Adam Newman Accuses Nick Of Putting Sally Second

The Y&R recap for Thursday, June 8, 2023, brings Adam calling out Nick.

adam newman has some harsh words in the young and the restless recap for june 8, 2023.Adam Newman doesn't hold back.

The Young and the Restless recap brings some strong words of recrimination for Nick from Adam Newman.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Nick told Sally (Courtney Hope) all about Cameron and the danger he posed. Sharon insisted that Faith returns to college. Mariah counseled Kyle to split with Summer. Summer spoke with Chance and warned her mother that Kyle was about to out her while Diane and Jack made plans, both personal and professional. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman Isn’t Happy With Nick

Nick (Joshua Morrow) went to Sally’s suite, asking for an update. She let him know that things could be better. Nick was sorry that he’d had his hands full with other things lately. He had been down the road of preeclampsia before, and Sally hoped she could stave it off by doing yoga and being careful. Even so, having Nick by her side made her feel better because he’s like magic.

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Nick wished his magic would work in other areas of his life. Sally wanted to know what was going on, so he told her about Cameron and how dangerous he was. Of course, he showed her his bruised hand, which he got after suggesting Cameron leave town. Sally cried when Nick told her about Faith’s cat. Finally, Nick showed Sally a photo of Cameron, and she couldn’t believe it was the man she’d met at Chancellor Park. Of course, Nick wanted the whole story, and Sally obliged.

Nick wasn’t too pleased when Sally said Cameron was nice since he was extremely dangerous. He had to leave to go check on Sharon and Faith, and Nick advised Sally to avoid Cameron like poison. At least all the right people knew the evildoer was back in town.

adam newman and nick at the gcac bar on young and the restless.
Nick asks Adam Newman for a favor on Young and the Restless.

Downstairs, Nick ran into Adam (Mark Grossman) at the bar. Adam had a blood pressure monitor for Sally. Nick asked his brother for a favor. He asked Adam to look out for Sally, telling him about Cameron’s return to Genoa City. Of course, Adam would take care of Sally and the baby, and he was frustrated since something like Cameron was the last thing they needed to deal with right now. Nick said they were just being extra careful about the preeclampsia, and Adam pointed out that Nick chose somebody else over Sally. He wasn’t pleased with the comment, but Nick left.

Young and the Restless Recap: Adam Newman Is There For Sally

Adam went upstairs to give Sally the blood pressure monitor, and he promised the next gifts would be better. She wondered if Adam had anywhere else to be, but he said he was right where he was needed, and Sally figured Nick had sent him.

At Sharon’s (Sharon Case), they tried to distract themselves. Faith (Reylynn Castor) said her dormmates worried that she was living in a horror movie. Both mother and daughter freaked out at a knock on the door. It was just Mariah (Camryn Grimes) who had forgotten her key. She didn’t understand why they were on edge, so they reminded her about Cameron.

Ultimately, Sharon told Faith she wanted her to return to college, but Faith didn’t want to leave her family at such a stressful time. However, Sharon let her daughter know that Cameron was dangerous, and she worried that the evil man would use Faith to get back at her. Mariah agreed with Sharon. Although Faith didn’t like it, Sharon insisted. When Nick showed up, he also agreed with Sharon’s decision. He also let her know he’d found Cameron and warned him to leave.

Young and the Restless Recap: Mariah Advises Kyle

Summer (Allison Lanier) met with Chance (Conner Floyd) on the patio at Crimson Lights. She pointed out that Phyllis had to kill Jeremy, but Chance refused to call off the APB. Even so, Summer insisted that her mom didn’t deserve to go to prison for protecting herself. Chance encouraged Summer to let her mom tell the cops her side of the story, but she just kept making excuses.

Ultimately, he warned Summer that she could be an accessory to her mom’s crimes. However, Summer wasn’t worried about that. She tried to say Christine (Lauralee Bell) had a vendetta against Phyllis, and she begged Chance to do whatever he could to help.

At home, Kyle (Michael Mealor) walked in as Diane (Susan Walters) and Jack (Peter Bergman) planned their wedding. They hoped Harrison might be able to be the ring bearer. Kyle said his parents should do the opposite of what he did, and Jack wondered why. Diane asked if Summer was still asleep at the pool house. Instead of answering, Kyle left, not wanting to bring down his parents.

Jack suggested that he and Diane be there for Kyle when he wanted them but to give him some space too. Talk turned to Ashley and Tucker’s engagement. Jack said he wanted to keep Tucker out of Jabot, and she wondered if this was all part of his original plan. After all, Tucker had tried to get info on the company. All Jack wanted to do was stop him and Ashley. Diane pointed out that Ashley was most afraid of Diane gaining more power at the company and suggested that Jack promote her.

At the park, Mariah checked her phone, and Kyle walked up, scaring her. She noted his haggard appearance, and he mentioned he was having troubles. Whatever Kyle chose to do next would change the course of his and Summer’s lives.

mariah gives kyle advice on young and the restless.
Mariah gives Kyle Abbott advice.

He told Mariah what was going on and asked her for advice. However, Mariah was hesitant to give it since she wasn’t sure he wanted to hear the truth. Mariah admitted that she didn’t trust Summer. He lamented that they’d been happy in Italy, but Mariah said they weren’t there anymore. Ultimately, Summer chose her mother over him, which wasn’t cool in Mariah’s book.

Kyle just couldn’t believe how badly Summer had lied to him. He thought he’d known what she was capable of, but she surprised him. Mariah thought Kyle might need an intervention because Summer had broken his heart. Also, Mariah declared if Kyle stuck with Summer that they couldn’t be friends. She had a baby to consider now. Phyllis and Summer are too dangerous. Surely Kyle knew what he needed to do.

Y&R Recap: Kyle Turns In Phyllis

Kyle walked into Crimson Lights, and he saw Chance. He let the detective know that he’d seen Phyllis in person, and he told him that Phyllis was hiding out at the GCAC.

Meanwhile, Phyllis was in her suite wishing for Summer to call her. After all, she had no clue what Kyle planned to do, and he had Phyllis’s future in his hands. Summer showed up and gave Phyllis bad news — everything would hit the fan soon.

summer lets phyllis know it's all unraveling on young and the restless.
Summer lets Phyllis Summers know it’s all unraveling.

Phyllis presumed that Kyle told the whole truth about her then. Summer let her mom know how incredibly terrible it was, and she noted that Kyle was right that she’d chosen her mother over him and everyone else. Phyllis was sick over it, and Summer said she wasn’t safe and had to leave.

Phyllis panicked when she learned that Summer had talked to Chance, and he didn’t have much good to say about the situation. She could end the whole thing if she simply turned herself in. That would also make Summer look good. Phyllis would do anything for Summer.

Kyle and Chance arrived, but the room was empty. He felt certain that his wife tipped Phyllis off that she was busted.

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