Chance Chancellor Arrests Nick For Assaulting Cameron

The Y&R recap for Friday, June 9, 2023, brings Chance making a surprising arrest.

chance chancellor has to arrest nick at crimson lights in the young and the restless recap for june 9, 2023.Chance Chancellor has to arrest Nick.

The Young and the Restless recap brings a surprising moment when Chance Chancellor arrests Nick after Cameron lies about being assaulted.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Nikki worries about Nick taking the law into his own hands…again. Ashley and Tucker leave Devon (Bryton James) and Abby stunned by their engagement news. Summer and Daniel try to figure out how to save their mom. Kyle complains about Summer’s lies, and Diane is a surprising ally for Summer, while Jack thinks Kyle is justified in his anger at his wife. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Chance Chancellor Falls For Lies

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) walked into Crimson Lights, as Nick (Joshua Morrow) was filling in for Sharon. He complained that Victor focused on Sally when they were facing a threat like Cameron. He let his mom know that Sharon was making sure Faith got out of town, which was breaking Sharon’s heart.

nikki warns nick on young and the restless.
Nikki Newman warns Nick to let professionals handle Cameron.

Nikki worried about Nick’s hand, but he wasn’t interested in her concern. He then apologized for snapping at his mom. Nikki insisted that Nick let the police and security handle the whole situation. “Cameron Kirsten is an animal. He needs to be handled by the professionals. If he can hurt you, he will, and he will be trying to do major damage,” Nikki warned.

In his room, Cameron (Linden Ashby) looked in the mirror at his beat-up face, and he flashed back to Nick threatening him. He called the Genoa City Police Department to report an assault.

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Later, Chance (Conner Floyd) showed up and angrily told Nick that Cameron had filed a complaint against Nick, wanting battery charges. Nick denied it, but Chance said he had to arrest Nick. Chance couldn’t give Nick the benefit of the doubt again after what happened with Ashland. Cameron walked in and demanded that Chance arrest Nick instead of chatting with him.

Nick said he’d like to shake the hand of whoever beat up Cameron, but Cameron said it was Nick who punched him. Chance looked at Nick’s knuckles, and Nick said he hit the wall. Cameron said Nick hit the wall first and then him three times. Chance had to take Nick in, and Cameron thought he was giving Nick special treatment. They left Cameron at Crimson Lights alone.

Y&R Recap: A Surprising Truth

At the penthouse, Devon and Abby (Melissa Ordway) gushed about Dominic. Abby noted that Tucker hadn’t missed a music class, which was tough on the ears. Of course, neither Abby nor Devon felt they could trust Tucker, especially where Ashley was concerned.

At the GCAC bar, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Tucker (Trevor St. John) toasted, and then she said they had to let their kids know about their engagement. Tucker thought they should go the simple route and just tell them. She worried they’d be upset, but Tucker didn’t care.

They got texts from Abby and Devon asking them to have an early dinner at Society. Ashley feared that their kids already knew about the engagement, but Tucker wasn’t concerned. In the end, they decided to wait and see what their kids wanted because perhaps it was a coincidence, and they accepted the invitation.

tucker and ashley wait for devon and abby on young and the restless.
Tucker McCall and Ashley wait at Society.

Once they were all together at Society, Abby broke the ice thanking Tucker for the picture he’d sent of Dominic. After some small talk, Ashley announced their engagement. Abby and Devon were shocked, and he said he wasn’t sure they believed their parents. Tucker assured them it was real and their wedding was coming soon.

As the kids voiced their doubts, Tucker and Ashley told them that Phyllis had faked her death. Of course, Ashley felt that made Diane more of a threat than ever before. Devon wondered if they were trying to torment Diane since she was innocent of Phyllis’s murder. Ashley predicted that Diane would worm her way into a leadership position, but Abby and Devon didn’t buy her as a threat.

Ashley let Abby know she wanted her support if Diane became an issue. She revealed she was hiring Tucker to be part of senior management and floated the idea of removing Jack as Chief Executive Officer of Jabot. Abby accused Tucker of using her mom. Ashley denied it and revealed that Tucker had tried to talk her out of her plan, but she was the one who pursued it.

Abby apologized, and Tucker reminded Ashley he’d given them all reason to doubt his motives. Devon also apologized. Ashley and Tucker surprised their kids by choosing to leave without eating. Abby told her mom she wanted to talk more about it in private. After they said goodbye, Abby and Devon talked about how baffled they were by their parents.

Young and the Restless: Chance Chancellor Doesn’t Trust Summer

At the Abbott mansion, Diane (Susan Walters) and Jack (Peter Bergman) talked about the pros and cons of her preemptive promotion. He worried it would start WWIII, but Diane said it would be all Ashley’s fault. Ultimately, Diane wanted to take the soon-to-be-open Chief Talent Officer, and Jack felt it was perfect for her.

Earlier, at the GCAC, Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Chance kept looking around Phyllis’s room, and Chance wondered if Kyle had anything to tell him about Summer. Ultimately, Kyle revealed that Summer knew where Phyllis was for weeks, and he assumed she helped her mom escape.

Summer (Allison Lanier) met Daniel (Michael Grazaidei) at Chancellor Park. She updated him on the fallout from Kyle seeing their mom in the room at the GCAC. Summer let him know Phyllis ran, and he was displeased she was out there committing more crimes. She told her brother that she encouraged Phyllis to run; he felt it was a mistake. They argued, and Summer saw Chance coming. The detective said, “I’m done playing games. Where’s Phyllis?”

summer and daniel face chance chancellor on young and the restless.
Summer and Daniel face Chance Chancellor on Young and the Restless.

Daniel said he didn’t know where Phyllis was, and Summer asked her brother for some privacy with Chance, but Daniel didn’t want to go. She insisted, and Daniel left after asking Chance to listen to Summer. She took the detective to task for not being on her side, but he said he had to follow the law. Chance demanded Summer tell him the truth, and he noted that their trust was broken.

Summer insisted she didn’t know Phyllis’s location, and Chance warned her that he could arrest her. Again, Summer said she had no idea where her mom was, especially if Phyllis would be arrested when they found her. Chance got a call but refused to tell Summer if it was about her mom.

Later, Daniel came back to find Summer. They worried about never seeing Phyllis again. Summer was upset that she might have lost her mom and husband, but Daniel insisted that they keep trying to figure things out for Phyllis. Summer had an idea about a potential witness who saw what happened. Somebody who would swear they saw everything…for the right price.

Diane and Jack toasted to opportunities, and Kyle came in, letting them know that Summer had been helping Phyllis hide at the GCAC. “Summer has been betraying all of us. For weeks,” Kyle announced.

diane tells kyle and jack to have empathy for summer on young and the restless.
Diane Jenkins tells Kyle and Jack to have empathy for Summer.

Kyle ranted about Summer’s lies. Jack said his son did the right thing by telling the truth about Phyllis. Diane said it was hard to blame Summer for protecting Phyllis, and she said Summer didn’t have a choice but to lie to protect her mother. She wondered who Kyle would protect should the situation be reversed.

“She’s not the villain here. She’s as much of a victim as any of us,” insisted Diane. Jack didn’t have much empathy for their daughter-in-law, though. Diane encouraged Kyle to forgive Summer and have some compassion for the situation. Kyle declared his mother amazing. “I don’t want you to lose someone who truly loves you,” Diane pleaded, but Kyle didn’t know how he could forgive his wife.

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