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Adam Newman Finally Admits Victor Was Right

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, March 8, 2023, brings a stunning admission from Adam Newman.

young and the restless recap has adam newman admitting something bigAdam Newman came to a big realization.

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday, March 8, 2023, brings a shocking revelation from Adam Newman, which could change things for him and Victor forever…as long as things go right.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In this episode, Victoria tries to find out if Devon is interested in buying Tucker’s company, but she strikes out. Also, striking out is Nate when he attempts to enlist Daniel’s help to bring peace to Lily and Devon. Abby strikes out in getting her mom to tell the truth about her relationship with Tucker. However, Tucker doesn’t strike out in moving things forward with Ashley. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap: Adam Newman Has An Epiphany

Adam (Mark Grossman) showed up at the ranch, and he let Victor (Eric Braeden) know he wanted to accept his offer to run McCall Unlimited. Not only did he want to run the company, but he also wanted to offer his services in helping Newman acquire the company.

adam newman finally admits that his dad was right on young and the restless recap.
Adam Newman admits his dad was right.

Of course, Adam had a stipulation — McCall stayed its own entity, and he never had to answer to Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Victor let his son know that those stipulations were already what he had in mind. Adam seemed nonplussed that Victor made him tell him what happened at Jabot.

“I was half-assing it at Jabot. My heart wasn’t in it. I realized that I didn’t belong there, so as much as it pains me to admit this, you were right about the job and about me,” Adam admitted.

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Adam credited Sharon with his about-face, and Victor found it hard to believe that Sharon had imparted wisdom to his son. However, Adam told his dad that Sharon advised him to find his passion, which was exactly what Victor had offered him. Adam said he enjoyed proving people wrong, and he thanked Victor for not giving up on him. Ultimately, Adam still had concerns about Victoria’s buy-in, but Victor advised his son to leave it to him.

Young and the Restless: Frenemies

Devon (Bryton James) gave Victoria a less-than-friendly welcome when she showed up unannounced at his penthouse. She pretended they were friends, but he called her on it. Devon wanted to know what Victoria wanted, and of course, it was to discuss Tucker (Trevor St. John) and the sale of McCall Unlimited.

Victoria explained she thought Ashley had bought Tucker’s debt, and she asked Devon if his dad had approached him to buy McCall. She also let Devon know that Tucker had approached her first, and she insinuated that Tucker lied to him. Of course, Devon didn’t know his dad had offered the company to Newman first.

devon hamilton isn't friendly with victoria newman.
Devon Hamilton refuses to open up to Victoria.

Even though Tucker hadn’t been transparent, Devon wanted to know why Victoria was interested in buying McCall. In return, she wondered how Devon felt about it because she was willing to play hardball if necessary.

Devon said he didn’t need to add Tucker to his list of problems, but he wouldn’t tell Victoria if he planned to buy McCall or not. After all, they weren’t buddies, so he wasn’t willing to talk business with her. Victoria pushed harder, though, talking about how Tucker was using Devon. McCall would be a curse for Devon — at least in Victoria’s mind.

Young and the Restless Recap: Abby and Ashley Connect

Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) excitedly chatted about how smart Dominic is as they enjoyed tea in the Abbott living room. As they talked, Abby wondered what had her mom so happy, and she asked Ashley to elaborate.

It seemed that Tucker wormed his way into Ashley’s good graces, and Abby wanted to know how, but Ashley told her daughter that Tucker had done no worming. Abby wanted to know if Tucker was being sincere in offering Devon the opportunity to buy McCall Unlimited.

“Is there a chance that Tucker could be a good, honest man?” Abby wondered.

Ashley said that Tucker wouldn’t do anything he didn’t really want to do, but Abby remained skeptical. She worried that Devon would lose the company he built with Neil. Abby was beside herself with worry over Devon’s family and company drama, but Ashley advised her to have faith. However, Abby reminded her mom that the good guy doesn’t always win.

