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Adam Newman Wins The DNA Sweepstakes But Nick Gets The Gal

Y&R recap for Wednesday, February 22, 2023, brings surprising news for Adam that’s both good and bad.

adam newman is surprised on the young and the restless recapAdam Newman is shocked by Sally's news.

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday brings big news for Adam Newman, but he’s left disappointed by it because Sally still wants Nick.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Sally (Courtney Hope) leans on Nick after she lets Adam know he’s her baby’s dad. Plus, Audra notes some chemistry between Nate and Victoria while Tucker demands Ashley give him answers she’s not willing to give. Finally, Chelsea has a big new idea, and Billy urges caution. Now let’s dig into what went down.

Adam Newman Wins…And Loses

Adam (Mark Grossman) showed up at Chelsea’s (Melissa Claire Egan) to help Connor (Judah Mackey) with a homework crisis — a family tree. It seemed the Newman family tree had twisted branches. Connor needed his dad to tell him what was so great about the Newmans, so he would have something positive to write about each person.

chelsea and adam at her apartment young and the restless recap
Chelsea tells Adam about Connor’s homework.

Adam seemed incredulous that Chelsea couldn’t help, but she reminded him how tricky the descriptions could be. Connor had described Adam’s mom, and as for what Adam thought his son should say about Victor was that he cared about his family and was strong and tough. They went through each member, and Adam did his best to point out their positive attributes. Ultimately, Adam described Nick as a good father.

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adam and connor at chelsea's apartment young and the restless recap
Adam Newman helps Connor with his family tree.

After the homework was finished, Adam updated Cheslea about quitting Jabot, and she was stunned that he took her advice. Of course, she wanted to know his plans, and Adam let her know about Victor’s vague offer. Again Chelsea advised Adam not to go back to work at Newman Enterprises, and she encouraged Adam to get some therapy so he could change his behaviors and be happy.

Chelsea complimented Adam on being a great father, and Adam agreed that their son was a light in his life. He got a call from Sally, and she asked him to meet. Adam said goodbye to Chelsea and Connor and when he opened the door, Billy (Jason Thompson) was just about to knock, and he had a new game for Connor. Adam looked upset when he shut the door.

Chelsea, Billy, and Connor talked about video games, and she brought up Chancellor-Winters’ new deal with Daniel Romalotti. She was intrigued about video games that helped people in real life, and Connor thought it’d be awesome if Chelsea could work with Omega Sphere.

Later, Billy and Chelsea talked more about gaming. It sounded like Chelsea was really interested in trying to work for the new platform. Connor’s game time was over, and Billy and Chelsea made plans to go downstairs. She was filled with plans of learning about video games as they walked into Crimson Lights. They saw Adam, and Chelsea wondered what was wrong, and Adam replied everything.

Young and the Restless Recap: DNA Results Revealed

Earlier at Sally’s (Courtney Hope), Nick (Joshua Morrow) continued supporting her as she checked the paternity test results. They both saw it and looked displeased with the results. She wondered if it was wrong, but Nick said the company was reputable — Adam is Sally’s baby’s father.

Sally cried, and she said Adam as a father wouldn’t be great. Nick calmly suggested maybe his brother would be even-keeled, but she didn’t buy it. Sally really wanted her baby to be Nick’s, and he did too. Nick told Sally that now she had all the facts, she had an important decision to make, and she wondered how to tell Adam.

nick comforts sally after she learned adam is her baby's father
Nick supports Sally Spectra.

Nick asked if she wanted him there when she told Adam, and Sally thanked him but said she didn’t need a buffer. Sally thanked Nick for everything, and they kissed before he left. Adam showed up, and things were awkward. He said he was surprised and curious about why Sally wanted to talk, and she told him he was going to be a father.

Adam had questions, and Sally admitted that she’d known she was pregnant for a while. However, she had just found out the baby was Adam’s through a paternity test. Sally let an almost speechless Adam know that it changed nothing emotionally, but he disagreed — it changed everything.

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He started freaking out, thinking that Sally expected him to walk away from his kid, and she said she wanted him involved in the baby’s life. Sally told Adam that they weren’t getting back together. Their baby didn’t change that their relationship was over.

Young and the Restless: A Vibe

At Newman Media, Nate (Sean Dominic) updated Audra (Zuleyka Silver) on Tucker’s surprising offer for Newman to buy his debt. Just then, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) walked in and informed them somebody else had bought the debt. She asked Audra what she knew about it.

Victoria wondered if Audra was working for somebody else, and Audra said she wasn’t. With a sigh, Victoria said she believed Audra and Nate supported his hire. Victoria gave Audra a new mission to help her prove her loyalty — find out who bought Tucker’s debt and why. Audra said she would give Tucker a call.

Victoria left after telling Nate that they would have to figure out how they’d take over McCall Industries. Audra wanted to know what was going on with Nate and Victoria. Nate acted offended she would ask that, but Audra said she felt some vibes. She warned Nate that a workplace romance would be foolish. Audra didn’t seem convinced by Nate’s protests, though.

trevor talks to ashley at society young and the restless recap
Tucker McCall tries to talk to Ashley.

Tucker (Trevor St. John) caught up with Ashley (Eileen Davidson) at Society, and he wanted an explanation. However, Ashley wasn’t interested in giving him one. She told Tucker she bought him and is in control.

Inside, Ashley asked for a table for one, and Tucker wanted to know why she was being mean about things. She gloated, and he demanded she tell him what came next. However, Ashley reminded Tucker not to boss her around. Ultimately, Ashley said she had bigger plans in mind.

Ashley told Tucker to call off the deal with Newman, and he was impressed that Ashley had somebody else lined up. He realized that Ashley’s move linked them closer together.

Y&R Recap: Nick Newman Gets and Gives Support

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria walked in to see Nick brooding. He let Victoria know that Adam was Sally’s baby’s father, and she hugged him. Nick admitted that it sucked to learn he wasn’t going to be a dad again. Even so, he declared that he and Sally would make it.

Nick needed a distraction, and Victoria provided it in the form of news that somebody else bought Tucker’s debt. He was stunned, and Victoria let him know that they still planned to take over McCall Industries.

Nick urged Victoria to find out who bought the debt just in case it was an attack against him. His phone rang, and it was Sally, so Nick quickly left. Victoria picked up the phone and called Tucker, and Ashley urged him to take the call. Later, Tucker ended up at Victoria’s office, and he told her the bad news that he couldn’t negotiate a purchase. Victoria said it shouldn’t affect his decision to sell, but Tucker insisted it did.

At Sally’s, she opened the door in tears, and Nick gave her a hug.

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