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Billy Abbott Admits He’s Getting Feelings And Jack Supports Him

The Y&R recap for Thursday, February 23, 2023, brings Billy Abbott confessing his feelings to a supportive Jack.

young and the restless recap for february 23, 2023, has billy abbott making a declaration at societyBilly Abbott admits what he's feeling to Jack.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday brings a big admission from Billy Abbott, and Jack Abbott supports his brother.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Sally gets Nick to admit how he’s feeling over Adam being her baby’s father. Meanwhile, Chelsea gives Adam some good advice after he lets her know he’s going to be a father again. Finally, Kyle begged Summer’s forgiveness, and Victor almost ruined the whole thing. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap: Brother vs. Brother

Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sally (Courtney Hope) lay in bed in her hotel room, and he wanted to know how Adam (Mark Grossman) took the fatherhood news. Sally admitted Adam wanted them to get back together, and how Sally let him know it didn’t change anything between them. They worried that Adam wouldn’t do well with the news once he got over the shock.

Sally wanted to talk about where they stood, but Nick said the baby and their relationship were separate. She wanted to know how Nick felt about the whole thing. Nick said he’d tried not to feel anything because the focus needed to be on Sally and her baby. She refused to let him shove down his feelings.

Ultimately, Nick admitted he was devastated by the paternity outcome. He had felt excited about “their” baby and raising it together. Nick’s dream is shattered, and the fact that the baby’s father is Adam makes it worse, and Nick would never trust his brother. He didn’t think he and Sally would have a chance to build their relationship with Adam in the picture being relentless.

Sally guaranteed that Adam wouldn’t get under her skin, but Nick pointed out that was easy to say. She pointed out that she kept her promises, and Adam would have zero influence over their relationship. Nick promised to follow Sally’s lead, and he said he had her back. Nick fell asleep, and she anxiously touched her stomach.

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At Crimson Lights, as Billy (Jason Thompson) got hot chocolate, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) seemed surprised that Adam felt everything was wrong. Chelsea had meant what she said about Adam deserving happiness, but Adam felt the Universe thought differently.

billy abbott looks contemplative at crimson lights.
Billy Abbott holds his hot chocolate at Crimson Lights.

She realized it was about Sally, and Adam tried to keep it to himself, but Chelsea insisted. Adam asked her to go for a walk, and she had a little time, so she let Billy know what was going on.

At the park, Adam told Chelsea that Sally was pregnant, and she initially thought that meant the baby was Nick’s. Adam corrected her, and Chelsea seemed surprised. They talked about Sally and Nick staying together, and Chelsea was sorry to hear things hadn’t changed between Adam and Sally.

Adam admitted he felt bitter, and he railed against Nick getting everything that should be his. He also mentioned Christian and how stupid he was to agree to Nick raising his son. Chelsea encouraged Adam to make peace with his decision, and she brought up Johnny. She wouldn’t let Adam worry about how Nick and Sally’s relationship would affect his joy about the baby.

Before she left Adam for her counseling session, Chelsea reminded her ex that being in the baby’s life had to be enough. However, Adam said it couldn’t be enough for him — he still loved Sally. Chelsea told Adam that his family with Sally would be just as beautiful as the family they had with Connor. They hugged.

At the park alone, Adam cried as he remember his last time with Sally. He also remembered Sally telling him it was the end for them.

Young and the Restless: Billy Abbott Admits To Catching Feelings

Billy took the drinks he and Chelsea couldn’t drink to see Jack (Peter Bergman) at Jabot. He had some snarky things to say about Adam quitting, and Jack let him know he was busy. After some joking, Billy said Jack wouldn’t consider hiring him to replace Adam, but Jack said he would.

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billy abbott took his extra hot chocolate to jack at jabot
Billy Abbott offers Jack a hot chocolate.

However, Billy told Jack to stop joking, but Jack said he wasn’t. Billy didn’t want a handout, and Jack reminded his brother that the business belonged to both of them. He said Billy would be an asset, and he’d be grateful to have Billy to help. Jack believed in his brother and that the best was yet to come for Billy.

The brothers went for lunch, and Billy wanted to know what was really bothering Jack. The older man admitted that Jeremy Stark (James Hyde) was on his mind, and Billy seemed shocked that the criminal was back in town.

Jack railed that he should be focused on his reunion with Diane (Susan Walters) instead of worried about Jeremy. Billy surprised Jack by offering congratulations, and he was pleased at least somebody was happy for him and Diane.

Enough about Jack, though. What was on Billy’s mind? He admitted he’d been getting feelings for Chelsea. Billy wasn’t convinced it was the right move, though. Jack seemed open to the idea, and he reminded his brother that, over time, people change and grow. The idea was a lot like Jack’s reunion with Diane.

Ultimately, Billy let Jack know that Chelsea had nearly died of suicide, and he was the one who’d intervened to stop her. Billy said he cared deeply about Chelsea but wanted to ensure she was okay. Jack told his brother it was the opposite of crashing and burning, and he saw Billy in a whole new light. He encouraged Billy to follow his heart.

Chelsea texted Billy, so he started to leave. Jack asked him to consider the job offer seriously, and Billy said he would. Billy met up with Chelsea at Crimson Lights. She apologized for leaving him earlier, and she explained they’d had a good talk, which felt good for her. Billy relayed that he’d had a good talk with Jack, too — care and caution could prevent a crash and burn, and Billy intended to listen to his brother’s advice as he reached for Chelsea’s hand. She smiled.

Y&R Recap: Forgiveness

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle (Michael Mealor) had a beautiful single rose for Summer (Allison Lanier). Yes, he was still in the doghouse, but he wanted to start somewhere, so lunch was his first step toward getting Summer’s forgiveness.

kyle abbott offers summer a rose of forgiveness
Kyle Abbott offers Summer a rose and begs forgiveness.

Summer tried to decline, but Kyle insisted. He said he’d keep apologizing until she heard him. Kyle took full responsibility for what he’d done wrong, and Summer softened, agreeing to the fancy lunch at home Kyle had planned. Just then, Kyle got a text from Victor (Eric Braeden), which wasn’t the best news.

She wasn’t pleased, and she got mad all over again over Kyle’s teaming up with Victor. Summer wondered what Kyle got out of the deal he made with her grandpa, and Victor texted again. Of course, Victor wanted a phone call, and Summer thought he had another job for Kyle. Could Kyle say no to Victor Newman?

Kyle called Victor, and he explained that he’d deceived his wife and father. He said he wouldn’t disappoint Summer or Jack again. He told Victor he wasn’t going to lie to Summer again — he was out and wanted no part in Victor’s schemes. Instead, Victor made good on his promise to give them the textile mills. It all worked out in the end…but his wife didn’t look too pleased.

summer and kyle kiss on the young and the restless recap
Kyle Abbott kisses Summer when she forgives him.

Summer admitted she was happy that Kyle stood up to Victor, but it didn’t make things okay for her. He wanted to put it behind them since everything was done, and Summer told him not to lie to her again. They kissed.

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