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Adam Newman and Victoria Gear Up For A Big Business Battle

The Y&R recap for Monday, May 22, 2023, brings Victoria and Adam going at it again.

adam newman is ready for battle in the young and the restless recap for may 22, 2023.Adam Newman is ready for battle on The Young and the Restless.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Victoria and her brother Adam Newman declaring war on each other’s businesses.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Victor let Victoria know Adam’s (Mark Grossman) intentions. Nate and Audra reached an agreement…again. Billy and Chelsea enjoyed a minute together. Daniel caught up with Lucy. Chance wasn’t too thrilled with Kyle, Jack, and Diane. Summer continued to keep some of the truth from Chance. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman Wants To Beat Victoria

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) told Nate (Sean Dominic) that she wanted to sabotage Adam at McCall Unlimited. He wasn’t against it, but Nate wondered if she had it planned all along. She admitted she’d always wanted the company, but she had some concerns since Adam was experienced in media and entertainment. Victoria worried about an all-out war involving Newman Media and McCall, and Nate declared he’d be happy to help take down McCall.

Nate suggested they leave their hotel room separately, and Victoria wondered if he wanted to keep them secret. However, Nate just said he didn’t want to run into Elena, and Victoria thought that was wise.

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Adam wasn’t pleased that Victor (Eric Braeden) tried to tell him what to do, and he reminded his father of their agreement. However, Victor said his help was invaluable. Victor didn’t appreciate when Adam declared he planned to go up against Newman Media by focusing McCall on its strength.

Young and the Restless: Victor Warns Adam Newman

Victor advised Adam that going after Newman Media was a big mistake. He suggested that he was making choices based on emotion and being mad at Victoria. Instead, Victor wanted Adam to help him rebuild the entire company, but Adam refused. Nate walked through the dining room, and Adam noted he clearly hadn’t been to the gym and wondered what he was doing.

Adam left, and Victoria walked through. Victor waived her over. He let her know he’d met with Adam and asked why she was there so early. Victoria blamed it on a late business dinner, but Victor didn’t buy it. He asked what was going on with her and Nate. Victoria said they were involved, but it wasn’t serious…yet. However, Victor expressed Nick’s concerns about Nate’s intentions.

Victoria said that Nick didn’t have a killer instinct like her and Nate. Victor thought it was a harsh assessment of her brother, but Victoria insisted it was true. As they talked, Victor let her know that Adam planned to go after Newman Media, and Victoria welcomed the challenge.

Nate ran into Audra (Zuleyka Silver) at Chancellor Park, and she noted he was basically doing the walk of shame. He didn’t like her implication, but Audra reminded him that they wanted the same thing. Nate warned her to keep her thoughts about his relationship with Victoria to herself, and Audra was surprised to hear it’d already progressed to a relationship. She reminded him that he needed her on his side but that her loyalty wasn’t free. Nate promised her Newman Media when the time came.

Young and the Restless: Making Plans

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) was proud of herself for getting Connor to school on time, but Billy (Jason Thompson) reported that he had less of an easy time getting Johnny and Katie to school. She said she’d missed him the day before since they hadn’t seen each other recently.

Billy noted that he was helping keep Jabot and Marchetti running, and Chelsea praised him for it. He said it felt good to be good at his job and that John Abbott would’ve wanted him to step up in a crisis. Chelsea also said she loved being valued at work with Daniel too.

Billy had to head back to the office, and they tried to make plans to see each other again. They were both pretty busy but ultimately settled on dinner with the boys without Katie.

Y&R Recap: Frustration

At the Abbotts’, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Kyle (Michael Mealor) talked to Diane (Susan Walters) about how quickly the charges might be dropped. Jack reminded them that they would have to be patient, and he even mentioned it might not be enough.

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Summer (Allison Lanier) walked in, and they wondered how she felt. She admitted that it was difficult, and Diane let Summer know she didn’t hold her responsible for Phyllis’s actions. Summer didn’t appreciate what Diane was saying, and Kyle lept in to say she was glad that they hadn’t told Harrison.

Diane wondered when Chance (Connor Floyd) was coming, and Summer seemed surprised that they weren’t trying to protect Phyllis. Jack said they couldn’t help Phyllis at Diane’s expense. Chance showed up, and Summer let them all know she and Chance had spoken the evening before.

Jack showed Chance the new DNA proof they had that Phyllis was alive. Summer wasn’t pleased when she realized they tested the hair against hers. Of course, Chance didn’t think it was all that convincing. Diane suggested that Phyllis was living it up somewhere, and Summer yelled that it wasn’t true.

Chance didn’t think that the hair meant anything though, and Kyle and Diane didn’t like that. However, he reminded them that Jack and Diane had recently faked other evidence. Jack and Kyle insisted that he take the evidence seriously, but Chance said it wasn’t enough to change things. He blamed Jack and Kyle for going rogue.

After Chance left, Jack admitted he was to blame for not getting the police involved in things. Diane lamented that their plan to set up Jeremy had returned to bite them. Summer left as they promised to clear Diane’s name. Later, Kyle realized she’d left without saying anything and went to try to find her.

Diane ranted to Jack about how they might never clear her name…after all, she’d done the same thing Phyllis did, so she knew how they might never find her. Jack reassured her that Chance would come around, and Diane wasn’t happy being trapped in the house. He suggested that she plan their wedding as a diversion, and Jack promised Diane would have the wedding of her dreams.

Summer found Chance at Society and thanked him for not telling everybody what they’d talked about. He called her out for acting like she didn’t know about the DNA evidence. Chance gave her some advice not to keep things from Kyle. Summer thanked Chance for not pushing her on things and giving her space. After all, he was the only one doing that for her, and Chance said he wasn’t emotionally tied up in the whole thing, though.

Summer asked for help again, but Chance reminded her that it was his job to find out what had happened. Chance once again asked if she had anything to say, but she said no. Chance didn’t seem to believe it, but he promised to get in touch with any updates. Summer left, and she left her mom a voicemail telling her to come home.

Daniel (Michael Graziadei) and Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) talked about missing Phyllis at Crimson Lights, and she noted that her dad was acting weird. He didn’t want to upset Lucy, but Daniel told her that Phyllis was alive. Lucy didn’t think it made any sense because it was so devastating. She wondered what happened next.

Lucy worried about Daniel, and she said he looked like he was somewhere else. However, Daniel reassured her that he was going to be fine. Lucy asked how Lily was, and Daniel said she was visiting her son in New York. Chelsea walked in as they were talking about the video game, and Chelsea recognized her as Princess Louisa.

Daniel let Lucy know that Chelsea was working with him. Ultimately, Lucy let them know that she loved it, especially with all the little personal touches. Chelsea wanted to put some Easter eggs in her game, too, for her sons. She nervously explained about Connor and Johnny and suggested they all get together before she had to leave.

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