Ashley Abbott Gives Jack A Serious Reality Check

The Y&R recap for Monday, April 24, 2023, brings Ashley Abbott letting Jack know he was risking everything.

ashley abbott went at brother jack in the young and the restless recap for april 24, 2023.Ashley Abbott stood her ground with Jack.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, April 24, 2023, brings Ashley Abbott telling Jack what he needed to do to protect their family legacy.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Kyle (Michael Mealor) took some advice from Billy about how to get through to Summer. Later, Chelsea invited Billy to her apartment…for some alone time together. Daniel and Lily experienced the morning after. Victor signed the deal to buy McCall Unlimited. Tucker invited Audra to his room, but it didn’t go as he’d planned. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Billy Abbott Has Wise Words

At Jabot, Billy (Jason Thompson) fielded calls from the press about the Abbotts, and he texted Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). Kyle walked in, saying he had the same calls coming in. Mariah also planned to come back to work early to help with the chaos.

Kyle and Billy talked about Diane being locked up, and Billy reminded Kyle that he couldn’t neglect his own life, though. He urged Kyle to ensure he didn’t lose Summer. Summer moved into the guest room, and Billy thought that was a bad sign. Kyle complained that Summer was in her head, but he didn’t know what to do because they couldn’t talk. All Kyle could see to do is clear Diane’s name.

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Billy told Kyle he was wrong, though. He had a suggestion for a better way to help Summer. Kyle said pushing Summer wouldn’t work, but Billy said if he took respecting Summer’s space too far, it could become a serious issue. He urged his nephew to go home and let Summer know how much he loved her without mentioning Diane and Phyllis.

Young and the Restless Recap: Ashley Abbott Takes A Stand

At the Abbott’s, Jack (Peter Bergman) was on the phone with an expert working on Diane’s defense. Ashley (Eileen Davidson) walked in and urged her brother to let Michael do the work. She accused Jack of ensuring that once again, Diane wouldn’t be held responsible for her actions.

ashley abbott lets jack have it on young and the restless recap.
Ashley Abbott lets Jack have it on Young and the Restless.

Jack took offense that his sister kept jabbing at Diane, but Ashley felt she was justified since Diane had murdered Phyllis. Of course, Jack insisted Diane had been framed. Jack said his fiancée wasn’t capable of killing Phyllis, and he said he hadn’t chosen Diane over Phyllis (rewriting history). Although he defended Diane, Jack was mourning Phyllis.

Ashley told her brother that she could see what was going on, even though she wasn’t a Phyllis fan. She told Jack their relationship hadn’t been over when Diane returned. They argued back and forth about Diane. However, Jack believed people could change, and he believed that Diane had changed.

Ashley couldn’t believe how foolish her brother was, especially since he was messing with their whole family’s legacy. They continued arguing, and Ashley talked about what a hit the trial would be on the family and Jabot. Kyle came in and slammed the door. He wasn’t happy they were arguing, but he needed to talk to Summer.

Jack implored Ashley to see Kyle’s pain, and he suggested that she move out. Ashley furiously told her brother how sick and tired she was of Jack trying to kick her out of her own home. Jack told Ashley that Diane would be back when she was released, and Ashley said she wasn’t going anywhere because it was her home. She invited Jack to move out, and she said Diane would cost him everything that ever meant anything to him.

Upstairs, Kyle knocked on Summer’s door. He told her that he wouldn’t let her push him away. Kyle declared he wasn’t going anywhere. He suggested that they spend time together, not talking…just being together. He begged her to open the door.

Young and the Restless: No Regrets

At Daniel’s (Michael Graziadei) hotel room, he and Lily (Christel Khalil) were in bed together, and he woke up from a bad dream. Lily comforted him. She wondered if he remembered his dream, and Daniel said he was dreaming about his mom. She was alive in the dream, but he couldn’t reach her.

