Adam And Nick Newman Must Decide If Their Children Live Or Die

The Y&R recap for Friday, June 16, 2023, brings unbearable choices the brothers Newman.

the young and the restless recap for june 16, 2023, has a horrible choice for nick newman.Nick Newman is forced to make a horrible choice.

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, June 16, 2023, brings a horrible choice for both Adam and Nick Newman.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Faith (Reylynn Caster) tries to make her parents leave. Victor and Nikki worry about both their sons. Elena gives Adam some shocking news, while Sharon makes a surprising choice. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: Adam Faces An Impossible Choice

At the hospital, Elena (Brytni Sarpy) took down Sally’s (Courtney Hope) symptoms and explained all the issues she was having. She continued having severe pain as Adam (Mark Grossman) supported her.

Adam did his best to calm Sally as Elena left to contact Sally’s OBGYN. She cried that she was scared, but Adam reassured Sally that she would have the best possible care. Sally worried that she’d caused the issues, but Adam insisted she’d done everything right.

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He distracted Sally by trying to discuss what their daughter would be for Halloween and making pies together for Thanksgiving. It seemed to work, and Sally laughed about not being a good baker. Elena returned and said she would give Sally an IV of magnesium sulfate. She warned Sally that her symptoms were concerning, and her condition could be life-threatening to Sally and the baby, meaning they may need to induce labor.

Sally insisted it was too early, but Elena said it was the most viable option. The doctor asked Adam to leave so she could examine Sally, and Sally asked Adam to call Nick and let him know. She told him before Adam left the room, “Hope is a beautiful name.”

Adam called Nick and left a message, letting him know Sally’s situation was serious. He tried to make a deal with God to leave Sally and the baby alone. Next, Adam called Victor (Eric Braeden), who wondered if something was wrong with Sally and the baby, but Adam ended the call when Elena came out.

She let Adam know that Sally was unconscious. Elena explained that Sally was at risk of placental abruption. The only way to save the baby was to take her, but there was a risk that Sally could die. She asked Adam to choose. He said he couldn’t decide, but Elena insisted that he must. Adam asked for a few minutes with Sally, and she said, “Two minutes.”

He went in and kissed Sally on the head, telling her how much he didn’t want to make the decision. Adam said he knew what she would want, and Elena came in and said it was time to decide. She let him know if he couldn’t make the choice, the doctors would do it. He said he knew what he should do.

Later, Elena updated Adam that they’d stabilized Sally, but they could not save the baby. Adam was in Sally’s room when she woke up, and he let her know things would be okay. She asked about the baby.

Young and the Restless Recap: Nick Newman Races The Clock

Sharon (Sharon Case) worried she prompted Cameron to hurt Faith by telling him to go to hell, and Nick (Joshua Morrow) reassured her. Chance (Conner Floyd) knocked on the door. Nick and Sharon updated the detective on what happened earlier at Sharon’s.

Chance had a bag full of things he found in the garage, and Sharon noticed something. The bag had a false bottom and was filled with Sharon’s lingerie and schematics to the Genoa City sewer system.

chance and nick newman listen as sharon talks to cameron on young and the restless recap.
Chance and Nick Newman listen as Sharon talked to Cameron on Young and the Restless.

In the sewer, Cameron (Linden Ashby) approached a tied-up and gagged Faith (Reylynn Caster) and said, “You deserve better, Faith. Your mom let you down.” He creepily told her she was as beautiful as her mom, and he went on about how awful Sharon was, and all he’d done was love her for 20 years.

Faith tried to get her hands out of the ropes as he rambled on about how awfully Sharon had treated him. Even so, Cameron said he still loved Sharon. Cameron called Sharon and explained that he’d told her daughter what she’d done to him. Sharon wanted to talk to Faith and begged him to let her daughter go. He promised to return Faith, but Cameron wouldn’t guarantee the teen’s condition.

He gave them a clue. “You want to find your child? She’ll be in the place where you expected to find my dead body all those years ago.” She let Chance and Nick know that Cameron had Faith in the sewer and she was in danger of running out of oxygen. Chance and Nick planned to go to the location with the police and Victor’s team, but Sharon insisted on accompanying them. She wanted to be the one to end it.

cameron tells faith that nick newman is the reason he's doing this on young and the restless.
Cameron complains to Faith about Nick Newman on Young and the Restless.

In the sewer, Cameron asked Faith to help him with Sharon so that they could be a real family. She looked horrified by the prospect. “Sorry about your cat, by the way. That’s on your mom.” He promised to buy Faith a new cat. He took her gag off to give her some water. He called Nick a “son of a bitch,” but Faith said her dad was the best. “You will never be half the man that he is,” she insisted.

Ultimately, Cameron said Nick was the only thing keeping him from Sharon, which meant Nick was the only one who needed to die. Then, Cameron could be Faith’s dad and make her and Sharon happy for the rest of their lives. He gave Faith a drink, and she spat it in his face. “You should not have done that,” he said ominously.

Faith called Cameron crazy and a monster, and he threatened her. At that point, there was a noise that someone had arrived. Assuming it was her parents, Faith yelled out that it was a trap, begging them to run.

Y&R Recap: Nick Newman Faces An Impossible Choice

Victor and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) showed up at Sharon’s. Nikki wondered what had happened, and Victor told her there was obviously a problem at Sharon’s house. They were concerned that Nick didn’t respond to Adam’s call, which Victor presumed had to do with Sally and the baby.

Nikki grabbed the plans for the sewer, and she said, “Oh my God, Victor.” He left a message for Nick. One of Victor’s security showed up, and Victor was so angry that he hadn’t been kept apprised of the situation that he fired the man. Nikki told Victor that Cameron had them in the sewer, and he went off to rescue his family.

cameron says nick newman must choose between sharon and faith on young and the restless.
Cameron tells Nick Newman to choose on Young and the Restless.

In the sewer, Sharon appeared and tried to free Faith. After she got the ropes untied, Nick showed up. As they tried to leave, Cameron grabbed Sharon, holding a knife to her throat. Nick insisted that Cameron let Sharon and Faith go and they could solve it man-to-man. Instead, Cameron told Nick he had to choose who lives and who dies — Faith or Sharon.

Nick told Faith to leave since she was free. However, Cameron let him know Faith had something under her sweatshirt — a bomb. He gave Nick 30 seconds, and as he talked, Sharon reached under her dress to grab her knife. She sliced Cameron’s arm as Chance ran in with his gun out. Sharon turned and stabbed Cameron in the chest. He collapsed as everyone looked on, horrified, and the bomb detonator fell to the floor, flashing.

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