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Harmony Hamilton Surprises Devon At Neil’s Party

The Y&R recap for Friday, May 5, 2023, brings Devon seeming stunned to see his mom.

harmony hamilton returns to genoa city in young and the restless recap for may 5, 2023.Harmony Hamilton returns on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings a surprise visit from Harmony Hamilton as Neil Winters’s family and friends gather to pay tribute to his memory.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Abby (Melissa Ordway) confronted Ashley over Tucker. Lily worried that Daniel shouldn’t be at the jazz club. Mariah and Devon talked about their children growing up together. Sally let Nick know what Victor offered her, and Adam and Chelsea told Connor he’d be a big brother soon. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Celebrating Neil Winters

At the jazz club, Lily (Christel Khalil) admired a photo display of Neil. She flashed back to a moment she and Neil shared at Crimson Lights when she was a teen. Daniel (Michael Grazaidei) walked in, and Lily couldn’t believe he was there. After all, this was where Phyllis collapsed, but Daniel reassured her he was fine.

At the penthouse, Abby updated Devon (Bryton James) on the party plans, and she worried that he might struggle because it was the anniversary of Neil’s death. Devon said he’d be fine, and he updated Abby on Tucker’s (Trevor St. John) plan for a jazz festival. Abby was surprised Devon invited his dad, but that’s the type of thing Neil would do.

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Devon let Abby know that Tucker planned to stick around and that he sold McCall Unlimited to Victor. Abby was optimistic that Tucker might be able to redeem himself. Devon told Abby that Ashley had invited Tucker to live with her, and he suggested that Abby talk to her mom.

Tucker and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) were dining at Society, and they talked about a surprise he had for Devon. Tucker hoped it would show his son that he was serious about repairing their relationship. Ashley told Tucker how proud she was of him. Ashely got a text from Abby, and both Ashley and Tucker realized that Abby knew about them living together.

Abby welcomed Ashley into the penthouse, and she wondered what her mom was thinking moving Tucker in. Ashley told Abby that Tucker was about to leave town, and she wasn’t ready to see him go. Abby told her mom it was ridiculous and pathetic, and Ashley took offense. Ashley said she thought Tucker could change, but Abby didn’t think he’d be able to.

As they argued, Abby realized that Ashley had asked Tucker because of Jack and predicted that her mom would regret her actions, but they both hoped she was wrong.

Young and the Restless: Harmony Hamilton Returns

At the jazz lounge, Devon showed up, and Lily greeted him. Devon remarked he had so much left to say to Neil, and Lily told him to tell their dad during the party.

Later, Lily greeted Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and got an update on Aria. Mariah asked Daniel if it was weird to see her and “see” Cassie, and Daniel said it wasn’t exactly weird, but he did see her sister in her. Sharon (Sharon Case) walked up, and she mentioned that Moses and Faith couldn’t make it. Mariah was upset by the way her mom had phrased it (making it sound like he may have died), and she went to get a drink.

Devon greeted Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor (Eric Braeden). They all talked about how much they missed Neil. Later, Abby arrived and greeted Devon. He explained that Jack messaged that he wouldn’t attend the party. Abby only wanted to focus on Neil and his family instead of her family’s drama.

A bit later, Mariah spent some time with Devon, and she gave Tessa’s regrets. They gushed about their kids growing up together and being best friends. Across the room, Abby wondered if Daniel was okay, and he wanted to skip it. They focused on Neil’s family instead. Abby pointedly asked if she and Devon would see more of Daniel, and he said maybe since he worked at Chancellor-Winters and was Lily’s friend.

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Victor, Nikki, and Sharon talked to Lily about what a wonderful life Neil had, and Nikki noted that Dru was the love of his life. Everyone stopped talking and looked as Ashley and Tucker walked in. Nikki warned Victor to keep the attention on Neil.

Lily got everyone’s attention, and she and Devon welcomed them all to the party. They asked to honor Neil with stories, memories, music, and joy. “I’m so glad I made it in time,” Harmony (Chene’ Lawson) said. Devon and Lily were stunned to see her.

Y&R Recap: Connor Learns About His Baby Sister

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) wondered why Adam (Mark Grossman) wanted to meet, and Adam said it was about his little girl. Chelsea was happy to hear the news. Adam suggested that it was time to tell Connor (Judah Mackey) about the baby.

They worried about how Connor would take the news, and Adam reminded Chelsea she’d said Connor would be an amazing big brother. Chelsea said the new addition would be great, and they just had to let Connor know that it wouldn’t make them love him any less. She suggested they tell him when he returned from soccer practice.

Connor was so happy to see his dad after practice. Adam let him know they were adding a new member to their family soon. Connor was confused, and Adam told him that Sally was having a baby, which Connor assumed would be his cousin. However, Adam said that he was Sally’s baby’s father, and Chelsea pointed out Connor would have a baby sister.

Connor was somewhat confused, and he worried about how Chelsea felt. However, Chelsea reassured him that she was thrilled he’d be a big brother, and she wondered if he had questions. Connor didn’t have anything to say, and he wanted to work on homework. He went upstairs, and Adam and Chelsea weren’t quite sure how it had gone. “It could have been worse,” Chelsea noted.

Sally (Courtney Hope) was getting ready in her hotel room and felt the baby kick. She flashed back to Victor’s proposition. She was surprised when Nick (Joshua Morrow) showed up, and he wanted to know why Victor had summoned her. She told Nick not to panic, and she figured out Adam told Nick about her meeting with his father.

Sally let Nick know that Victor had been almost friendly when she first arrived, but of course, he had another agenda. She told Nick that Victor would do whatever it took to keep her away from him, Adam, and the rest of the Newmans. Sally explained how the conversation with Victor went.

Nick wasn’t happy to hear about Victor’s attempt at bribing Sally, and he wasn’t surprised. Sally explained that being part of her daughter’s life meant more to her than anything, and she was disappointed that Victor hadn’t ever given her another chance. Nick promised Sally that he and Adam had her back, and he vowed that Victor wouldn’t get away with mistreating Sally.

Nick promised to send Sally some room service, and he tried to leave. However, Sally wouldn’t let him leave to confront Victor. Nick wasn’t so sure that Sally could stop him, and she suggested that she’d use her “feminine wiles” on him. However, she was tired, so she asked him to take a nap instead, and Nick agreed. “Everything’s better when you’re around,” she said, and Nick felt the same about her.

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