Faith Newman Finds Her Cat Poisoned On The Front Porch

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, June 6, 2023, brings a shock for Faith when her cat is poisoned.

faith newman and sharon get a shock in the young and the restless recap for june 6, 2023.Faith Newman saw something horrifying.

The Young and the Restless recap brings a shocking sight for Faith Newman when she finds Borgnine dead outside the front door.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

NOTE: No animals were hurt in the making of this TV show.

Sharon and Nick tell Chance (Conner Floyd) that Cameron is the culprit, but the detective needed more proof. Billy and Jack conspired to keep Tucker out of Jabot should he and Ashley really tie the knot. Victor warned Adam not to go to war with Victoria while she took Nate to bed…again. Audra and Tucker talk. Finally, Kyle refuses to forgive Summer. Now let’s dive deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Faith Newman Gets A Shock

Sharon (Sharon Case) complained about Faith (Reylynn Caster) naming her cat Borgnine. However, the college woman felt it suited the feline perfectly. Sharon received an alert on her phone, and she said it wasn’t about Cameron. Even so, she advised Faith to stay on alert just in case.

Faith wanted to go to the tack house, but her mother wasn’t so sure it was a great idea. Ultimately, Faith promised to be careful. She opened the door to leave but screamed at the sight before her. Borgnine was dead right outside the front door. They came inside, and Sharon called Chance while Faith called Nick.

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The detective showed up, and Nick (Joshua Morrow) also walked in. They told the men what had happened to the cat that had been healthy. Nick and Sharon both blamed the whole thing on Cameron. Although Chance told him to let professionals handle it, Nick ran off to find Cameron.

sharon comforts faith newman as chance checks the house on young and the restless recap.
Sharon comforts Faith Newman on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless Recap: Faith Newman Reaches Out

Later, Nick returned, and he hadn’t found Cameron. Faith went upstairs to call her friends and tell them Borgnine was dead. Sharon told Chance that the cat was a message — a warning — from Cameron. Chance said they couldn’t be sure, but Sharon adamantly insisted that she was sure.

Of course, there wasn’t any proof, but Nick let Chance know that a Newman guard had been found tied up with no uniform. Chance wasn’t happy to hear it since it hadn’t been reported, and he wanted to know what else they were hiding from him.

Sharon, again, insisted that they were right. Chance got a text that revealed the cat had been poisoned. Nick insisted that Chance put Cameron in cuffs, but Chance said anything could’ve happened on a ranch the size of this one. Chance said he’d go to Newman Tower to find out more about the stolen uniform, and he left, telling them to stay home and keep the doors locked.

Nick told Sharon that she and Faith were safe. However, Sharon realized that the cat hadn’t been outside, which meant that Cameron had to have been in the house to poison him. Nick left, vowing to find Cameron and put an end to it for good, and Sharon locked the door behind him.

Young and the Restless: Twisted Games

At Society, Adam (Mark Grossman) complained to Victor (Eric Braeden) that he didn’t need to check in about work over breakfast constantly. After all, he could be more productive actually working. Billy (Jason Thomspon) and Jack (Peter Bergman) stopped by, and Adam snarked about them.

Jack noted that everything was coming up roses for him, and Victor felt he was delirious. However, Jack wasn’t about to let Victor poison his mood. Victor had some warnings about Diane, but again, Jack didn’t care. Ultimately, he and Billy left to sit at their own table.

Billy wanted to know what was happening, and Jack told him that Ashley got engaged to Tucker. They talked about what they could do, and Billy didn’t want to allow the wedding to happen. Billy suspected Ashley had something up her sleeve with the marriage, and he thought it had something to do with Jabot.

He believed Tucker was behind the Jabot coup, and Jack wasn’t so sure. Billy worried that Tucker would try to get a seat on the board. He vowed to do whatever it takes to protect Jabot.

Adam and Victor talked about how great it was Adam had left Jabot. He let his dad know he was doing a shakeup at McCall Unlimited. Adam declared McCall needed to be streamlined. Victor pointed out that Adam’s plans made him competition for Newman Media. He wasn’t happy Adam was weaponizing McCall against Victoria, and Adam said he should talk to Victoria about the same thing. “Let me warn you. Going after Newman Media is a declaration of war, and I will not have it,” Victor said. However, Adam insisted that he merely wanted what was his in the first place before Victoria stole it.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nate (Sean Dominic) ran into Audra (Zuleyka Silver), and she wanted to meet with him, but Victoria (Amelia Heinle) walked in. Things were a bit awkward when Victoria and Nate decided to go up to the Newman Enterprises executive suite.

tucker and audra catch up over tea on young and the restless recap.
Tucker McCall and Audra catch up.

After they left, Tucker (Trevor St. John) commented about how hard it was to not be included in intimate meetings. Audra said she and Nate had business meetings that were strictly business, but Tucker reminded her they never had meetings like that. Again, Tucker insisted that it was obvious that Audra hated seeing Nate and Victoria getting so close.

Upstairs, Victoria and Nate’s meeting turned personal as they lost their clothes and hit the sheets. After it was over, they had lots of work-related innuendos and then actually started talking about real work ideas. Nate had some, but he worried that Nick might think he was overstepping. However, Victoria promised to handle her brother.

Audra said that the closer Nate and Victoria got, the better it was for her game plan. Tucker wasn’t entirely convinced, but he accepted what she said. He offered her some advice, but Audra wasn’t interested. Tucker told her he was engaged to Ashley with a golden opportunity. He said it happened because he opened his mind, and Audra thought he was talking nonsense.

Tucker left, and Audra noticed Victor standing by the bar. She joined him, and Audra told Victor that Tucker had intruded on her, playing mind games. He assumed Audra was still working with Tucker, but she said they weren’t. He asked how Audra liked working for Nate, and she said he was amazing and she was learning so much. She was talking up Nate when Audra and Victor noticed Victoria and Nate walk downstairs and out the door.

Y&R Recap: No Forgiveness

At the Abbott mansion, Summer (Allison Lanier) said “good morning” to Kyle (Michael Mealor). He hadn’t slept, and he wanted Summer to finally tell him the truth since nobody else was home. She denied that she hadn’t told the truth, but Kyle didn’t buy it.

kyle is furious at summer on young and the restless recap.
Kyle Abbott is furious at Summer.

He insisted, again, that she tell him how long she knew Phyllis was alive, and still, Summer lied. Kyle said that it was obvious that Summer knew Phyllis was alive and had seen her mom before. “I know you, Summer. I can tell you are hiding something from me.” He asked to see her phone. Of course, he found texts from an unknown number, which he knew were from Phyllis.

Ultimately, Kyle said that Phyllis reached out to Summer and not Daniel because she knew Summer would lie, and she said her mom knew she would help her. Yes. Summer cried, and Kyle looked stunned. He didn’t know how she could do that, and Summer said she hated having to lie to him, but he said she didn’t have to. Kyle yelled at Summer for not telling the truth and freeing Diane.

Summer blamed the whole thing on Diane getting out of prison, but Kyle said it was house arrest. Kyle didn’t think that Diane’s release absolved Summer, especially since she was mad at Daniel for telling the truth. Summer promised Kyle that she would never have allowed Diane to get convicted of Phyllis’s mother. She just needed time. However, Kyle said that Summer had sacrificed his mother to save hers.

She begged him to forgive her, but Kyle wouldn’t. After all, Summer sat back and watched him suffer. Summer promised to make it up to Kyle, but he didn’t think she could. He called her diabolical for lying repeatedly to his face. She begged him not to tell anybody where Phyllis was, and Kyle was furious that she still kept putting Phyllis first, so he left.

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