Chance Chancellor Receives Damning Evidence Against Diane

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, April 12, 2023, brings bad news for Diane.

chance chancellor gets evidence against diane on the young and the restless recap.Chance Chancellor gets evidence pointing to Diane as Phyllis's killer.

The Young and the Restless recap brings some evidence for Chance Chancellor that points to Diane as Phyllis’s killer.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) crashed her own memorial and listened as Summer, Nick, Jack, Nikki, Lauren, Michael, and Lily remembered her. Jeremy got kicked out of the celebration of life, and he angrily looked for Phyllis. Summer told Sally not to attend the service, and Sally ended up inviting Adam to find out their baby’s gender. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap: Venue Questions

At the Abbott mansion, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Diane (Susan Walters) talked about how hard Summer (Allison Lanier) worked on Phyllis’s memorial. However, Diane wondered why Summer chose the jazz lounge. Kyle (Michael Mealor) walked in, and he agreed that his wife had made a mistake in choosing the venue where Phyllis collapsed.

Diane apologized for second-guessing Summer, but Kyle reiterated that he agreed. He felt she was on a mission to prove something. Diane wondered if she should stay home, but Kyle said Summer wanted them all there. At the jazz club, Summer oversaw the final preparations for the memorial, and she spoke to her mom’s portrait, promising she’d make things right.

lily offers her support to daniel on the young and the restless recap.
Lily Winters supports Daniel.

Lily (Christel Khalil) went to Daniel’s (Michael Graziadei) suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, and he offered her coffee before the service. She checked in on how Daniel was doing, and he admitted he might be faking it, but he planned to keep everything together. He worried about Summer.

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Lily told Daniel that they planned to suspend work on Omegasphere. Daniel wasn’t pleased. He said he needed the structure of work to focus on, and he reminded Lily that Phyllis loved the concept of the gaming platform. Lily agreed to keep working on the project.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) also stopped by Sally’s (Courtney Hope) GCAC suite. He admitted he was worried about Summer. After all, Summer had done everything for the memorial on her own, but Nick didn’t love the location since that’s where Phyllis collapsed. He worried the celebration of life wouldn’t turn out the way Summer wanted.

Young and the Restless: Parenting

Sitting at a table at Crimson Lights, Jeremy (James Hyde) took a phone call and learned that Phyllis hadn’t gotten on her flight. Back at her dingy hotel room, Phyllis unpacked a bag filled with clothing and scissors. Jeremy showed up at the room, but Phyllis had already left, so he left too.

Nick and Sally went to Crimson Lights. Nick grabbed their order, and Summer walked in. Sally offered to do whatever Summer needed at the memorial, but Summer said she didn’t even think Sally would show her face. Summer asked Sally to stay away, and she said that Sally should be with Adam.

Nick walked up, and Sally went to check on their order. He wondered what Summer was doing and offered to help. She refused and left to go back to the club. Nick apologized to Sally, but she understood that Summer had lost her mom. Sally pointed out that Summer was the priority and that she wouldn’t be going to the memorial even though she wanted to support Nick.

adam and sally connect at crimson lights.
Adam Newman and Sally bond over their baby.

Adam (Mark Grossman) walked into the coffee shop, and he was surprised to see Sally there alone. Sally explained the situation to Adam, letting him know that Summer knew all about the baby. Adam suggested that Summer would eventually come around, and Sally appreciated his positive assurance, inviting him to join her.

Of course, Sally had some ground rules. She didn’t want to talk about her and Nick or her and Adam because she needed less stress. Adam suggested that he tell Sally about parenting, and she asked him to please do that. He let her know that it didn’t matter what she read or planned, it would all go out the window.

Sally wondered if Adam had taken her advice on how to deal with Victor and Victoria. He wanted to keep things light, too, so he declined to talk about it. She wanted to help, but Adam said he would need a couple hundred million to acquire McCall Unlimited, and Sally seemed stunned that he wanted to buy that company. Of course, Adam let her know Victoria withdrew her offer.

Sally had a distraction for Adam — an upcoming doctor’s appointment to find out the baby’s gender. She wondered if he wanted to join her. Adam was thrilled with her invitation, and she told him Nick was coming too. Sure, Sally hadn’t let Nick know, but she was sure he’d understand. Adam wondered if they’d have a boy or girl, and he thought it was great they’d know soon.

