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Devon Hamilton And Lily Winters Inch Closer To War

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, January 24, 2023, brings a family to the breaking point.

young and the restless recap lily winters upset but determined wearing grey against a tan wallLily Winters

The Young and the Restless recap brings tensions rising and threatening to boil over for Devon Hamilton and Lily Winters as they fail to reach an agreement over Chancellor-Winters.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Also, Abby (Melissa Ordway) didn’t love being caught in the middle of Lily and Devon’s argument. As for Phyllis, she suggested Daniel not wait around for the Chancellor-Winters drama to resolve. Billy (Jason Thompson) praised Victoria for being such a good mom, and he and Chelsea made big plans for the future. Finally, Tucker stuck his nose in everybody’s business. Let’s take a deeper look at what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Devon Hamilton Won’t Back Down

Abby went to Devon’s, and she offered him some support and a listening ear. Lily showed up, and things got awkward. Devon let his sister know that he wasn’t going to allow her and Jill to buy him out because he didn’t feel good about it. Lily asked Abby to give them a minute, but Devon said she could stay. He wanted his company back with no strings attached — end of story.

y&r recap lily yells at devon while abby looks on awkwardly.
Devon Hamilton, Lily Winters, and Abby Newman Abbott.

Devon accused Lily of not seeing any other perspective but her own, and she reminded him that Nate accused him of the same thing. He proposed that he pay Lily and Jill whatever they thought they’d lose with him taking Hamilton Winters back. Lily advised her brother that Jill won’t break up the companies before they go public, and Devon declared they’d go to court.

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Lily couldn’t believe her brother would do that, but he said it wasn’t about him. Instead, he believed it was about protecting Neil and Katherine’s legacies, which Lily pointed out was keeping the company strong. Devon didn’t agree, so they parted ways, with Devon promising to go to court.

Abby noted the similarities between his argument with Lily and Jill and when he decided he wanted custody of Dominic. Devon said they got through it, but Abby said it was only because she and Chance decided that it was best for Dominic for all three of them to raise him. She pointed out that a lot more than the company he built with Neil was at stake — a court battle could ruin his relationship with Lily.

abby newman abbott and devon hamilton in his penthouse on young and the restless
Devon Hamilton and Abby Newman Abbott.

Devon wondered if Abby really thought Lily (Christel Khalil) wouldn’t be able to get past it, and Abby said his sister might not be able to forgive him. She also asked if he was prepared to lose, and Devon said that wasn’t possible.

Young and the Restless: Momma Says

At Society, Phyllis and Daniel discussed Diane, and she agreed with her son that she needed to follow his advice about letting everything go. Talk turned to Omegasphere, as Phyllis worried that Chancellor-Winters’s issues would cause a problem with launching the new platform. However, she vowed she wouldn’t allow Daniel’s platform to suffer because of the company’s problems.

Daniel didn’t think his mom had much say about things, but she said they might need a backup plan. Phyllis even suggested they take the idea to Newman Media or to an international company. However, Daniel reminded her that he had a contract with Chancellor-Winters, and he had faith in Lily. Speaking of, she walked in, and Daniel could tell his ex was upset, and he guessed it was because of Devon (Bryton James). Phyllis piped in, asking Lily if the company’s issues might cause Daniel problems.

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They talked about it some, and Phyllis pointed out how difficult it was for things to be up in the air. Daniel didn’t like his mom being so pushy. Ultimately, Phyllis left, so Daniel started to apologize, but Lily said he didn’t need to. In fact, she missed her own parents, and Daniel offered to get her a drink. She told him that Devon rejected their offer outright. She noted that Neil would be horrified by what was happening, and she apologized for keeping Daniel in limbo. Her phone rang, and it was Jill.

Phyllis went to Crimson Lights, and she called to leave a message for Nate about pitching Daniel’s idea. She turned around and was shocked to see Tucker sitting there. He pointed out that it sounded like Daniel’s platform wasn’t going well at Chancellor-Winters. He encouraged Phyllis to talk to him about things instead of waiting around to see what happened at Chancellor-Winters.

Y&R Recap: The Future’s So Bright…

Earlier, Victoria (Amelie Heinle) ran into Tucker at Crimson Lights. She called him out on working with Audra. Tucker couldn’t understand where Victoria heard that, but he never admitted to it. Billy walked up, and he wanted to know what Tucker was doing. Although Victoria could take care of herself, Billy warned Tucker not to mess with his family.

billy looks annoyed at tucker while victoria looks amused.
Victoria Newman, Billy Abbott, and Tucker McCall.

After Tucker left, Victoria told Billy that it was always smart to know what Tucker was up to. They moved to the patio, and Victoria whispered about why Tucker (Trevor St. John) was still hanging around Genoa City. She wondered what he wanted. Billy asked if Victoria was feeling spread thin over worrying about Chelsea and Johnny. She said maybe, and she didn’t love hearing that Johnny had more plans for future family outings.

Billy reiterated that Victoria was Johnny’s mother, and he gave her the credit for raising a strong boy like their son. She admitted that the whole thing was difficult, and she was trying, but it was still hard. Billy pointed out that Victoria had given Johnny, Connor, and Chelsea an incredible gift.

Billy left, and Tucker found Victoria. He taunted her by saying he hadn’t figured out his next victim, but if it was Newman, she’d be the last to know…after all, what fun would it be otherwise?

Upstairs, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) invited Billy in, and she revealed that she was feeling inspired after listening to a podcast from somebody else who had a mental health crisis. She suggested that they create another podcast to help people feel less alone. He worried that Chelsea might not be ready to open herself up that way, and she agreed she needed to run it by her therapist.

billy and chelsea in her living room young and the restless
Billy Abbott and Chelsea Lawson.

Billy promised to support her, and Chelsea said she wanted the boys to know that there wasn’t anything wrong with speaking out about mental illness. He let her know he’d love to work with her again.

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