane had, and she mentioned her surprise at seeing them back in town.

lauren fenmore does not believe phyllis on the young and the restless
Lauren Fenmore smells a rat on Young and the Restless.

Jack wondered what Phyllis had meant by her surprise at seeing them in town. She admitted that she was the one who told Kyle that Jeremy had flown to Paris to find them. Phyllis also revealed that Jeremy had asked her to be part of the scheme to get back at Jack and Diane. Diane didn’t buy it, but Phyllis said how scary Jeremy was, and she said how her fight with Diane had cost her too much.

Jack and Diane went to their table, and Lauren complimented Phyllis on her performance. “What the hell are you up to,” Lauren asked, but Phyllis denied she was up to anything.

Summer and Kyle couldn’t believe that Jack and Diane got engaged, and Summer said that she wondered if it was Diane’s plan all along. Kyle thought his mom would have to be awfully diabolical, but Summer reminded him that Diane had never been on the up and up since her return. They argued over Diane, and Summer wondered if Kyle was serious about accusing her of not giving Diane enough chances.

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Kyle just wanted his parents to be happy, but seeing them this happy made him worry. Everything was happening so fast, and they weren’t really on the road to happily ever after. Kyle worried Diane would break Jack’s heart, and he also worried about the danger posed by Jeremy. Summer worried about how Phyllis would react to the news.

Y&R Recap: An Adam Warning

At The Grand Phoenix, Nick seemed surprised to see Victoria (Amelia Heinle) downstairs. She asked about Sally (Courtney Hope), and the siblings discussed Adam’s (Mark Grossman) reaction to the baby news. Neither believed Adam would stick to Sally’s wishes during her pregnancy and beyond.

Victoria warned Nick to remember who Adam is, and Nick let his sister know he had his eyes wide open concerning their brother. Nick had alarms clanging in his ear. Victoria told Nick that Sally and Adam seemed like a more natural couple than he and Sally did, and she wondered if Nick should be concerned.

Nick let Victoria know that Adam confirmed their dad’s plan for McCall Unlimited. However, Victoria said it would never happen. Nick advised his sister to let Adam have something of his own, but Victoria wasn’t willing to let Adam win. Victoria said that they’d already seen it all before, and it would only end in misery between Adam and Victor.

Nate (Sean Dominic) walked up to the arguing siblings, and Victoria greeted him with a smile. He revealed Elena had crashed, and he still had energy and wanted to strategize with her about the deal. Victoria dismissed Nick, and he seemed nonplussed that his sister clearly wanted him to leave, so he left to check on Sally. Nick looked on suspiciously as he waited for the elevator as Victoria and Nate started talking numbers.

sally spectra dreams weird things about summer on y&r recap.
Sally Spectra’s dream about Summer is more of a nightmare.

Upstairs, Sally slept, and she had a dream that Summer brushed her hair while talking about how great she and Adam were. Summer turned into Adam, and he said, “we’re meant to be.” He gave Sally a big bouquet of roses. She appreciated the romantic gesture, and they reminisced about better times and their strong connection. Adam pointed out that the baby was a physical representation of their love.

Nick knocked on the door, waking Sally up. She answered it, dragging him inside for some passionate kissing, and things between them quickly moved to the bed. After, Nick wondered why Sally seemed so urgent to get him into bed. He felt that she might have tried to lose herself in the sex.

Sally admitted that he was right and that Summer being friendlier lately bothered her. She relayed to Nick how Summer had talked about how she and Adam were meant to be. Nick didn’t feel that way and wondered if Sally thought she and Adam were a better match than they were. “Are you still feeling conflicted,” Nick asked.

She wondered why Summer was so friendly, and Nick admitted that Summer might be trying to pull one over on her. Nick wanted a bubble of peace and harmony for Sally, but she told him such a bubble didn’t exist. He asked Sally once again if she had any doubts, and Sally said she didn’t. However, she revealed she was having anxiety dreams about the future. Nick promised Sally they would get through it, and she wondered if she could handle the Newman onslaught that was about to come.

Young and the Restless: An Indecent Proposal

Downstairs, Victoria and Nate continued talking about how to get Tucker to sell to Newman. She praised Ashley’s buying up all of Tucker’s debt. Nate suggested that Ashley wanted control, and Victoria suggested that Ashley was testing Tucker to see how far he’d go for her.

victoria newman leaves the ball in nate hasting's court on the y&r recap.
Victoria Newman leaves the ball in Nate’s court.

Victoria noted that was a game most men would enjoy playing. Nate pointed out that they were talking about themselves now, and Victoria agreed. Victoria upped the ante by inviting Nate to join her in a room upstairs. Of course, it wouldn’t affect his job if he declined. The ball was in Nate’s court.

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