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Cameron Kirsten Returns With Nefarious Intentions for Sharon

The Y&R recap for Friday, May 26, 2023, brings ominous news for Sharon as Cameron Kirsten returns.

cameron kirsten returns to genoa city in the young and the restless recap for may 26, 2023.Cameron Kirsten is back in Genoa City.

The Young and the Restless recap brings a shocking realization for Sharon that Cameron Kirsten was trying to get in touch with her.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Nick brings in Chance (Conner Floyd) on the potential return of Cameron. Christine realizes Nick doesn’t know about Phyllis possibly being alive. Sally and Chloe pitch Devon and Lily a new idea, while Summer makes Phyllis a promise. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Sharon Recalls Cameron Kirsten

Chance told Sharon (Sharon Case) he needed a cup of coffee. Sharon intuited that Chance had new evidence about a case, and he let her know she was right.

On the patio, Nick (Joshua Morrow) greeted Christine (Lauralee Bell). She wondered if Nick knew the latest, and Nick talked about losing Phyllis. Christine had to talk to Chance, but she let Nick know that justice would be served in the case.

nick talks with christine on young and the restless.
Nick Newman talks with Christine.

Nick went in as Chance went out to the patio to see Christine. He and Sharon talked about the champagne bottle, and said he was glad Sharon got rid of the gift. Nick talked to Sharon, worrying about Sally learning how to be a mom. Sharon sorted through the mail, and she had an ominous postcard.

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Outside, Christine wanted to know what new evidence Chance had found. Christine updated Chance that Nick had no clue that Phyllis’s family believed she was alive. Chance told the District Attorney that he’d found a tear-stained program from Phyllis’s memorial. He let her know he was waiting on DNA results. Christine thought that going to her own memorial was Phyllis’s MO for sure.

“Where Heaven’s a little closer,” Nick read from the postcard, and Sharon said it was the same handwriting as the note with the champagne. Sharon said it was an instrument of torture from Cameron Kirsten (Linden Ashby) as she put together all the evidence. “No freaking way,” Nick said. However, Sharon said it was part of Cameron’s twisted game.

Young and the Restless: Cameron Kirsten Is In Genoa City

Sharon second-guessed herself, but Nick said he trusted her instincts. He suggested they bring Chance in on the possibility, and Sharon agreed. Chance came inside, and Sharon updated him on Cameron and her feeling that he was lurking around. He offered to look into it.

cameron kirsten arrives on young and the restless.
Cameron Kirsten is back in Genoa City on the Young and the Restless.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Cameron received a keycard, and he looked around.

Young and the Restless Recap: A New Venture

Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) said she’d been manifesting good things, but Sally (Courtney Hope) let her know their latest pitch had been rejected. They decided to fake it until they made it and have some sparkling cider at the bar at the GCAC.

Lily (Christel Khalil) and Devon (Bryton James) walked in and greeted them. Chloe lied and told them they had many clients, and after Devon and Lily left, Sally worried they would think they were too busy to work with them. They recapped what had happened with Chancellor-Winters over the past several months, ranting about Victor’s interference.

Sally wanted to focus on their future. All they had to do was keep pitching until somebody bit. They still argued over Sally not accepting Nick’s money. Chloe urged Sally to ask Nick for the seed money. However, Sally asked her partner to look at her the way the Newmans would. She didn’t want the family to think she used her baby as a meal ticket.

As they chatted, Sally told Chloe that Nick had said he was in love with her. Chloe thought it was sweet, but she understood it explained the business decision. She also gushed over how great it was for Sally and Nick to be in love.

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Sally appreciated her dedication and loyalty. She promised to pay Chloe back by giving her her freedom. Chloe was upset that Sally was “breaking up” with her. Ultimately, their talent, tenacity, and brilliant business plan would serve Sally and Chloe better than Nick’s money. They decided to try to give Lily and Devon something new to see about them.

Lily and Devon had dinner at the jazz club, and they talked about what Neil would say about their last several months. They were thrilled they weren’t arguing anymore. Lily updated her brother on her awkward dinner with Billy, Chelsea, Daniel, and all the kids. Devon wondered if he should know about whatever was going on with Daniel, but Lily insisted that the timing was off.

Lily wondered how the co-parenting with Chance was going, and Devon admitted that the nanny did the drop-offs. “Must be nice to be rich,” Lily said, laughing. Sally and Chloe walked in, and they told Devon and Lily how happy they were that the siblings had mended their business relationship. Lily wondered why they’d come over.

sally and chloe pitch devon and lily and young and the restless.
Sally Spectra and Chloe pitch Devon and Lily.

Sally and Chloe proposed that Chancellor-Winters reinvent themselves, especially in the wake of the revolutionary video game platform they had. After all, the company needed great offices with new color schemes and fragrances.

Lily and Devon were surprised they agreed with each other as they talked. They walked back to Sally and Chloe to tell them they wanted them to start on the Chancellor-Winters office rebranding. They were all thrilled.

At the bar, Sally promised Lily that they would blow them away. Lily wondered if Sally’s due date would cause an issue with the completion of the project, and Sally said the baby wouldn’t affect her work at all. However, Lily warned her that it would be a big adjustment. Sally recognized that Lily missed Charlie and Maddie, and Lily assured her that she’d figure out how to balance motherhood and work.

Y&R Recap: A Promise

At the GCAC, Summer (Allison Lanier) and her mom continued talking. Phyllis thanked her for all she’d done, and Summer agreed she felt like she’d been to hell and back. Summer wondered if Phyllis really understood all that she’d caused with her scheming. Phyllis said she should’ve stayed away, but Summer insisted she was happy Phyllis was alive.

She stunned her daughter by admitting she’d been there for her own memorial service. Summer was upset that Phyllis had watched as they mourned her. Phyllis insisted that she had to learn how her children felt about her, and she couldn’t stand that they had been in so much pain. She also complimented Summer on pushing Diane to the breaking point.

phyllis apologizes to summer on young and the restless.
Phyllis apologizes to Summer Newman Abbott.

“Finally, I won,” Phyllis said. Of course, she lost her kids in the process, which wasn’t really a win. “I was so vindictive, and I was wrong,” Phyllis admitted. “I’m so sorry.” She said she’d felt abandoned. Phyllis said Jeremy had preyed on her vulnerability. Summer wouldn’t let her mom take all the blame.

She said she was sorry she wasn’t in Phyllis’s corner. Summer admitted that Diane wasn’t trustworthy or decent, and she apologized to Phyllis. “I didn’t have your back. Look at what happened. Look at this mess,” Summer said. She helped her mom rationalize the whole situation, including killing Jeremy.

Phyllis said she couldn’t rope Summer into aiding and abetting her, but Summer wanted to help. She insisted that Summer go home and take care of her family, and Phyllis promised to keep watching them from afar. Summer wouldn’t agree to do it, though. Summer promised her mom she’d stick by her no matter what happened.

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