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Victoria Newman Kisses Nate After An Outside-The-Box Meeting

The Y&R recap for Friday, February 3, 2023, brings a shocking kiss between Victoria and Nate.

nate hastings and victoria newman kiss on the young and the restless recapNate Hastings and Victoria Newman kiss at Newman Media.

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday brings a potential sexual harassment case for Victoria Newman as she crosses a line and kisses Nate Hastings after sharing drinks at the office.

Y&R Recap Highlights

In addition to Victoria’s misstep, Jack and Diane kissed to their future. Chelsea and Billy had a night out that absolutely wasn’t a date. Finally, Sally made Nick aware that Adam could be her baby’s daddy. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Victoria Newman Needs HR

At Newman Media, Nate (Sean Dominic) was hard at work late at night, and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) stopped by. She had “the good stuff,” and she suggested that they open it and step outside of the box. The 25-year-old single malt was so smooth it practically drank itself.

Victoria just needed to shake things up to think like the target. She and Nate continued drinking with hopes of coming up with a great idea on how to scoop up Omega Sphere and take down McCall Unlimited. Nate felt thrilled with the boldness of their plans — they were far better than Chancellor-Winters. He declared they’d be better than his former employer at every turn. Victoria seemed suitably impressed.

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Nate explained that Audra was his secret weapon, and Victoria appreciated him revealing his source. She let him know that Audra had also been on her and Victor’s radar, and Victoria warned Nate to be careful when it came to the younger woman.

He felt exhilarated by being able to show the ruthless side of himself to Victoria, and she encouraged him never to let people make him feel ashamed of it. She leaned in, and they kissed passionately. They broke apart, and Victoria turned things right back to business, and soon, she left without ever addressing what had happened.

Young and the Restless: It’s Not A Date

At Society, things got awkward for Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Billy (Jason Thompson) when people presumed they were on a date — they weren’t on a date, were they? Nope, because when Billy went on a date, the woman knew it was a date. Chelsea chimed in with it being too soon after his breakup with Lily (Christel Khalil). They’re just friends. Yep. Friends — who split the check.

It stayed awkward when Billy decided to have clams and mussels, but then he changes his order to crab enchiladas. Chelsea nervously stared at the menu because their server thought they were on a date. She worried news would get back to his family through Abby. Billy called the server over to specifically note that they weren’t on a date…okay.

chelsea worries to billy that their waitress might think they're on a date
Chelsea worries to Billy that their waitress thinks they’re on a date.

As they talked, Billy let Chelsea know that his family was focused on Jack and Diane’s reunion. He let her know that he believes in second chances, which Chelsea appreciated. Dinner with Billy turned out to be just what Chelsea needed.

Ultimately, Billy left their waitress a huge tip, and when they got back to Chelsea’s, she invited him in. Chelsea seemed surprised by Billy being flustered twice in one night, and he said he didn’t want to complicate her life, but she said he’d helped her. Billy felt like he’d gotten a gift into Chelsea’s soul — he truly saw her, and he thanked her for that gift. Chelsea thanked him too, and kissed him on the cheek, but Billy looked wistful.

Oh Young and the Restless Momma

Boyscout Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) stopped by Sally’s (Courtney Hope) with a huge haul of healthy snacks. She answered the door, and he instantly realized something was wrong. She was just overwhelmed with baby hormones after hearing about her blood pressure issues. Sally was truly fearful, and she had no clue how she’d be a mom.

sally and nick kiss in her hotel room y&r recap
Sally and Nick kiss after he soothes her parenting fears.

It’s all normal, though. Nick told Sally that everybody went through fears because becoming a parent is scary. Sure, he’s the world’s best dad, but Nick is far from perfect. The nine months of pregnancy allowed for fears to build up, but once the baby is born, it all goes away. At least that’s what Nick told Sally, and it seemed to help her.

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Of course, she pointed out how different it was for her since she had a loving family. Sally never had a family like Nick’s. Outside, Adam (Mark Grossman) walked up, and he heard them talking through the door. He walked away before they mentioned Sally’s pregnancy, though.

Inside, Nick promised Sally he’d be with her through the whole thing from pregnancy to birth to school and beyond. Sally thought it sounded amazing, and Nick promised it would be. She still wondered where they stood as a couple, and Nick didn’t have a good answer.

Sally cried, and she admitted that she felt concerned that the pregnancy seemed to stop their plans of taking things slow. They ended up in bed, and Sally let Nick know how content she felt. He made her feel special because she is special. Even so, Sally had to tell Nick that Adam could be her baby’s father.

adam contemplating life at the bar at the grand phoenix y&r spoilers photos
Adam Newman drinks alone at The Grand Phoenix bar.

As for Adam, he enjoyed a drink alone at the bar downstairs.

Y&R Recap: The Best Laid Plans

Diane (Susan Walters) showed up at the Abbott mansion to find smooth jazz music playing with flowers, sandals, and champagne. Jack (Peter Bergman) walked out wearing a tux. How’d he do it so quickly? Mrs. Martinez helped him pull it all together.

Of course, Diane couldn’t help worrying about his family coming in, but Jack said everybody was gone so they could relax. They toasted to their relationship — to hell with the naysayers. He admitted he’d been planning the special moment since New Year’s Eve, but he was glad he waited. Jack admitted he was enamored with Diane and she him. Oh, what a breathless romance they share!

diane and jack toast to themselves young and the restless recap
Diane and Jack toast to their future.

Jack declared it’d been in the cards — a fulfillment of a prophecy his mother made. He explained that Dina’s jewelry, the teardrop of love, predicted their relationship. He showed Diane the cufflinks he had made from his piece of Dina’s necklace. Legend held that whoever wore the gemstone found love, which Jack said he had. He called them his lucky cufflinks.

Jack suggested that they take their fate into their own hands and decide where their relationship was going. Diane resisted, saying she hated looking too far into the future. He just wanted to show her what they could be, but nothing too serious too quickly.

He waxed poetic about traveling across the world, even with Harrison. The Met ball and Paris Fashion Week were part of his plans. Diane let Jack know she didn’t need all that. Instead, she wanted simple family moments. She cried because Jack made her feel worthy and safe, and all Diane wanted was a million more moments like that.

Diane voiced her concerns about their future, though, and Jack wasn’t thrilled. To him, it didn’t matter who wanted to tear them apart. However, Diane feared she didn’t deserve happiness, but he assured her that she did. After his impassioned speech, they kissed passionately.

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