Adam Newman Finds A Way To Get Under Sally’s Skin

The Y&R recap for Thursday, March 23, 2023, brings a surprising move from Adam Newman that irks Sally Spectra.

young and the restless recap for march 23, 2023, adam newman and sharon rosales arrive at the bicentennial celebration in genoa cityAdam Newman and Sharon Rosales make a splash on the gala red carpet.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday brings an unexpected date for Adam Newman, who certainly caught the eye of both Sally and Nick.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Nikki, Victor, and Michael take care of last-minute plans for a special surprise at the gala. Abby (Melissa Ordway) enticed Devon to attend the gala due to the surprise he wouldn’t want to miss. Kyle and Summer reluctantly accept Jack and Diane’s plan to announce their engagement. Ashley agrees to be Tucker’s date just to make her brother mad, and Victoria gets defended by Nate. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap: The Scene Is Set

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor (Eric Braeden) arrived at the Genoa City Athletic Club to a bevy of photographers as they exclaimed how excited they were about the Genoa City bicentennial gala. Victor predicted it’d be one of the most memorable nights in the town’s history. He also reassured his wife that people would behave for about 10 minutes, and “then all hell will break loose.” He claimed to be kidding, but…

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Michael (Christian Le Blanc) joined the Newmans at the bar, and Victor thanked him for the tasty beverages. He mentioned how excited he was to reveal the lounge and their little surprise. Victor declared it’d be spectacular. Nikki toasted to being done with her planning and enjoying the evening.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) opened the door to a masked Tucker (Trevor St. John). He showed up in his old pickup, and Ashley seemed surprised that Tucker was asking her on a date. Jack (Peter Bergman) walked down the stairs, glaring.

tucker mccall and ashley abbott prepare for the genoa city celebration.
Ashley Abbott agrees to go to the gala with Tucker to make Jack mad.

He couldn’t believe that Ashley was going to the gala with Tucker, but she let her brother know it wasn’t any of his business. Ultimately, Ashley agreed to go with Tucker, and Jack asked his sister not to have Tucker with her when she saw Mamie. As Ashley and Tucker walked out, Kyle (Michael Mealor) and Summer (Allison Lanier) walked downstairs, wondering what they missed, but they decided they didn’t want to know.

Jack let Kyle and Summer know that he and Diane (Susan Walters) intended to announce their engagement at the gala. The younger couple was taken aback by the idea. Summer pointed out Phyllis would struggle, but then she decided that it didn’t matter how her mother felt. They both supported Jack and Diane making the announcement, and they went upstairs to tuck in Harrison.

phyllis tells jeremy she's ready to put their plan in motion.
Phyllis tells Jeremy Stark she’s ready to put their plan in motion.

Before Jack and Diane left, he put her engagement ring on her finger. She promised she’d cherish that symbol of their love for the rest of their lives. At Jeremy’s (James Hyde) hotel room, he ensured that Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) was ready to put their plan in motion, and they left.

At Sally’s (Courtney Hope) hotel room, Nick (Joshua Morrow) showed up. She was worried, and Nick told her that Nikki threw huge parties. Sally wasn’t excited that she was starting to show, and she didn’t want to be the topic of conversation. Nick reassured her, and he called her baby bump “sexy as hell.”

They ended up in bed, and Sally wanted to stay like that forever. Of course, they had to get ready for the party of the year, and Sally thanked Nick for calming her nerves (with sex?).

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman Find A Date

Abby seemed surprised to see Amanda (Mishael Morgan) on the patio at Crimson Lights. She wanted to talk, but Amanda tried to leave. Even so, Abby managed to say, “I’m sorry.” She explained more, and Amanda asked her to stop, telling Abby she was too busy to think about things. Abby asked her not to punish Devon for a mistake Abby and Devon both made.

amanda has no interest in talking to abby about settling things between lily and devon.
Amanda Sinclair insults Abby.

Abby played the Neil card, asking Amanda to help them work something out. However, Amanda refused to talk about it with her, and she left.

