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Ashley Abbott Makes Another Big Move With Tucker

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, May 17, 2023, brings a change for Ashley and Tucker.

ashley abbott and tucker mccall get closer in young and the restless recap for may 17, 2023.Ashley Abbott and Tucker get closer on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings another move from Ashley Abbott as things continue to improve in her relationship with Tucker.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Diane tries to gloat about the possibility of not having a trial. Kyle (Michael Mealor) tries and fails to get Summer to stop shutting him out. Summer asks Chance some questions, and she blows up at Daniel for telling their secret. Michael tells Lauren about Phyllis. Nick and Nikki try to get Victoria to slow down with Nate, but she pushes forward when he admits he wants to. Nate and Audra reach an understanding. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Ashley Abbott Is Appalled By Diane

Kyle was surprised to see Summer (Allison Lanier) dressed for work, but she felt it was time. Summer thanked Kyle for giving her space the night before, and he hoped it was only for one night. He said she couldn’t keep shutting him out.

She apologized for doing that and asked for more time. Kyle was rude about what Phyllis did, but Summer didn’t feel like they knew that. Summer said things wouldn’t get better overnight even if it was confirmed her mom was alive, and she left alone to do something before work.

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Inside the Abbott mansion, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Diane (Susan Walters) came face-to-face. Diane goaded Ashley about marrying Jack (Peter Bergman) soon, and Diane also told Ashley she wasn’t going to prison. Ashley felt suspicious of why Diane was so confident despite the evidence against her.

“I don’t care if Jack, Kyle, or the President of the United States is on your side, a jury’s going to see right through you,” Ashley declared. However, Diane assured her there wouldn’t be a trial. Tucker (Trevor St. John) walked downstairs. Ashley agreed to go on a walk with Tucker, and he asked Diane, but oops…she had an ankle monitor.

ashley abbott and diane clash on young and the restless.
Ashley Abbott and Diane clash on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless: Ashley Abbott Makes A Move

Ashley noted that Diane was dancing on “poor Phyllis’s grave,” and Diane nearly gave up the details. Instead, she saved it for them to eat humble pie later.

When they got to the park, Ashley told Tucker she didn’t want to talk about Diane. He invited her to eat together, but Ashley wasn’t interested. However, Ashley softened a bit once he told her he planned to watch Dominic play music. After some flirty talk, Ashley asked Tucker to move his things into her room. He agreed to think about it.

Summer met with Chance (Conner Floyd) at the jazz club. Chance admitted that he’d heard the same rumor she had. He said that his initial reaction was that it was a ploy by Jack to get Diane off the hook.

summer asks chance questions about phyllis being alive.
Summer asks Chance Chancellor questions.

“You want to know what I think? I think Diane didn’t mean to kill your mom,” Chance said. He thought it was a stretch that Phyllis really faked her death, and he blamed Michael and Jack for cooking it up. Summer understood, but she wondered if somehow it was true, what would happen to Phyllis if she did come back.

Chance didn’t want to speculate about it due to Summer’s emotions, but she assured him she could handle it. Summer had many questions, and Chance said it depended on the evidence. He advised her not to agonize over it.

Summer found Daniel (Michael Graziadei) near the bar, and she took him to task for outing their mom. She was displeased that he hadn’t waited until they had a plan. “I don’t take orders from you,” Daniel declared. He said they needed to find their mom and get her legal help, or she’d be screwed.

Summer went off about how Jack and Kyle told everybody, and she declared that Daniel did the wrong thing. Kyle walked up and told them to calm down, wondering what was going on between his wife and her brother. Kyle said Summer should blame him and not Daniel for Phyllis not showing herself to Summer.

Summer and Daniel shared a look, and Kyle wondered if he missed something. She played it off as them just being upset about Phyllis and asked Kyle to take her to work. He wasn’t happy that she shut him out of her meeting with Daniel. Even with that, Summer told Kyle she had another errand and left.

Young and the Restless: Michael Hits Pay Dirt

Michael (Christian Le Blanc) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) had coffee at Crimson Lights, and he told her that Phyllis might be alive. Lauren was stunned by the news, and as happy as she was to learn her best friend might not have died, she couldn’t fathom how Phyllis could do that to them. After all, they’d grieved so much, and Lauren thought Phyllis wouldn’t do that.

