Chelsea Lawson Realizes She Almost Wasn’t Around For Her Amazing Life

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, May 16, 2023, brings a huge realization for Chelsea

chelsea lawson talks with billy at crimson lights on young and the restless recap for May 16, 2023.Chelsea Lawson is very grateful.

The Young and the Restless recap brings a moment of truth for Chelsea Lawson when she realizes all she could have lost out on.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Daniel and Chelsea talked about OmegaSphere. Billy talked to Summer (Allison Lanier) about Phyllis while Jack told Christine that Phyllis is alive. Kyle also broke the news to Diane and later Summer about Phyllis. Christine warned Chance that Jack might tell him a fantastical story about Phyllis. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Chelsea Lawson Helps Daniel

Billy (Jason Thompson) tried to talk to Summer at the Genoa City Athletic Club bar, but she wasn’t interested. He didn’t listen and sat down, and they talked about Phyllis…both the good and the bad.

Billy told Summer to focus on what her mom wanted her to do. He explained that Summer and Daniel were Phyllis’s heart and soul. Summer didn’t think she could find happiness again, but Billy pointed out that wasn’t a Phyllis attitude. “I see a lot of Phyllis in you. The good parts,” Billy said.

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Summer apologized for being rude to Billy. Before he left, he asked Summer why she was sitting there alone when she had so many people who loved her. He suggested that Summer couldn’t handle it on her own, and he advised her not to push away her friends and family…especially Kyle.

Summer downed her drink, and she called Daniel, leaving a message wanting to know what he was thinking. She asked him to call her to talk about ideas for how to safely bring Phyllis home.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) saw Daniel (Michael Graziadei) at Crimson Lights, and he said he was “waiting for some bombs to explode,” which caused Chelsea to raise her eyebrows. Daniel sat down, and Chelsea opened up about her troubles with Connor. Daniel didn’t think he was a good person to give advice.

Chelsea let Daniel know she had a new idea — an OmegaSphere space for kids. Daniel said it was nearly time to start testing the prototype of OmegaSphere, and Chelsea was happy to hear about the progress they’d made. She said she’d been working with experts to fine-tune things, and Daniel said he really needed their talk.

Young and the Restless: Chelsea Lawson Has An Amazing Life

Billy walked in and saw Chelsea and Daniel talking. After Daniel left, Billy joined Chelsea, and he asked her about work. She excitedly told Billy all about her new ideas, but she also admitted that she was worried about Connor. Chelsea feared that it was her fault that Connor was struggling so much.

She told Billy what a good man he was, and he told her how she lit up a room. Billy appreciated how they were taking things one step at a time to get it right. He admitted that he had hope for the future when he was with Chelsea.

She teared up and tried to say it was nothing. Chelsea admitted that she wasn’t sure she deserved happiness, and she worried that she would screw things up. She cried, mentioning that she almost wasn’t here for anything. Billy said, “You are here,” and Chelsea admitted she was happy being there with him. He suggested a moonlit walk, and she agreed.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Is Alive

At Society, Jack (Peter Bergman) tried to rush Victor (Eric Braeden) away, but Victor wasn’t having it. He bragged about Adam being at McCall. Ultimately, Victor sat and said he knew something was bothering Jack. However, Jack wasn’t willing to open up to his old foe. Victor pointed out that Diane was under house arrest and insisted that she needed to go to prison, but Jack said somebody else deserved to be.

Christine (Lauralee Bell) walked in, and Victor greeted her and left. Jack thanked her for coming, but she wasn’t pleased about being there. “Phyllis is alive,” Jack said. He explained the details, insisting it was true. Christine didn’t believe it, but Jack pointed out Daniel wouldn’t have lied.

Jack told Christine that she was staying hidden because she was afraid of being prosecuted. Christine said there wasn’t any real evidence, and Jack admitted that Phyllis had killed Jeremy. Christine said Jack had just given her a crazy story with no facts, but Jack said that Phyllis had used scissors to kill Jeremy.

Even so, Christine said she wouldn’t be goaded into acting, but Jack insisted that Christine get the Genoa City Police Department on the case. One reason Christine didn’t believe it is that she didn’t think Phyllis would ever abandon her kids. She suggested that Jack bring her some concrete proof.

Later, Christine met Chance (Conner Floyd) at the jazz club. Daniel listened to Summer’s voicemail, and he observed Christine and Chance talking, so he went back upstairs. Chance told Christine it was a strange story, and he appreciated the heads-up. She warned the detective that Jack would likely approach him about it.

Y&R Recap: Diane And Summer React To Kyle’s News

Diane (Susan Walters) wanted to know what Kyle (Michael Mealor) knew, and he told her it was potentially good news. He dropped the bombshell that the charges might go away, and Diane didn’t understand what had changed. Kyle admitted that Phyllis did something illegal.

Diane was confused. “No one killed Phyllis, Mom. It was all staged.” Kyle explained that Phyllis was alive and had tried to frame Diane. Kyle explained the details he knew about the whole thing to an almost disbelieving Diane, who was furious and called Phyllis “pure evil.” Kyle urged his mom to calm down, but she wasn’t interested.

Diane wanted to know the plan and when the charges would be dropped. However, Kyle reminded her that they didn’t have proof. Ultimately it sank in that Diane would be free, and she thanked Kyle for telling her. “Does Summer know,” Diane wondered, but Kyle said Daniel asked him not to tell her.

As Diane railed against Phyllis, she remembered that she had done the same thing. Kyle assured Diane they were past what she’d done, and Diane urged her son to tell Summer.

Later, Summer came home, and Kyle asked how she was. “What’s wrong?” Summer wondered. It was good news, but Kyle didn’t know how to say it. He told Summer that Phyllis was alive. Summer was incredulous, and she wondered why Daniel had told Kyle and Jack instead of her.

Of course, Summer was surprised that Kyle believed Daniel, and he admitted that everybody knew about it. Summer worried that Phyllis would be arrested, and Kyle said that Jack told Christine, but he promised they would try to protect Phyllis. Kyle also dropped the bombshell that he’d told Diane.

Summer said she was scared to hope that Phyllis was alive out there, and Kyle said Daniel wouldn’t have lied about it.

Jack found Diane sitting outside when he returned home. She let him know that Kyle had told her the truth. “It should’ve been you, Jack,” she said. He apologized, and Diane accepted. He promised that soon Diane would be free and they could get married. “Phyllis put you in this mess. Come hell or high water, by God, she’s going to get you out of it,” Jack declared.

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