Inside the coffee shop, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) seemed upset as she remembered a discussion with Nick about Adam (Mark Grossman) being in charge of McCall Unlimited. Adam walked in with a bit of a snarky comment about Victoria’s casual clothing. She gave her brother a hard time about being unemployed, and she warned him not to count on running McCall.

Adam warned his sister that she wouldn’t be in charge of McCall, and he told her that she wasn’t actually in control at Newman Enterprises. However, Victoria told Adam that she wasn’t going to stand by and let Adam run the company. She called him deluded. However, Adam told Victoria that she was oblivious to other people’s strengths.

Nate (Sean Dominic) walked in, telling Adam he was out of line. Adam picked up on the fact that Nate was defending Victoria and Newman Enterprises. He asked if Elena (Brytni Sarpy) was going or if Nate and Victoria were going. Nate walked Victoria out, and Sharon (Sharon Case) wondered what it was about, but Adam didn’t tell her.

Instead, Adam wondered who Sharon planned to go to the gala with, and she said she was going with herself, which gave Adam an idea. He asked her if they could go together. Sharon agreed, and Adam declared it would be fun.

Earlier at the penthouse, Devon (Bryton James) ran into Nate by the elevator. Nate asked his cousin how the arbitration went, but Devon told him he didn’t have to act like he cared. Ultimately, Nate reminded Devon he could always turn things around.

devon doesn't want to hear what nate has to say on the young and the restless recap.
Devon doesn’t care what Nate Hastings has to say.

Nate told Devon that the highlight of his brief time at Chancellor-Winters was watching him and Lily work together. He urged Devon to consider how Neil would feel about the rift with Lily, and offered his assistance. Devon told Nate he couldn’t do anything.

Inside his home, Devon looked at a photo of Neil sadly, and Abby walked in. Devon updated her on the arbitration, and Abby encouraged him. He told her about Jill’s interruption, and Abby thought her proposal was great. Devon explained that he didn’t trust them. Ultimately, Abby admitted she’d run into Amanda, and she reminded him about the gala. Devon wanted to stay home, but Abby insisted because something special was happening that he’d want to be there for.

Jill (Jess Walton) expressed her surprise that Devon didn’t accept her offer. Lily (Christel Khalil) wasn’t so sure, and she told Jill how unhappy she was about not being in the loop about canceling the Initial Public Offering. She wanted to know what changed Jill’s mind, and the older woman said she hated seeing just how poorly things were going between Lily and Devon.

However, Lily didn’t quite believe why Jill had changed her mind, and Jill admitted she got some advice from an old friend.

Y&R Recap: The Red Carpet

Tucker and Ashley walked the red carpet, and reporters wanted to know if they were together, but Ashley put the focus on the celebration. Next came Abby and Devon, and he said how proud he was to be there representing Neil Winters and Katherine Chancellor. Abby noted she was happy to represent both the Abbott and Newman families.

Jill, Lily, and Daniel (Michael Grazaidei) arrived, and reporters wanted a group photo, so they reluctantly stood together. After Abby and Devon walked away, Jill declared it was going to be “one of those nights.”

Inside, Devon declared he wouldn’t let running into Lily ruin the evening. They accepted some champagne from a passing waiter, and Devon brought up the surprise. Abby said he wouldn’t be disappointed.

lily and daniel vow to have a wonderful evening on the young and the restless recap.
Lily Winters vows not to let Devon ruin her and Daniel’s night.

Daniel complained to Lily about Devon not accepting Jill’s new offer. Lily said that she wasn’t going to let her brother ruin their night, and Daniel went to get some champagne.

At a table, Tucker and Ashley sat, and she complained about wearing the masks. They toasted, and Victor walked up. “I hope I’m interrupting something,” he said. He asked Ashley if she’d bought Tucker’s debt to make him mad, and he noted it was weird she was there as his date.

Nick and Sally walked on the red carpet and said hi to Jill. Jill went inside while photographers snapped pictures of Sally and Nick. Adam walked up with Sharon, and neither Nick nor Sally seemed thrilled to see the unlikely couple.

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