Devon Hamilton Gets Victor Newman To Do His Dirty Work

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, March 15, 2023, brings a unique ally for Devon Hamilton against Lily and Jill.

young and the restless recap for march 15, 2023 has devon hamilton with victor newmanDevon and Victor Newman had an interesting discussion.

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday brings Devon Hamilton getting an ace in the hole for his lawsuit in the form of Victor Newman.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Victor also gets an eyeful of Abby (Melissa Ordway) at Devon’s, which is awkward. Victoria gets turned down by Nate, but Elena still doesn’t trust her boyfriend. Nick advises Adam to give up on McCall Unlimited after Tucker tells Adam he’ll never sell to Newman. Finally, Audra admits she’s going after Nate. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Off Limits

In her hotel room at The Grand Phoenix, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) had a drink as she sent Nate (Sean Dominic) her room number. Downstairs at the bar, when he got Victoria’s text, Nate remembered his discussion with Elena (Brytni Sarpy) about his boss and some of the sexually charged moments he’s had with Victoria.

victoria newman enjoys a drink in her hotel room.
Victoria Newman enjoys a drink.

Nate walked to the elevator, and Nick (Joshua Morrow) got off of it. The two men looked at each other wordlessly. Nick asked Nate if Victoria was still around, but he said he didn’t know. Nate didn’t tell Nick where he was going, but he admitted that he and Elena had an argument earlier, so he planned to crash at The Grand Phoenix for the night. Nate got on the elevator, and Nick seemed to realize he hadn’t been fully truthful.

Nate knocked on Victoria’s door, and she offered him a drink. He wanted to tell her clearly that he wasn’t there for sex. Nate didn’t want to be rude to Victoria, but he didn’t want to mess up any of his relationships despite his interest in Victoria’s offer.

She invited Nate to sit and talk, and she noted that the situation wasn’t great for her confidence. He explained that he didn’t want a messy entanglement to mess that up, but Nate admitted to desiring Victoria. Despite that, he insisted that they both had to rise above their mutual feelings. Victoria agreed, and Nate left.

Nate showed up at Crimson Lights, and Audra (Zuleyka Silver) was there. She tried to apologize, but Nate shut her down. Audra invited Nate to join her, but he declined, citing work he had left to do. As Nate went to order, Audra asked Nate if he’d seen Victoria that evening. She just wanted to know where things stood with the McCall acquisition, and Nate sat down to update Audra on how things were going.

Audra suggested that Nate talk to Devon about the company, but he thought it wouldn’t help in any way. As Audra touched Nate and reassured him, Tucker spied them together from the patio. After Nate left, Tucker walked in and joined Audra.

audra charles tells tucker she's going after nate hastings on the y&r recap.
Audra Chalres updates Tucker on her life.

Tucker wondered if Audra was trying to land Nate, and she admitted she might be. He warned Audra to be careful of Elena, but she said the doctor wasn’t her competition — it was Victoria. Tucker seemed surprised, and he pointed out how short-sighted and reckless Audra’s plan was.

Nate showed up at home, and Elena was awake. She wondered where Nate had gone, and he admitted he’d met up with Victoria to talk about the McCall acquisition. Elena wasn’t thrilled, but Nate let her know she had nothing to worry about. However, Elena pointed out she used to tell Devon the same thing.

She wondered why her boyfriend was so defensive, and Elena said his defensiveness made her worry more because she trusted her instincts. Nate insisted that he was committed to their relationship, and she thought that sounded like an obligation. He insisted he was in love with Elena, and they began kissing.

Back in her room, Victoria drank alone, and she imagined what might have been had Nate accepted her proposition.

Young and the Restless: Tucker Chooses Devon Hamilton

Tucker (Trevor St. John) joined Adam (Mark Grossman) at the bar at Society. Adam offered to buy Tucker a drink, and he immediately brought up McCall Unlimited being for sale. Tucker goaded Adam about his black sheep status with the Newmans.

adam newman trades insults with tucker mccall on the y&r recap.
Adam Newman and Tucker trade insults.

Adam said that he and Victor understood each other because they’re so much alike, but he noted that Tucker was nothing like his principled son, Devon. He said he could end up being the Chief Executive Officer of the company, and Tucker said that would occur only over his dead body.

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Tucker advised Adam not to fall for any of his father’s promises because the scenario Adam described would never happen. Adam reminded Tucker that the Newmans never gave up. Nick showed up for some takeout, and he made a rude comment. Adam let his brother know that Tucker said he’d never sell to Newman, and he tried to open negotiations.

Tucker left, telling Adam he meant less than nothing to him, and Nick said that Tucker wouldn’t let Newman buy McCall. He asked Adam to let it go. Adam worked to convince Nick that he’d end up as CEO of McCall. Nick predicted that Adam and Victoria would tear each other apart, but Nick didn’t want any interest in family drama.

Nick wondered why Adam even wanted to run Tucker’s company so badly. Adam let him know it was because he wanted to leave a legacy for both of his children.

Later, Adam went to the ranch to let Victor know that Tucker wanted to make a deal with Devon. Victor didn’t think things would work out that way, though, but Adam wondered if something had changed. Adam let his dad know that he was excited about running McCall, and Victor promised to work it out.

Victor told Adam that they needed Devon’s help, and Adam suggested his father meet with Devon. In fact, Victor wanted to see Devon that night because he felt the tide was turning.

Y&R Recap: Devon Hamilton Earns A Powerful Ally

At his penthouse, Abby and Devon (Bryton James) shared a meal, and he thanked her for feeding him. They gushed about their little boy. Devon noted he was fighting for his company for Dominic, but Abby reminded him that their son may want to make his own path and not be part of the family legacy.

Devon updated Abby on his discussion with Tucker. He talked the pros and cons of rebuilding a company with his dad, and Abby admitted she didn’t know if she fully trusted Tucker. However, Devon said that he and his dad did well together discussing the company, and he revealed that Tucker wanted to be an advisor if Devon purchased McCall Unlimited.

abby encourages devon hamilton over a meal at his place.
Devon Hamilton and Abby Newman share a meal on Young and the Restless.

Abby wanted to leave, and she suggested she take Dominic. However, Devon invited Abby to stay, especially since she’d just had wine. They began kissing and took things upstairs.

The doorbell rang at Devon’s, and he answered the door to Victor. They talked about Tucker’s offer to Newman to sell McCall Unlimited. Victor wanted to know if Devon was interested in buying his father’s company, and Devon admitted he might change his mind. Victor wanted to know why.

They discussed Devon’s lawsuit to try to get back Hamilton Winters, and Victor expressed his sorrow at the conflict between Devon and Lily. Devon pointed out that McCall Unlimited would be a safety net for him, but Victor told him that a safety net was no good because they kept you from fighting to the end. Devon suggested that Victor convince Jill and Lily to let him keep his company, and Victor said he’d try.

Abby walked in wearing Devon’s shirt, wondering what her dad was doing there. Things got awkward, and Victor took his leave. Abby pointed out how awkward it was, and she hadn’t wanted her dad to find out about their relationship that way. Devon reminded her that they weren’t doing anything wrong, and they kissed.

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