They were walking back to their table with drinks, and Sally felt the baby move. She let Adam touch her belly, and he was thrilled to feel the strong kick.

Young and the Restless Recap: Chance Chancellor Gets Evidence

At the jazz club, Summer returned, and Kyle asked if he could help, but she declined. He pointed out that being in that room was hard, but she said she was fine. Kyle wondered why Chance (Conner Floyd) was there, and Summer said it was to make sure Jeremy or others didn’t show up. She excused herself to talk to Chance, and Summer told the detective that Diane wouldn’t be able to hide her guilt.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor (Eric Braeden) showed up, and they talked with Nick about Summer not accepting any help. Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Michael (Christian Le Blanc) told Daniel how lovely his portrait of Phyllis was. Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) showed up with Danny (Michael Damian), and Daniel was stunned to see her.

Jeremy walked in, and nobody was happy to see him. Jack went to handle it, and Summer asked Chance not to let the whole thing blow up. When Jack confronted him, Jeremy insisted that Diane was guilty of killing Phyllis. Kyle barged in, but Chance asked them to stop. He let Jeremy know that he wasn’t welcome. Chance threatened Jeremy with arrest for violating his parole if he didn’t leave.

chance chancellor invites jeremy stark to leave on the young and the restless.
Chance Chancellor invites Jeremy Stark to leave on Young and the Restless.

Danny walked over to Lily and asked her to keep an eye on Daniel…for Lucy’s sake, and Lily agreed. Everyone looked uncomfortable, and Summer asked everyone to be seated so she could begin the memorial. Servers stood to the side, and a disguised Phyllis was one of them.

Summer began the celebration of life by thanking everyone for coming. She admitted that she’d kept the guest list small and only wanted those closest to Phyllis there. Summer reminded everyone that the jazz club was dedicated to Neil Winters, and she wanted to have everyone remember it as a place where they celebrated her mom. “The healing starts now,” she said.

phyllis summers attends her own memorial.
Phyllis Summers disguises herself to attend her own memorial.

Summer admitted that she planned the service to help make amends to her mom, and she said that both she and Daniel had been having issues with Phyllis leading up to her death. However, Summer said that Phyllis only did things like that because she loved them, and she cried because it was too late to let her mom know how sorry she was. Phyllis teared up as she listened to Summer’s words. Diane didn’t look too happy, and Chance kept his eyes on her.

Summer led everyone in a toast to Phyllis. She invited people to speak, and she gave Daniel the floor first. A choked-up Daniel couldn’t say anything, though, and Phyllis looked concerned. Nick walked up to say his piece about his ex. He remembered how they’d been extremely competitive, and he relayed that it started out as friends and turned into love that produced Summer. Nick let Summer and Daniel know how much Phyllis loved them.

Diane seemed annoyed when Jack said he was going to say something. He stood up and talked about his extreme history with Phyllis, filled with love and heartache, happiness and despair, marriage and divorce. They’d tried to make it work, but it never did. Even so, Phyllis was one of a kind. He shared the story of delivering Summer in an elevator. Diane teared up when Jack said the two hours it took were the most powerful in his life. He told Summer and Daniel how much Phyllis loved them.

lauren and michael remember phyllis.
Lauren and Michael remember Phyllis Summers.

Michael and Lauren stood up to speak. She pointed out that Phyllis was the type of friend who would bring bail money at 3 a.m. Lauren brought up being kidnapped by Sheila and remembered that Phyllis had been Sheila’s victim too, which bonded them. Michael said life was like a rollercoaster for Phyllis, with such highs and lows.

Nikki stood to talk about Phyllis too, and she admitted they’d had their differences. However, they both loved Summer. She said they’d been in business together, and recently they collaborated on a special project. Nikki appreciated how Phyllis’s mind worked, and she reminded that Phyllis wouldn’t give up no matter what. Disguised Phyllis smiled as Nikki spoke.

Young and the Restless Recap: Chance Chancellor Gets News

Chance received a text that said they knew who bought the strychnine as Nikki spoke. He wanted a name. Nikki hugged Summer. Then, Lucy stood up to talk about Phyllis. Lucy said she was glad that Phyllis had helped her and Daniel when they weren’t getting along, and she said her grandma taught her never to be too proud to say you’re sorry.

Back at the motel, Jeremy wondered where Phyllis was, and he vowed she wouldn’t screw things up for him.

Chance got a name — Diane Jenkins.

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