Kyle Abbott Is Horrified To Learn Jack And Diane Are Together

The Y&R recap for Thursday, January 26, 2023, brings deception on Kyle’s part.

young and the restless recap kyle abbott and summer look to be in shockKyle and Summer

The Young and the Restless recap for today shows Kyle Abbott realizing that Jack and Diane are together, and he’s not as thrilled as you might think.

Y&R Recap Highlights

In addition to Kyle’s (Michael Mealor) unfortunate realization, Daniel realizes he might have made a mistake by hiring Phyllis after he learns she’s pitched his platform to other companies. Additionally, Lily (Christel Khalil) has a tough time when she realizes Daniel is nervous about staying with Chancellor-Winters. Plus, Tucker and Billy manage to get digs in at different people while Sally gets a big pep talk from Nick. Let’s dive deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap:

At Society, Billy (Jason Thompson) saw Lily. He wanted to know how things went with Devon (Bryton James). However, Lily said she didn’t think she should talk shop with him. She wanted to know how things were going with Billy, and he invited her to coffee, but she declined. She suggested that Billy call his mom, but he said he wanted to steer clear of her.

Tucker saw Daniel (Michael Graziadei) at Crimson Lights. He told Daniel that his mom had talked up his new gaming platform. Tucker did his level best to convince Daniel that the game wasn’t a good fit for Chancellor-Winters. Tucker also noted that he’d been spiritually reborn at the Ashram, which would make them excellent partners.

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However, Tucker might have blown it because he mentioned he’d researched Daniel, noting that his partner and daughter were living in Portugal. Daniel let Tucker know that what he most wanted in a corporate partner was one that didn’t pry into his personal life. Tucker apologized and blamed his prying on wanting to know the whole person he did business with.

lily winters walks into crimson lights and sees daniel and tucker having coffee y&r spoilers photos
Lily, Daniel, and Tucker.

Lily walked in, and she eavesdropped while Tucker continued letting Daniel know that he could help him achieve his gaming platform goals. She walked in, and she let Tucker know that Daniel was actually under a contract with Chancellor-Winters. She warned Daniel about Tucker trying to betray his own son, but he said there were two sides to every story. Tucker left, and Lily asked Daniel if he was thinking about breaking their contract.

Daniel said he didn’t want to back out of their deal, but he was nervous about the Chancellor-Winters situation. He said that Tucker knew because of his mother. Lily said she totally understood why Daniel wanted the launch to be successful and done quickly, and again, he reiterated that he was nervous. Lily made Daniel a deal, asking for one week. If she couldn’t make it happen, then she’d let him out of his contract.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) went against her son’s wishes, and she took Daniel’s gaming platform idea to Newman Media. Both Nate and Audra (Zuleyka Silver) wanted to hear from Daniel himself, and she said if they were interested, she’d set the meeting up since she was the business side and he was the creative side. Phyllis left, and Nate noted that he liked what he heard, but he realized Audra wasn’t as excited. She let Nate know that it didn’t make any sense that Phyllis was the one who came to them.

Audra and Nate walked into Crimson Lights, and Lily snarkily greeted them. She noted how amazing it was that they both landed on their feet. Nate said he was excited to hear what Phyllis had to say, and Lily was stunned that they knew about Daniel’s platform. Daniel said his mom had gone out on her own, and he apologized for her wasting their time. Daniel left, promising to check in with Lily later.

As Lily worked, Nate and Audra sat at another table talking business. Billy walked in and gave Lily a meaningful look. He walked over to Nate and Audra and told them off, and when he walked out, Lily and Billy locked eyes again.

At The Grand Phoenix, Tucker found Phyllis, and he gloated about having a meeting with Daniel, and she wasn’t happy. Tucker pointed out that she’d gone behind her son’s back, too, by pitching to Newman Media. Phyllis went to her room, and Daniel knocked on the door. He told his mom she had to stay out of his business dealings, and he reminded her that she worked for him.

Young and the Restless: Pep Rally

Sally talked to Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) about Jill canceling their meeting after they went all the way to Los Angeles. She was peeved to travel all that way without getting to give her pitch. Sally decided to stay in hopes that Jill changed her mind. Nick called her to let her know he was thinking about her and to ensure she’s been eating well — for herself and the baby.

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y&r spoilers photos with sally spectra smiling and talking on the phone
Sally Spectra.

She let Nick (Joshua Morrow) know that if it all went well, she might need to move back to California. He was cool with whatever she needed to do — Nick promised to make it work. However, Sally said Genoa City was her home and she belonged there with Nick.

Nick gave Sally a big pep talk about what a slam dunk the meeting with Jill was. He served as her cheerleader, and Sally thanked him for putting her back on the right track. She admitted that she and the baby were lucky to have him in their lives, and Sally promised to be home soon.

Of course, after she hung up, Sally flashed back to her ill-advised lovemaking with Adam. She sighed, looking upset.

Y&R Recap: The Parent Trap

At the Abbott mansion, Diane (Susan Walters) and Jack (Peter Bergman) clearly had a closer relationship, and Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Summer (Allison Lanier) saw them. Diane let her son know that her reasons for returning to Genoa City had nothing to do with Jack, but he was such a great man who she never dreamed would forgive her.

Kyle wasn’t entirely down with his parents’ newly closer relationship, but he said he wanted them to be happy, and Jack admitted that they were very happy. He said Diane was family, and he didn’t want her to sneak around. Summer and Kyle quickly left to go to work, and Diane noted that their son wasn’t on board with their relationship.

Diane worried that she’d lost ground with Kyle. She hated that their son questioned her motives so much. Even so, Diane promised she wouldn’t do anything to drive Jack away, no matter what. They ended up in bed, but even afterward, Diane was still worried about Kyle. Jack promised their son would come around.

Kyle and Summer went to Society, and he said he wasn’t happy, and Summer noted that Phyllis was right about Diane having her sights set on Jack all along. Kyle didn’t really like that his wife said that, but she pointed out that Diane reuniting with Jack was a perk. Kyle said he couldn’t root for his parents to reconnect. Of course, Diane was a step up from Sally, Summer noted.

kyle, summer, and billy at society
Kyle Abbott, Summer Newman, and Billy Abbott.

Billy stopped by their table, and he wondered what happened with Jeremy (James Hyde). Kyle updated him while Summer stayed quiet, especially when Billy noted how out of character Jeremy’s latest crime was. Kyle said that nobody was buying the story about Jeremy stealing Nikki’s necklace. Summer said she knew it’d never work, and he blamed her for keeping him out of the whole thing. They agreed not to argue, though.

Summer asked her husband if he’d made a decision about Victor’s request. She couldn’t believe that her husband was still considering things, but he wanted the textile mills. Summer said that she felt Kyle was using it as an excuse and his real motivation was his hatred of Adam.

Summer advised her husband to not get involved with her granddad. However, when he got a text from Victor, he lied and told Summer it wasn’t anything important.

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