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Daniel Romalotti Plays With Fire When It Comes To The Truth

The Y&R recap for Thursday, May 11, 2023, brings a moment of truth for Daniel.

daniel romalotti sends a text on the young and the restless recap for may 11, 2023.Daniel Romalotti sends a text on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Daniel Romalotti making a decision that could have some far-reaching consequences for his family.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Summer (Allison Lanier) tries to talk her brother out of telling the truth. Sharon and Chance notice the tension between Summer and Daniel. Jack and Ashley attempt (unsuccessfully) to clear the air, and Tucker makes Diane an offer she refuses. Sally tells Nick and Chloe about Adam’s job offer, and Adam wonders if Nick loves Sally. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Daniel Romalotti Watches

Summer walked into Crimson Lights just as Daniel (Michael Graziadei) was texting her. He deleted his text, and Summer noticed her brother was there and started to leave. However, Sharon (Sharon Case) stopped her with an offer of a hug.

sharon gives summer a hug.
Daniel Romalotti watched as Sharon gave Summer a hug on Young and the Restless.

Sharon caught up with Summer, checking in on her emotional state. Summer said it was easier to be alone, though. Daniel walked up and asked to talk to his sister. He wanted to know how Summer could accept Sharon’s condolences when it was all a lie, and Summer didn’t appreciate her brother’s self-righteous attitude.

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Summer had sympathy for their mom, and Daniel said Phyllis had created this mess herself. She accused her brother of being too judgmental, and Daniel revealed Phyllis had called him too. Again Summer asked her brother for some time to figure something out for their mom. Daniel warned her that the more time passed, the worse it’d be for everyone involved. Summer left in a huff.

daniel romalotti has questions for chance on young and the restless.
Daniel Romalotti had questions for Chance on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless: Daniel Romalotti Texts Jack

Chance (Conner Floyd) walked up to Daniel, and he wondered how he was doing. Daniel turned the talk to Diane’s trial, and Chance said he didn’t think Diane acted alone. Later, Sharon and Chance discussed the case against Diane, and he noted that Daniel was adding to Summer’s stress.

Daniel texted Jack, “Can we meet? There’s something you need to hear.”

Young and the Restless: Oh, Brother

Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Tucker (Trevor St. John) had lunch at Society. She was upset about Diane being out on bail, and Tucker suggested it was karma from a past life. Ashley lamented the gulf between her and Jack, and she hoped Diane would run away…again.

adam, tucker, and ashley trade insults on young and the restless.
Tucker McCall and Ashley don’t want what Adam is selling.

Tucker promised to distract Ashley with more pleasant thoughts, and he also said he’d ensure Diane was miserable. Adam walked in to let Tucker know that McCall Unlimited was his. They traded insults. Adam wondered how Tucker had let it get so bad, and Ashley defended Tucker becoming a better person. She managed to insult Adam too.

Adam walked away, and Tucker was pleased Ashley had come to his defense. She mentioned her frustration that Adam and Diane had failed upward, but Tucker thought she actually cared for him.

Later Ashley showed up at Jabot with some snarkiness for Jack (Peter Bergman). He just wanted to talk without fighting. He hated the tension between them, and Ashley said she was bitter and angry about Diane. However, Jack said she was using his love life to avoid realities in her own life.

Jack said Ashley had real feelings for Tucker, which made her feel vulnerable. He admitted he understood how Ashley was feeling because the same thing had happened to him with Diane. Ashley wanted to know why it was okay for Jack and not for her. Of course, Jack said that where Diane had changed for real, Tucker hadn’t. Ashley wasn’t having it, though, so she left, slamming the door.

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Tucker found Diane outside at the Abbott mansion, and she didn’t want to talk to him. However, Tucker accused her of being the old Diane. Tucker told her he didn’t think she could’ve killed Phyllis, but that reality was going to cause her a problem. He reminded her how hard it would be for Jack and Kyle, and Tucker offered Diane a way out with no strings attached.

Diane wasn’t at all tempted by Tucker’s offer, and she insulted his relationship with Ashley. He turned it around on Diane, though, talking about how much she cared for Jack and Kyle. Still, Diane wasn’t interested in what he was selling.

diane worries about getting convicted.
Diane Jenkins worried about going to prison.

Jack came home and noticed Diane was upset, and she let him know that Tucker had offered her money to run. She was upset because she could be convicted, which would be horrible for Jack and Kyle. Diane cried that there wasn’t anything to do that wouldn’t cause more heartache, and she wished she’d never come back. Jack told her never to say that again, and he reassured her that they would figure a way out of the charges. Diane wanted to find a way to make it less agonizing for Summer, though.

Y&R Recap: Decisions

At the park, Sally (Courtney Hope) talked to her baby, and she got a phone call from Adam (Mark Grossman). He let her know that Victor agreed to his terms, but she wasn’t sure about the job yet. Adam talked it up, though, suggesting they could turn a big failure into a huge success.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) walked up, and Sally had to tell him the details of Adam’s job offer. Nick wasn’t pleased, especially since Sally turned down his offer of investment. He said Adam was only trying to insinuate himself into Sally’s life, and she took offense because she felt that Nick wasn’t taking her talents into account. Even so, Nick said it was Victor and Adam trying to control her.

Sally reminded Nick that she had a child to support, and Nick said the little girl would be taken care of as a Newman. However, Sally said the child was a Spectra, and she said she wanted her own career and to be a role model, especially considering her failures.

Nick declared Sally going to work for Adam would be one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Sally let Nick know she hadn’t asked for his opinion, and she asked him to give her some credit. Sally left, and Adam showed up. Nick took his brother to task over McCall and his offer to Sally of a job.

Adam suggested that whatever Nick had with Sally must be fragile if he was worried. Nick said Sally didn’t need a handout, but Adam reminded his brother that she was a good businessperson. They argued back and forth over what Nick could provide for Sally, and Adam said he loved Sally, and he accused Nick of merely liking her.

Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Sally met at her hotel room, and Sally let Chloe know that Adam had offered her a job at McCall Unlimited. Chloe freaked out. She wasn’t interested in working for Adam, and Chloe suggested that Sally revisit Nick’s investment offer. Sally didn’t appreciate Chloe trying to push her into something she didn’t want to do.

Chloe said she didn’t want to work for Adam again. Sally admitted that Chloe was right. Ultimately, Chloe said they each knew what was best for themselves, but she told Sally that if she accepted Adam’s offer, she wouldn’t sign on.

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