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michael and lauren discuss phyllis on young and the restless.
Michael Baldwin and Lauren discuss Phyllis.

Ultimately, Lauren hoped Phyllis was still alive, but she didn’t know how they could come back from their friend knowingly breaking their hearts. Michael reminded Lauren that they had to find Phyllis first and that it might be easier for her to stay dead. Michael thought Phyllis might lay low for a while and would return.

Lauren tearfully proclaimed that people would want Phyllis’s head if she resurfaced. Michael said people, including Lauren, would get past it. Lauren agreed she would, but she also wanted to know her husband’s next move. She suggested he better have an ingenious plan up his sleeve.

Michael talked on the phone, getting some information from somebody named Alan. He told Lauren that his private investigator hit pay dirt, and they got a big break. He said Jeremy had started cashing out Phyllis’s money, but he couldn’t finish before he died. Michael’s PI got the post office box registration with an address linked to a low-rent hotel outside Genoa City. He immediately texted Jack, and Lauren looked upset.

Y&R Recap: Victoria And Nate Move Forward

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) discussed Nate. Of course, Victoria didn’t want to talk about that, so she changed the subject to Adam and McCall Unlimited, but Nikki advised her daughter to leave it alone. Nikki pointed out how much Victoria was like Victor, and Victoria felt she might be offended.

They continued for a bit, and then Nikki wondered if Victoria had thought of Elena at all. Victoria wasn’t interested in talking and quickly left even though Nikki asked her not to.

victoria isn't interested in telling nikki about nate.
Victoria Newman and Nikki clash over Nate.

Audra (Zuleyka Silver) found Nate (Sean Dominic) at Chancellor Park, and she had a coffee for him. “Audra, let’s get one thing straight. What the hell were you thinking, setting up Elena like that?” He wanted to know why Audra sent his girlfriend to Los Angeles.

Audra denied it, but Nate told her to stop trying to justify lighting the match. She told Nate not to deny that he’d fallen out of love with Elena. Even so, Nate said Elena didn’t deserve to be treated that way, but Audra advised him to let it go. Audra also told Nate that she knew what he was up to — running the Newman kingdom alongside Victoria.

Audra laid it all out, and she gave Nate kudos. However, Nate tried to set her straight by pointing out that his moves hadn’t been calculated. Instead, Nate warned Audra that he and Victoria had a strong and genuine connection. She said she’d seen the sparks between Nate and Victoria herself, and Audra admitted she was attracted to Nate.

nate and audra reach an agreement.
Nate Hastings isn’t pleased with Audra’s actions.

Nate was stunned and wondered if Audra had blown up things between him and Elena to clear a path for herself. Audra said she had no plans to compete with the pull between him and Victoria. She said her ultimate goal was for Nate to see her as an ally and promised to help him get whatever his heart desired. Of course, Nate knew Audra wanted something in return and said he knew what it was. When Nate moved up the ladder, she hoped to be the Newman Media Chief Executive Officer.

Later, Nate met Victoria at her office, letting her know he had considered where things should go between them. Instead of talking, though, Nate started kissing Victoria passionately. She hadn’t been expecting that, and Nate let Victoria know that he wanted them to move forward with their undeniable chemistry. They started undressing, and Nick (Joshua Morrow) knocked on the door, yelling for his sister.

Victoria let her brother in, and he frostily said goodbye to Nate as he left. Nick groused at his sister for making out at the office again, and he warned Victoria that Nate was using Victoria. He insisted that Nate’s ambitions concerned him, but Victoria said she liked his ambitious nature.

In fact, Victoria thought that Newman Enterprises was lucky to have somebody ambitious working for them. Nick wondered if his sister was implying he wasn’t good at his job due to a lack of ambition. Victoria said it wasn’t always about Nick, and he said he didn’t need the glory for ensuring that things kept moving smoothly every day.

Victoria said she was sick of Nick’s self-righteous garbage, but he said Elena was heartbroken when he saw her. “It’s wrong, Vic. What you are doing is wrong on so many levels.” Victoria admitted that she felt guilty, but she still enjoyed Nate’s respect and admiration.

Nick admitted that things were rough for his sister with Ashland, but he warned her that she had a pattern of men deceiving her. However, Victoria wasn’t willing to discuss it. Outside, Audra walked up the elevator just as Nate walked off, and he smiled at her.

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