Lily empathized because she’d had similar dreams about Neil. Daniel relayed that he thought he’d seen Phyllis at the memorial service, but obviously, it wasn’t her. They talked, and Daniel told her he’d understand if Lily wanted to pretend they hadn’t slept together.

Lily said it was too late to pretend nothing happened, but she didn’t want them to make it more than it was. She was happy that she could help Daniel find some solace, but grief transforms people. Lily urged Daniel to take care of himself.

Lily and Daniel ran into Billy at Society. Billy asked Daniel how he was doing, and Billy let them know that Leanna Love’s article had increased the media frenzy. Lily said she’d have the PR team create a statement, but Daniel said he could handle it. She insisted, though.

Daniel and Lily got a table, and Billy left. He asked if running into Billy was awkward, and Lily said it was a bit. However, their relationship ended months ago, and she could have her own life. He offered to listen as Lily opened up about Billy. Lily said she didn’t wallow over failed relationships, though. She continued looking forward because she was a cancer survivor.

Daniel asked her to wallow for a bit, just as a favor. Lily said she didn’t think about Billy because they were over. Instead, she was very present with Daniel right then with no regrets. Whatever was meant to happen would happen in the end.

Billy took the Society takeout to Crimson Lights, where he met Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan). She noticed that Billy had been in a good mood, and he said he was happy. He mentioned he’d seen Daniel and Lily, and he picked up on something between them. Chelsea wondered how he felt about it.

Ultimately, Billy said he felt relieved about Lily moving on with Daniel. Chelsea was impressed with Billy’s healthy attitude. She said Billy made her happy, and he said she made him happy too. He was happy to move on with Chelsea. Billy leaned over the table and kissed Chelsea. She let Billy know that Connor was spending the night elsewhere, and she invited Billy upstairs.

In her apartment, Billy and Chelsea started kissing, and he realized he’d forgotten the food downstairs. She told him not to get it. Billy wanted to make sure Chelsea was okay with what they were doing, and she said she was. They ended up in bed.

chelsea and billy take things to the next level on the young and the restless.
Chelsea and Billy get closer on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless Recap: End Of An Era

Victor (Eric Braeden) and Tucker (Trevor St. John) met at the new jazz club to talk business. Victor had a signed contract to buy McCall Unlimited. Tucker accused Victor of enjoying it, but The Mustache said he was cool as ice when it came to business.

Instead of having reservations about selling, Tucker declared he was done with his company and done with Genoa City. Victor said the company would thrive, and he encouraged Tucker to sign. However, Tucker wanted to look it all over again.

Tucker went out to the bar, and Audra (Zuleyka Silver) walked in. She goaded Tucker about his burning every bridge. She sat down to join him, and Tucker said he was thinking about being alone vs. being lonely. He’d never felt as lonely as he did right then. Audra expressed her condolences that things hadn’t worked out with Ashley.

He’d never felt alone when he was young and starting out in the music business because it had been so exciting. Audra told him he was wearing rosy glasses and accused him of scamming the artists. Yet, Tucker invited her to join him in his room.

In his room, Audra saw the contract to sell McCall Unlimited, and she thought that was great. Tucker even had Victor’s pen, which he stole. Audra pointed out it was a big change. Tucker was morose, and he declared that whatever came next wouldn’t happen in Genoa City, and Audra said he was more of a big-city kind of guy, though.

tucker makes audra a proposal on young and the restless.
Audra was sorry it didn’t work out with Ashley Abbott and Tucker on Young and the Restless.

Tucker said he could start over anywhere, and he asked Audra if she wanted to go with him and become his right hand again. Audra thought Tucker was moving a bit fast. She had a good job and wasn’t too interested in going anywhere with Tucker. He said she was pushing him away in a search for greener pastures.

Audra said Tucker’s problem was that he craved being the center of people’s lives, and when he wasn’t, he became bitter. She declared he hadn’t changed, and Tucker told her to go. Audra advised Tucker not to wallow in his misery too long. Tucker sat alone in his room with a drink. He walked over to the contract and signed it.

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