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Abby asked Ashley if Tucker was acting in Devon’s best interest or trying to impress her instead. The doorbell rang, and it was Tucker. He walked in and greeted Abby, but she said goodbye and left. Ashley wanted to know if Tucker had good news, and he admitted he hadn’t heard from Devon. He updated Ashley on some of his ideas such as supporting women and environmental groups with the sale.

ashley abbott answers tucker with a kiss on young and the restless recap.
Ashley Abbott silences Tucker with a kiss.

Ashley advised Tucker not to give up on Devon, and she wondered if he just didn’t want it enough. She told him to move heaven and earth to get what he wanted. Selling McCall to Devon would be a game changer, and Tucker wondered if they had a future. Ashley answered him with a kiss. She told Tucker she wanted it to work, and she wanted him to be a sincere and trustworthy dad to Devon.

Abby showed up at Devon’s, and he welcomed her with a kiss. He told her that he was going over McCall Unlimited’s financials, and he asked her to take a look too. Devon let her know that after he’d taken over briefly a few years earlier, the company went south. He said that the company still had good bones and might be a good investment…depending. Devon felt that McCall could be his safety net should he lose the lawsuit.

He went over the pros and cons of the deal, and Abby advised Devon that he should consider trusting Tucker. After all, her dad had taught her that family was the most important thing, and she asked Devon to admit he might be wrong about Tucker. Devon updated Abby that Tucker had also offered to sell to Newman. Abby wondered what Victoria’s next move would be.

abby newman gives devon some advice on the young and the restless.
Abby Newman-Abbott gives Devon some helpful advice.

Devon texted Tucker that he wanted to talk, and Tucker thought it was because of his and Ashley’s powerful kiss. Everything was coming up roses for Tucker after it. He predicted that change was coming and she’d see that they were meant to be.

Victoria met with Victor at her office. She updated him on her frustrating conversation with Devon. Victor dropped the bombshell that he wanted McCall to stay a separate entity with Adam running it. She wasn’t happy to hear those details, but Victor said she had to accept it, or it’d be off the table. Victoria accused her dad of not even caring if it was profitable, but he insisted that the discussion was over.

Nate (Sean Dominic) knocked on the door, and Victor left. Victoria updated Nate on the situation, and he wondered if she’d kill the deal. She declared she wouldn’t and that McCall would be hers. Victoria told Nate that she always got what she wanted, but he suggested a compromise. That wouldn’t work for her, though.

Y&R Recap: Family Affair

Earlier, Nate ushered Daniel (Michael Graziadei) into his office at Newman Media. He let Daniel know he was worried about Lily (Christel Khalil) and Devon’s feud. Daniel called out Nate on his betrayal of Chancellor-Winters, but Nate insisted he wanted to make things right with his cousins, and he needed Daniel’s help.

The Newman Media Chief Executive Officer admitted that it haunted him that he started the war between his cousins. He couldn’t sleep over causing such destruction to his family. Daniel advised him to work hard and make something good come out of it. Even so, Daniel wanted to know what Nate wanted him to do about it, and Nate admitted he needed Daniel’s help.

Of course, Daniel didn’t think things would go the way Nate might envision. Instead, he told Nate that even if he did all the right things, he could make things worse for Lily and Devon. Ultimately, Daniel told Nate to count him out, and he left.

Daniel met Lily at Crimson Lights. She updated him on talking to Amanda, and Daniel mentioned if she and Devon could come to their own resolution quickly, but Lily said it would never happen. Daniel let Lily know that Nate had overheard them talking about the lawsuit and her cousin tried to recruit him to help put an end to the lawsuit.

Lily wasn’t at all surprised that Nate thought it was all about him. She also worried that Nate might be spying on her for nefarious reasons, but Daniel eased her concerns. Even so, he pointed out that Nate was truly hurting over his actions, and Daniel wondered if her cousin’s crime deserved a life sentence. He pointed out that Nate was sincere in his desire that Lily and Devon reach a peaceful resolution.

Lily lamented that her dreams of a family company were too big. However, Daniel wouldn’t let her do that — he reminded Lily that she was giving 110% to make things successful and that it wasn’t wrong to expect that of her family. Lily’s family failed her.

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