Kyle Abbott Confronts Summer After Finding Her With Phyllis

The Y&R recap for Monday, June 5, 2023, brings choice words from Kyle to his mother-in-law.

kyle abbott was not happy with summer in the young and the restless recap for june 5, 2023.Kyle Abbott confronted his wife, Summer.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, June 5, 2023, brings Kyle Abbott confronting his wife after he went off on Phyllis.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Daniel wouldn’t let Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) entirely off the hook, but he seemed to want to help his mother. Jack and Diane talk about their wedding. Ashley and Tucker shocked everybody by announcing their engagement. Nick and Sharon let Victor and Nikki in on the fact that Cameron is back in Genoa City while Cameron stole a security guard uniform. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Kyle Abbott Isn’t Pleased

Kyle (Michael Mealor) wasn’t at all happy to see Summer (Allison Lanier) and Daniel (Michael Graziadei) with Phyllis. He confronted them, and Summer lied, telling him she was still getting used to her mom being alive too. Kyle accused Phyllis of putting everyone through so much sorrow and pain…especially Summer.

Phyllis apologized, and she said that her head was spinning. She said she wanted to make things right, but Phyllis also didn’t want the police involved. Phyllis said she would accept punishment, but not until she cleared her name. Kyle didn’t buy it, though. He thought Phyllis was just trying to save her own backside.

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Summer begged her husband to see reason, and Daniel went outside to make sure nobody else came into the room. Again, Phyllis said she was sorry. The reason she returned was to make things right. She tried to put the blame on Diane, whom she resented.

While Diane had everything she ever dreamed of, Phyllis said, “I was completely alone.” Jeremy Stark took advantage of her vulnerable state. Eventually, Phyllis gave in because she wanted Diane to hurt. Even so, she insists that she was Jeremy’s victim the same way Diane was. In the end, the only way she could save herself was by killing Jeremy in self-defense. Kyle wasn’t so sure he bought Phyllis’s story, but his mother-in-law cried and insisted that she needed time to clear her name.

Kyle didn’t think Phyllis would be able to accomplish that since she had to hide. However, Phyllis said she appreciated being near her children. She also pushed Kyle, reminding him how mad he was at Diane, but he eventually forgave her. Kyle insisted that this whole situation was far different than what happened with his mother.

Phyllis said Diane had been gone for years while she only faked her death for a brief time. Kyle furiously told Phyllis how he’d watched Summer suffer and cry herself to sleep. All that was on Phyllis, and he resented that she’d returned, playing the victim and asking Summer to risk everything for her. Kyle accused Phyllis of only thinking of herself, but Phyllis said that wasn’t true. Ultimately, Kyle said he could never forgive her for framing Diane. Summer begged Kyle not to turn Phyllis in, and he left, agreeing to no cops for the time being.

Daniel returned, and Summer went after Kyle. Daniel told his mom he could see that the situation wasn’t what Phyllis had planned. However, he pointed out that he’d attacked Jeremy after learning they had married, and Phyllis just let him do that. Again, she apologized, noting that she knew she was lucky that Daniel was even talking to her. Daniel said he loved Phyllis, but he wasn’t sure he could forgive her. Phyllis promised to make it up to him…just not in prison.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle confronted Summer. He demanded to know how long she knew Phyllis was alive. Summer denied she knew, and Diane and Jack returned, interrupting their argument. Diane said she was sorry that they were celebrating while Summer’s mother was still out there somewhere, but she was sure it’d all work out.

Young and the Restless Recap: Happy Days

Earlier, Jack and Diane finished dancing at the Genoa City Athletic Club jazz lounge, and they talked about their wedding. He was touched to learn she wanted to include Summer as her matron of honor. Kyle and Harrison would also be in the wedding. All Jack wanted to know was how soon they could become man and wife. Diane was extremely grateful that Jack stood by her and helped clear her name despite what everybody warned him to do.

At Society, Tucker (Trevor St. John) urged Ashley (Eileen Davidson) to stop worrying about Diane. He felt concerned Ashley would end up with her own ankle monitor if she didn’t stop going after Diane. Of course, all Ashley wanted to do was save her family legacy. She felt convinced that Diane was using Jack as a ticket to get everything she ever wanted…including Jabot. Ashley predicted Diane would soon move on from her brother to the next Jeremy Stark, and Jack would be left sadder but wiser.

Tucker thought Ashley was weaponizing the Jabot board after she admitted to talking to them, but she didn’t like that word. However, she felt the board was the only way, and Tucker pointed out it needed some finessing. Tucker agreed to help, but he needed some validation — marriage. It’d let all the ladies know he was spoken for, but Ashley said a ring hadn’t stopped him last time.

Ultimately, Tucker pointed out that once they were married, he could take over Jabot, throwing Jack and Diane off their game. They returned to the Abbott mansion and announced that Ashley had agreed to marry Tucker. He popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Y&R Recap: The Pressure Rises

At Sharon’s (Sharon Case), Nick (Joshua Morrow) checked all the doors and windows, warning her to be vigilant. She wanted to check on Faith without alarming the teen. They couldn’t freak out this time and make the same mistakes with Cameron.

Later, Sharon said that Faith was snuggling with Borgnine. She suggested that they involve Victor and Nikki in the situation instead of handling it themselves like they did last time, especially since the police couldn’t locate Cameron. Nick agreed they needed all the support they could get as Sharon worried he’d take matters into his own hands.

Victor and Nikki showed up, and they filled them in on Cameron returning to Genoa City. Of course, they were stunned to hear the details. Nikki suggested that they move to the ranch until Cameron was found. Victor promised to keep them safe, and he posted a guard outside the door later. Nikki went to talk to Faith, but her granddaughter wasn’t willing to move to the ranch.

Meanwhile, Cameron left his room at the GCAC wearing a cap and a backpack. Later, he returned to his room, taking off the clothes he was wearing and placing them in a black garbage bag. Next, Cameron took out a security uniform.

Nick received a text from Victor. They found a guard tied up in a closet and a uniform missing. He and Sharon worriedly held hands.

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